Salman Khan shooting for Mental: Photos

Salman Khan was spotted shooting for his upcoming film Mental. And guess what? Fans who had gathered to catch a glimpse of the actor, got to see a bit more than they expected!

A Salman film is incomplete without the actor sporting his perfect 6 pack abs and Mental will have one too – as the superstar was seen shooting for his famous ‘topless’ scene!

A question for all his fans out there – which was the last Salman Khan film without a shirtless scene? Post your comments below.

Salman Khan at Ramoji Film City for Mental

Salman Khan at Ramoji Film City for Mental

Salman Khan's Mental Shooting

Salman Khan’s Mental Shooting



  • 7th Blockbuster is coming on 24th jan 2014 called ” MENTAL ” ..get ready for pure entertainment film .

  • seriously… salman khan’s body is totally outta shape…he is getting BULKIER day by day… not fit at all

  • Thupakki Remake has a better script than Mental.
    It will be exciting to see the competition between
    “A good script vs Salman Khan”

  • @Indicine
    Please conduct a poll as first half of 2013 has completed on following as you did last year:

    1)Best film
    2)Best Performance male
    3)Best Performance Female
    4)Best Song

  • Haters are already going into a Mental frenzy because deep down they KNOW Chennai Depress will be the first Eid Disaster movie in 5 long years…! ;-)
    But dont worry Srkians because Eid 2014 bhai jaan will be back to KICK Thakur of Sholay out of the Wankhede Stadium sorry I meant out of his favourite Eid slot. ;-)
    Bhai roxXxXx

  • Mental, P.K. will be the top 2 movies of 2014.

    Top 3 movies of August:
    2.Madras Cafe
    3.Chennai Express\Satyagraha

  • same old, same old……but the title of this movie suits his personality, will b intresting 2 c if the movie is based on him or his fans.

  • Film will have a lot of twists. Sohail Khan Ki film hai (filmmaker of Ready, Wanted, Partner, Maine Pyar Kyo Kiya & Pyar Kiya To Darna Kya), overall these are awesome movies.

  • yeah…i got them…i have found two mental fans of salman trying to enter into the premises….but their bade dilwale bhai is so rude that he pushed them back frm the gate….look into the first picture…a guy with white t-shirt (third frm left) and an another guy with white shirt (right most)….any guesses , who they r??? yeah…u got me…they r the famous duo of indicine….the spokesperson of the “mental union”….they r waiting for their turn to get a role of junior artists as they r proficient in behaving like a mental….bcoz of those tortures, they r addicted of….lol…but i guess, they have forcibly kicked out frm the set and thats y , they r again back on indicne wid their rubbish comments….:P

  • after watching the film mental illiterate salman fans will become mentals like mental salman in tere naam.roaming in mental asylums lol.

  • @Navin
    Check your eyes first.Mental Remake Khan is looking too much bulky & fatty.And you are saying fit & fab body.Really pathetic.

  • Shirtless No Entry & Pyar Kiya to Darna song Salman Khan awesome as always in this Film as well no indian actor got any place in world best body actor other then Salman in TIME magazine.

  • Navin(July 4,2013 at 3:03 pm)
    ha ha ha EPIC bro.its too good.
    and this week’s best comment on indicine award goes to……
    undoubtedly NAVIN

  • @beingsallufan. Do you think people who watch & appreciate tortureous craps like ra.1, don 2, jthj etc are called mentally sound and sane and more importantly can anyone call a actor who has acted in such garbage craps a mentally stable creature? Mental is being made for people who lost their sanity after watching crapstar srk’s epic craps and the ugly truth about srk fans is that they rarely appreciate any thing which is good other than crapstar srk’s (it is other thing all together if anything is really good about him), what to do you people are like that only.

  • @beingsallufan Mental Im led to believe is about a group of fans once loyal to Youtube King but after suffering from a bout of amnesia whilst watching JTHJ, these fans unashamedly abandon Thakur of Sholay and seek sanctuary in a Mental Asylum for free of charge. They start calling themselves with bhai friendly names like ‘beinghumanfan’, ‘beingsalmankhanfan’ or ‘beingsallufan’ but their sneaky attempts at blending in are obvious to all. Bhai jaan gets hired by the institution to come inside the padded wall asylum and to unmask the free loaders. To do this bhai first performs the ‘Jalwa’ on all residents- the ones that are unable to perform the ‘Jalwa’ are taken to be srkians in hiding so bhai gives them all the ‘Mental’ electric shock treatment…! Story is a ‘cat and mouse’ saga but the nature of Srkians means in this case its more like ‘sher khan vs sewer rats’…! ;-)
    Regardless of the final script movie will be an ATBB guaranteed because at the end of the day the ‘bad guys’ will get their comeuppance…! ;-)
    Bhai roxXxXx

  • @Dinesh Yaar Salman bhai is like a Danish Pastry- too sweet, yummy and simply irresistible…! ;-)
    Then theres You and your youtube king in particular who looks like a dried prune. Theres that unmistakable/ horrible old/ outdated/ expired/ past its sell by date stench…! Basically it truly reeks…

  • @samar thanks yaar but its been awhile since I could reclaim this prestigious award. :-)
    Ever since ‘Sachin11’ came up with the ‘Thakur of Sholay’ comment its been hard work to keep up with his wit and unique humour but no doubt the boy will be back with a bang in subsequent weeks. ;-)
    Keep rocking dude and lets keep the haters inside their padded walls…! Lol

  • This movie become 6th blockbuster in raw and that,s the bottom line becoz srkins father said so

  • @xzone No doubt you still feel cheated by Rohit and Srk for not being reimbursed for that 3 month sabbatical in Chennai when you were supposedly ‘absent’ from Indicine. You sweated, toiled away for umpteen hrs every day for 3 long JTHJ coma like months to play the perfect depressed passenger on board Chennai Depress. After that sacrifice they then decided to cut out your 3 sec part because the expression on your ageing face was way too ‘depressing’ so they say…! :-(
    I can feel your pain and sense your frustration of not getting to be associated with a Srk film. However If its any consolation to you then this is what happened when I went to Mental shooting location. Navin:- “Sohail bhai please give me a role in your film…?”
    Sohail:- “Im sorry dude, we already gave our Main protagonist role to some ‘ex-man stroke ex-animal’ like creature and he said he will do the role for free.”
    Navin:- “oh no- bhai hes a staunch srkian so he doesnt deserve to be in a Salman bhai flick.”
    Sohail:- “look Navin, that guy has 1 of those faces that audiences wouldnt mind seeing Salman bhai reorganise with his fists and feet. For us we’ll be doing xzone a favour so its a win win situation…!”

  • @NVS…slight correction dude….”Mental is being made for people who lost their sanity”…u r right till the end of this line …but not for those peoples , who watched don2, ra-one and jthj, but for those ones, who have lost their mind while watching severe tortures like “dabangg”, “ready”,”bodyguard”,”ett” and “dabba 2″…..but this is not the only reason for production of “mental”..but there is an another strong reason….and that reason is related to finance of the film…bcoz this time, they r going to hire junior artists frm salman fans itself…and that too, free of cost…bcoz sohail knws very well that they can’t get such “natural” mental actors frm anywhere else…:P

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