Salman invites Akshay to promote ‘Singh Is King’

Rumors are rife in media circles that Salman Khan is keen to promote his lady Katrina Kaif’s keenly anticipated feature, ‘Singh Is Kinng’, and has invited her and Akshay Kumar to participate in his show, ‘Dus Ka Dum’.

Salman’s polite invitation to Akshay should quell any idle talk of a rivalry between the two stars. Kumar, who is shooting in Los Angeles these days, is likely to be returning to Mumbai in the week of release of ‘Singh Is Kinng’ to kickstart on-ground promotion.

It is not clear though whether he will have the time to take up Salman’s magnanimous offer, as he is likely to return abroad for a shoot immediately after his co-production releases in cinemas worldwide. Furthermore, as Akshay is under contract with another channel for an on-air reality show, he may not be able to attend ‘Dus Ka Dum’.


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