Salman Khan and his ‘blockbuster’ success during Eid

Salman Khan is arguably the biggest superstar in India and the festive weekend of Eid has over the year been dominated by his film releases.

It all started with Prabhu Deva’s ‘Wanted’ back in 2009, when Salman was going through the worst phase of his career. The film didn’t do well at multiplexes, but brought back his audience in smaller towns. ‘Wanted’ was a massive hit at single-screens.

A year later, ‘Dabangg’ turned to be a turning point in his career as the film not only broken the opening records of Aamir Khan’s acclaimed film ‘3 Idiots’, but also went on to be one of the most loved Salman Khan films. It was also the first Salman film in a long time to do well at multiplexes.

Since then, Salman has been unstoppable, at single-screens, multiplexes, cities, towns, villages, everywhere! ‘Bodyguard’ smashed the opening records of ‘Dabangg’ by a huge margin and was the first film to collect Rs 20 crore on a single day.

Then came ‘Ek Tha Tiger’, which trounced the opening day record of all previous films and became the first to collect Rs 30 crore or more on a single day.

2013 was the only year in the last 7 years that didn’t have a Salman Khan film during Eid and his good-friend Shahrukh made the most of it with Rohit Shetty’s Chennai Express becoming the highest grossing film of all time.

Despite Salman’s super-stardom in recent years, the one record that he hasn’t been able to conquer is the record for the highest Hindi grosser of all time. The same team of his latest release ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’ came very close to breaking the record of 3 Idiots, but fell short by just 3 crore. This time around, the target is yet another Rajkumar Hirani classic which grossed Rs 340 crore in India last year.

For Salman and his ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’ team, it would take an extraordinary film, carrying incredible word-of-mouth to get close to ‘PK’. But with films like ‘Tanu Weds Manu Returns’, on limited screens and cheaper ticket prices, grossing 150 crore, the ‘PK’ record is not completely out of reach. All that a big film like ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’ needs is to strike a chord with the audience.

The pre-release reports of ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’ are excellent and if the film exceeds expectations, it has every chance of topping ‘PK’.

Check out the history of Eid releases in the last few years. Every Salman Khan Eid film, except Wanted, has become a blockbuster or better. Will history repeat itself this Eid?

Wanted (2009)14005.2 cr61 crSuper Hit
Dabangg (2010)190015.1 cr*143 crAll Time Blockbuster
Bodyguard (2011)280021.4 cr*145 crBlockbuster
Ek Tha Tiger (2012)340032.9 cr*199 crBlockbuster
Chennai Express (2013)360033.1 cr*227 crAll Time Blockbuster
Kick (2014)400026.5 cr233 crBlockbuster
Bajrangi Bhaijaan
410027.25 cr321 crAll Time Blockbuster
Sultan (2016)440036.54 cr*301 crAll Time Blockbuster

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  • What a fantastic record! Some people say box office is not important, but according to me it’s the most important thing.

    People are paying their hard earned money to watch films.. The biggest grossers are the films that the audience love. Salman’s 5 blockbusters is a huge record.. and including Ready.. its 6 blockbusters in 7 films..

  • Salman khan made eid big for movies and this year he has given a task to rescue diwali which is goin down

  • Salman Khan has always bettered himself during Eid since definitely Bajrangi bhaijaan will be his highest grosser but I still feel the realistic target should be dhoom 3 rather than PK

  • Blockbuster bhaijaan is going to do 300+ business
    proud of bhaijaan for not manipulating ett to beat 3i

  • if ce is an atbb so is ett.
    on what grounds u have declared it atbb?
    ett has more footfalls.
    if ett would have been released in 2013,with the same footfalls it would have broken 3 idiots like ce.
    Just because ce broke 3 idiots record,it doesnt mean it is an atbb like dhoom 2 wasnt an atbb.

  • Indicine you missed ready film , ready is blockbuster , and there is coming another all time blockbuster ”bajrangi bhaijaan” ….. I’m 110% sure this film make history …

  • My fav salmania films(eid release)
    1.Dabangg a Cult film for Salmaniacs

    BB Luks like a great film hope it kicks no 1 dabangg

  • In 2012 ETT was released almost 7 days before Eid day.
    Despite facing 7 days in Pre-Ramdan period film remained rock solid through out week & became first 100crs grossers of Yash Raj Films & their biggest grosser.

    ETT will remain as one of the best action film of bollywood.

    But it failed just 3crs short to 3 idiots reasons may be…due not good grip on screenplay in first half turned film a little bore in first half.
    This might be due to Salman’s illness & some creative differences between Salman & Kabir.

    Now the combo is back & they already cleared that this film happened because both are working on subject close to their heart.

    So i think BB is going one step ahead from ETT & all drawbacks from ETT are avoided this time.
    Promos showing it clearly.

    So waiting for a beautifull film this Eid.

  • “It was also the first Salman film in a long time to do well at multiplexes”.

    “When Salman was going through the worst phase of his career. The film didnít do well at multiplexes”.
    Just love these lines.

  • That’s why SALMAN KHAN is blockbuster khan, Salman start EID as holiday’s time before stars and producers avoid releasing the movies during Eid period.

  • HUHUHU But in next EID (2016) Remake king SALWOMAN will be totally kicked by Baadshah SRK and his career will be end up with a huge Disaster. HUHUHU SRK ROXXXX……. SALWOMAN FLOPS.

  • My Prediction for Bajrangi Bhaijaan
    Considering Above Average to Good WOM :

    Fri 27 cr
    Sat 27 cr ( Rath Yatra Semi Holiday )
    sun 36 ( Eid Holiday )

    weekend = 90 cr nett

    Mon 23 cr ( Semi Holiday of Vaasi Eid )
    Tue 16 cr
    wed 14 cr
    Thur 11 cr

    1st week total = 154 cr nett

    2nd weekend = 30 cr nett
    2nd weekdays = 16 cr

    2nd week Total = 46 cr nett

    3rd week = 13 cr nett
    4th week = 4 cr nett
    rest weeks = 1 cr nett

    total Lifetime Business of
    BajrangiBhaijaan will be = 218 cr nett

    verdict = Blockbuster $$$$

  • BB is also likely to be a blockbuster. Its music has been a let down, even Jai Ho’s music was better than BB’s, but it is releasing on Eid, so music won’t make much difference.

  • @indicine
    chennai mail is a srkay movie
    —The Incredible bhaijaan—
    dabang-new director and heroine
    wanted-new director and not so popular heroine
    bodygrd-new director
    kick-new director and not so popular heroine
    Salute the bollywood king the crowd puller megastar SALMAN KHAN

  • Dabangg and Wanted were best. Ek Tha Tiger’s action was best. Kick’s trailer was high octane full of action, but its action in the movie was a bit let down according to me.

  • srk fan @JAVED about eid diwali crismas of 2016 2017 n 2018… n day on which it falls… how will be the weekend bla .bla.. typical srk thinking… they judge the collections based on type of hollyday nt type n content of film…
    this is business mind nt film lovers thinking …
    real content lover like aamir kick records with debut director murgadoss or non action film pk..
    while business man srk just thinks profit loss multistarrer n holydays…

  • BB will be blockbluster & struggles to reach 250 crore.Craze of ETT was just phenomenol.I don’t think BB has same craze.

  • “Salman Khan is arguably the biggest superstar of bollywood”- Indicine
    Without a doubt, Salman is the biggest bollywood superstar.

  • uffffh at last a good & worthy article on indicine . BB should anyway do 250+ crores in normal circumstances but if it gets extraordinary wom then it can beat P.K’s record collections but still it wouldn’t be that easy for BB to outdo P.K, I am predicting 240 – 280 crores for BB but if it does 300+ then we all would be more than happy ..

  • My Prediction for Bajrangi Bhaijaan
    Considering Above Average to Good WOM :
    if Eid Falls on Saturday

    Fri 27 cr
    Sat 38 cr ( Eid Holiday )
    sun 36

    weekend = 101 cr nett

    Mon 20 cr
    Tue 16 cr
    wed 14 cr
    Thur 11 cr

    1st week total = 162 cr nett

    2nd weekend = 30 cr nett
    2nd weekdays = 16 cr

    2nd week Total = 46 cr nett

    3rd week = 13 cr nett
    4th week = 4 cr nett
    rest weeks = 1 cr nett

    total Lifetime Business of
    BajrangiBhaijaan will be = 226 cr nett

    verdict = Blockbuster $$$$

  • The buzz is really good for Bajrangi, and if it has a good wom it can certainly collect a good sum.

    Of all the movies, Dabangg stands out for me. I feel that movie was written only for Salman, and i can;t imagine anybody doing justice to that role. Salman was simply brilliant and awesome as Chulbul Pandey. The mannerism, the one liners, the machoism, the romantic scenes, everything was pitch perfect.

    Salman is an emotional man, and hence he signed films with his brothers and they never did justice to his stardom with average to poor content in Dabangg 2 and Jai Ho. Both movies had the potential, but a basic script in Dabangg 2 and an amateurish direction in Jai Ho dented all.

    ETT was very good, though i felt it was a 15-20 min short and was less on typical Salman humour that we got associated with Wanted and Dabangg.

    Ready and Bodyguard i didn’t like, but again Salman rocked with his comedy timing in Ready.

    I hope Bajrangi brings back the Salman of Dabangg and Wanted.

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