Salman Khan to compensate losses suffered by distributors on ‘Tubelight’

It’s official. Bollywood superstar Salman Khan has decided to compensate the losses suffered by distributors on ‘Tubelight’, a film that became his biggest box office failure during Eid.

The domestic sub-distributors of the film have suffered heavy losses on ‘Tubelight’, with some of them not even recovering 50% of their investment.

Salman’s father Salim Khan confirmed the decision to compensate, adding that a final decision will be taken after the film ends in run theatres.

“Yes, we have assured them that we will share their losses. There are no two ways about this. There is no doubt we shall compensate them. Ab kitna karenge, woh decide karna baaki hai (How much we compensate is yet to be decided). This canít be decided in a meeting of just 1 or 2 hours” Salim Khan said.

“Tubelight is still running and paise aa rahen hain (the film is still earning). When it all ends and we look into the final accounts, we will decide how much we can share the losses suffered by the distributors” he added.

The Kabir Khan directed film was expected to collect over 300 crore at the box office, but finished with lifetime business of less than 125 crore.




  • right decision although if Salman Khan did not compensate even it was not bad because the distributors have made profit from his 8 blockbusters in this decade.

  • that’s the way to go. yes definitely.
    but still the distributors have profited a lot of money from Bajrangi bhaijaan from Ek Tha Tiger from Sultan from Dabang from Bodyguard from ready.

  • people call tubelight a bakwas. I don’t know what is the definition of bakwas. because a crap film cannot have as good a story like tubelight.

  • SRK has a lot of fans to raise their voice on websites like this and surely Salman has less on such websites but on the other hand the footfall of a Salman Khan movie is double than SRK movie.

  • Dilwale had made distributors loss but Dilwale had starlight Kajol and one of the new charming actress like Kriti Sanon and a star like Varun Dhawan who has never delivered a flop. but on the other hand tube light has Juju instead of Kajol and Kriti Sanon and Sohail Khan a panouti instead of the hit machine Varun Dhawan so clearly Salman Khan has less star value for tube light.

  • I think Kabir Khan has made tube light like Phantom instead of Bajrangi Bhaijaan and that’s where he had made a mistake.the director can’t make a movie like Phantom with Salman Khan.

  • Tubelight couldn’t even beat 5 years old clashed release Jab tak hai jaan collection of 122 crores.

  • indicine can you explain this, I’m not a Salman khan fan but I have questions has to why he was expected to repay the exhibitors. if they had made 3ce their expected profit will they have shared it with him? in business you have to make calculated risk and invest only an amount you are willing to risk if you make more than you are willing to risk then thats on you. I know it’s nice of him but them going to his house to ask is entitled

  • Well done but two things:
    Why r distributors not smart enuff to purvhase at correct price …esp wd very small no of films out of all films md dat go on to b hits (agreed its Megastar’s film)
    Like here it was purchased for 132 cr or smthn so do dey not try and track and mk an analysis how much a film cn mk …i feel evn if movie did 200 cr ..will every one wld hv money or broken par …if only par den why shell out so much ….smwhr d thinking is going so wrong …hppnd wd srk mvies as well much do dey xcpct dese mvz to do ..more dn 400 ..500 …but how mny films hv achvd dose nos …i mean too me dz guys look highly inefficient …its a risk ..i get it ..and dey will go wrong ..but so mny tines …u think dey wld learn …also ds affects film negatively ..pre release all hoopla may b created ki highest price for film sold ever but aftrwards ds ddnt evn recover its ds amt dat amt …colossal flop ..whereas if it was right price …most films wld recover ..b hits …in perception also dats very imp …and dz guys wld benefit as well

    2.Cant dr b negotiation where if film exceeds and becomes huge grosser dn dz guys pay some part to producers …so producer dsnt feel to milk it bfr release only as much as he cn as later he wldnt see a dime and its his baby

    3. Which brings me to connected point ..whn distributors suffer losses dey all try and pile pressure esp on big superstar movies to reimburse dem …but whn it does stupendous business and price paid was not exorbitant dey dn share dr profits …

    Indicine or any user if has an interesting insight or view ..wld love to hear it

  • Please stop crying Depak Hooda. I understand that Tubelight’s disastrous response has had a great emotional impact on your health. GET WELL SOON.

  • But according to BoxOfficeIndia ,Kaabil Distributors also faced the HEAVY LOSS ,then why they don’t want Compensation From Rakesh Roshan ? It clears everything how tuchiya site BOI is and some morons think it is official BO site in india who can’t even write English properly lol

  • Good Decision…..Though he has given so much (Profit) to these distributors from his last 8 Blockbusters, but still I think its a good decision…….

    Indicine does it affect the final verdict of movie, now can we expect the Average/Below Average verdict……Please Reply…

  • Film is still earning money ? Like really ? It didn’t even earn 1 cr in the last 4 days according to the reports !

  • Still its a shame that we the audience cannot be compensated for wasting our hard earned money on buying tickets to watch third rate rubbish like Raeesa Bhabhi, Dear Dadaji, Phankha, Baghban 2, Krappy New Year etc etc

  • Instead of compensating distributors just promise them that you will never EVER again give screen time to that useless ‘brother’ of yours… that ‘brother’ whom you have just reconciled with ie Dadaji… the man is a jinx

  • Regret watching Tubelight now… I should have learned my lesson after recent krapfests like Raeesa Bhabhi, Dear Dadaji, Phankha, Gangsters of Wankhede etc etc that another movie featuring that manoos Dadaji was gonna be total krap…!

    Next time bhai jaan just cast Bobby Darling instead of Dadaji- will be more classy atleast…!

  • before tubelight release : indicine be like Bollywood megastar salman khan..
    after tublight becoming disaster : indicine use Bollywood superstar salman khan.. their is only 2 megastars in india SRK and AAMIR.. in overseas only one SRK..!

  • @DepakHooda, we thought Salman’s star value was much bigger than all other smaller stars put together. Also, his fans are much more than SRK’s. Then why does he need their gleam to greenlight his fuselight??? Hahaha. Also, why did he take the so-called panauti in his film. Doesn’t he have brains??? Why he doesn’t listen to the voice of his half bred and half read fans??? Why my dear Hooda why???

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