Salman Khan fans watch the teaser of Bajrangi Bhaijaan

A contest was organised by ‘Team Bajrangi Bhaijaan’ on Twitter. 50 winners were picked and all those lucky people were given a chance to watch the teaser of Bajrangi Bhaijaan with director Kabir Khan.

Four simple questions were asked:

Q1. Who are the producers of the film? (Answer: Salman Khan and Rockline Venkatesh)
Q2. India’s heaven, paradise and land of apples, peaches, cherries in India. What is it? (Answer: Kashmir)
Q3. Tell us who the lead actor and lead actress in the movie are. (Answer: Salman Khan, Kareena Kapoor Khan)
Q4. Who unveiled the preview of the first look of Bajrangi Bhaijaan? (Answer: Shah Rukh Khan)

And.. 50 lucky fans were picked. They have already watched the teaser of the film!

Meanwhile, there are reports coming in that the teaser will be released on the internet tomorrow and not today, as earlier reported.

There is still some uncertainty over the teaser release. A source close to the film had earlier informed us that the teaser will be released by Salman Khan at 8PM tonight.

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  • Wat is happening nowdays ,everything is getting delayed today cbse 10 result also got postponed .

    we want trailer to release today only .

  • Huge disaster. Only Akki will rule this year. Brothers will be the biggest blockbuster of the year.
    Brothers:- 380 crore
    Bajrangi bhaijaan:- 150 crore
    Dilwaale:- 140 crore

  • Unveiling the first look of BB Wil not make sarook a natural actor so wil continue with my hate

  • If you track whole career of SRK from 1993 to 2007.
    2002-srk supreme
    2007-srk supreme

    Only 2002 and 2007 were the years where he delivered big hits on his own.

    in 2004 his MHN was overshadowed by a YRF film.

    If SRK really had the real stardom than Dil se (98), Baadshah(99), Josh(2000), Asoka(2001), Swades(2004) should have been big hits like the big hits given by YRF and Dharma in 98,99,2000,2001,2004.

    So I have proved that since upto 2006 bollywood was controlled by two of its biggest production houses YRF and Dharma. So SRK was benefitted hugely in those years but now system of camps are fading so Aamir and Salman are dominating.

    Salman and Aamir dont need to stick to any production house to give a huge success, so they are undoubtedly bigger than Srk.

  • Our king is now a changed man he throwed his arrogancy…. and jealousy… out of the window.. To get a biggest grosser of the year after a long time

  • One thing i have to admit is the makers of BB till now have done a brilliant promotional strategy . Yesterday the poster was unveiled by SRK and then Aamir posted it . Now today the full poster was shown and now 50 people got a chance to watch the teaser exclusively . All these things have increased the buzz of BB tremendously . Because of such unique promotion even the people who are not interested in watching the teaser are also waiting like Chalo Dekhte Hai Yeh Kya Cheez Hai . I can’t say when will the teaser release but i don’t think there will be a formal announcement it will done spontaneously . It can be released today or even tomorrow . Salman has shown the teaser to Sajid Nadiadwala and Aditya Chopra for their feedback and the response was positive . I hope the teaser is good and something different just like the promotional strategy . So far so good !!!!!!!!!!

  • na me hindu hu na main musalmn dosto ka dost hu.. bajranjg bali ka bhakt hu…sab ke liye deta hu jan….. sab kehte hai mujy…… BAJRANGI BHAIJAN

  • I request from all srk and hrithik fans…!!!
    Plz do not watch this crap movie…!!!
    Like last year sallu andd aamir fans spread
    Negativity during hny and bang bang…!!
    * u should also spread negativity …..
    * do not spare this time like they did not
    Spare ….!!!

  • This is unfair decision by Kabir and Salman as there are alot fans of salman worldwide. They should treat equally to their all fans.

  • Inside news SRk is playing a terrorist (MASTER MIND) in Bajrangi Bhaijaan; he has only 2 scenes.. In the end he is killed by SK. He is also featuring in 2 mnts teaser..

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