Salman Khan, Daisy Shah visit Siddhivinayak Temple

Salman Khan and Daisy Shah were at the Siddhivinayak Temple to celebrate and thank god for the success of his recent release Jai Ho.

The Republic Day weekend release has collected close to Rs 110 crore at the domestic box office. It was also Salman’s 6th back-to-back 100 crore grosser, something that no one in the industry has even come close to achieving.

Check out the pictures of Salman and Daisy at Siddhivinayak Temple.

Salman visits Siddhivinayak Temple

Salman visits Siddhivinayak Temple

Daisy Shah, Salman Khan visit Siddhivinayak Temple

Daisy Shah, Salman Khan visit Siddhivinayak Temple

Daisy Shah, Salman Khan at Siddhivinayak Temple

Daisy Shah, Salman Khan at Siddhivinayak Temple

Salman visits Siddhivinayak Temple with Jai Ho co-star Daisy Shah

Salman visits Siddhivinayak Temple with Jai Ho co-star Daisy Shah

Salman Khan and Daisy Shah visit Siddhivinayak Temple

Salman Khan and Daisy Shah visit Siddhivinayak Temple

Salman Khan

Salman Khan

Salman Khan visits Siddhivinayak Temple

Salman Khan visits Siddhivinayak Temple



  • Bhai Jan starrer ”Jai Ho” falls short of expectations big time as film was rejected by audience despite such a huge release. As happens with most of such disappointments, now excuses like ticket price and release period doing the rounds. To put things straight, ”Barfi” was released in 850 screens (3000 less) with similar ticket price and managed higher figure than ”Jai Ho” 2 years back.

    Film added only 55 lakhs on 3rd Friday followed by 80 lakhs on Saturday and 1.10 cr nett on 3rd Sunday that too with tax exemption in UP and Gujarat. Film has collected 113 cr nett plus in 17 days and now 120 cr nett lifetime is impossible and anything around 117 cr nett looks realistic.

    Film is struggling overseas and will not collect more than 37 cr which is poor out of 700 screens. Film can now be termed as big disappointment as film is not going anywhere from here on. Film will fall short of 160 cr nett worldwide. Film is lowest Salman starrer in last 3-4 years.

  • They should’ve done this before the release of Jai ho! God would have seen what he could do to make the film a success.

  • what a killer look man.just out of the world.the most handsome man of the world and its a natural not artificial like hr,sr etc.

  • Jai ho is surely a successful movie both critically and also in terms of box office bcoz it is a message oriented movie and these type of movies always gets less collections bcoz these movies focus more on the message instead of entertainment so its lacks repeat value.

  • Top ten biggest bollywood films of the year 2014-(1)happy new year,(2)happy new year, (3)HNY, (4)HNY, (5)HNY,(6)HNY, (7)HNY, (8)HNY,(9)HNY, (10)HNY…… Shahrukh khan rocks…

  • He is shaitan in disguise to take many muslims to hell along with him. Iam happy that Jai ho showed that muslims ignored his son of bitch…

  • It’s Being Human all the way! Help three people instead of giving thanks! Jai Ho Spreading Humanity!! Eternal Love to Salman Khan!

  • salman got his 6blockbuster as jai ho in a row,for which success all of these happening and praying for his 7th film kick also at least have less success than his 6th jai ho.but we helped faggot salman by helping 3 peoples not to watch jai ho.we also gave good message to society.because we saved the piracy of south praise us.

  • @sss Nice to see u understand the message given by ‘Jai ho’.From next time help only other 2 persons instead of 3 and include yourself as the 3rd person bcoz this formula only suits on u in the whole world and everybody else will help 3

  • @Samar not surprising and it was expected from a Srk fan like u.Ra1,Don2,JTHJ,CE etc were all top ten movies of their respective

  • To all Muslims. Do not judge people, it is Allah the all mighty who has the right to do so. Many examples have been shown to us. A Muslim who used to drink alcohol, Allah called him in the holy month of Ramadhan.Just shut up your remarks on Salman ,

  • jay ho is clear winner…clean hit !!!Jai Ho lifetime will beat the lifetime of every film of SRK except Chennai Express. As Srk’s second highest grosser is Ra.One with 120 crore LOL

  • This man has no respect for women whom he hits, common man who he runs over with car, endangered species which he poaches and now his own religion which he blasphemes…………no wonder his career has taken a nose dive with his latest release…………..this bhojpuri better repent soon!

  • @afridi + @zeeshan sayed/ syed/ syedatjannat or what other ID you use nowadays- last time I checked Salman bhai was a non practising muslim much like Srk but unlike Aamir who is a practising muslim. Bhai is free to practise any religion/ culture he chooses to do so as does Srk. This is India a free country so why dont you butt out n go meddle in your own countrys affairs….

    Jai Ho
    Jai Hind

  • @sss Your comment on one page reads “so Indians reject south crap masala films and save from piracy of south films,that you did with jai ho,hope kick will be a great disaster.” What do you mean by that?

    Do you mean to say people living in North India are Indians and those living in the South are not? The term “Indians” stands exclusively for North Indians? No wonder your inner racist color is gradually showing up!

    OMG! I have forgotten that Paglapur Express, Con 2 and Ratoon Point One were art films, not Crap Masala Films. Hence, they were historic classics.

    You seriously need to take an English course! I was right to call some Paglapurians not only half-educated and half-baked (who try to behave like Einstein or Newton) but also mentally retarded.

    What does ‘Piracy’ mean? Go and look into a dictionary again! Salman has scarcely done any piracy of anything. He has acquired the rights for whatsoever film he has done based on South Films. It is your Paglapur’s Sarkar that likes to steal or rip off scenes from south and other films without acquiring any rights. The historic classic film of your Sarkar’s Paglapur Express was a cocktail of the films such as Alex Pandian (Tamil), Okkadu (Telugu), Mungaru Male (Kannada), Gudumba Shankar (Telugu, similar storywise), Govinda’s Naughty at 40 etc.

    Jai Ho has been declared a Semi-Hit by Paglapurians’ Favorite Site, BOI. You don’t worry for Kick but for a historic disaster coming in Diwali. That’ll be the time Tees Maar Khan meets Joker in the form of Players 2.

    Your comment: “but we helped faggot salman by helping 3 peoples not to watch jai ho.”

    Yes, the name, “sss,” suits you the best. The “sss” stands for “ArseArseArse.” So naturally, the term “Faggot” suits you and your Sarkar more. You are still in Paglapur’s Sarkar-KJo Hangover. The Sarkar was caught kissing British Actor John Barrowman. He kissed Rohit Shetty and kisses every other male. He’s comfortable in faggot scenes in movies. He did a blue film called Maya Memsaab! Who else can the faggot but the Sarkar of Paglapur?

    When you insult others, don’t expect them to kiss your big Arse. They will hit you back. And you can keep ranting in Paglapurian Slangs.

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