Salman in severe pain due to ear infection, continues shooting on painkillers

Bollywood superstar Salman Khan, who is currently in Kashmir to shoot for the final schedule of his upcoming film ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’, has been under the weather due to severe ear infection and sinusitis.

Even though the shoot was delayed by a few days, Salman is now on pain-killers and has resumed shooting for the film on Tuesday.

A spokesperson of the film said “It’s true. Salman Khan is in severe pain and with the help of pain killers, we have started shooting”

Directed by Kabir Khan, ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’ also stars Kareena Kapoor Khan and Nawazuddin Siddiqui.

The last schedule of the much-awaited ‘Eid’ release will be completed by the end of the May.

Salman Khan begins Bajrangi Bhaijaan shoot in Pahalgam

Salman Khan begins Bajrangi Bhaijaan shoot in Pahalgam

Salman Khan at Pahalgam

Salman Khan at Pahalgam



  • Fake Action Hero & His Fans Think he is King OF ACTION ROFL
    This Bhojpuri star always remain unfit and lazy

  • Last schedule will be completed by the end of may what? and the decision in Salman case will be coming on may 6 so sallu fans get fingers crossed even i m also his fan guys so say AALL IS WELL

  • EID festival have enjoyment with only Salman Bhai’s movies.
    Eagerly waiting for Bajrangi Bhaijan and some unique dialogues and dance step of BHAIJAN.

  • Bhai spreads wrong rumour that he is fit.if someone can’t keep his ear fit then how can he keep his whole body least OUR KING resisted a heavy door but our bhaijaan couldn’t resist the air that has to be passed through his defected ears.may be a it’s a heavy punishment from GOD for his criminal activities did in past or will do some in future.

    Bhikari bhaijaan will struggle and will chase bang bang and bhai will break HNY’S WW collection after some 3-5 years.but when thus criminal will get punishment!

  • This ear pain is just an excuse to get mercy from court whose decision is going to come on 6th May.

    I would like to request all bhai fans to wait for 6th May rather than Eid and Diwali this year.

  • Get well soon Bhaijaan :) Prayers always with u :) .. And plz avoid cold weather as well as using of Headphones as it will Increase the Infection..
    Waiting for #BhajrangiBhaijaan

  • The shooting has to be completed in time because the film is slated for an eid release..already there have been many delays due to floods so salman khan has to put more than 100% effort to complete the film on time..I just hope he manages to perform well enough so that it looks good on screen..can’t imagine a major festival without a big superstar

  • HE IS FULL OF DRAMEBAAZ…..He is scared of of the verdict… has been 10 years or so this criminal Salmn khan is fooling the public and making judiciary a toy to play according to his wills…I hope he gets same punishment and jail as same as to a common citizen of this country…every citizen is equal in this country…..if someone has influence because of his money power ,can he take the law???….Hope he goes to jail as soon as possible and jusice will be served to the family of that people who died because of him

  • @sss : you can bet my dear BB will be blockbuster and about Salman case this one in lower court if he get any punishment he can appeal it in higher court then supreme court so just chill losers.

  • @12:34pm

    Mr Hyderabadi Engineering Genius maybe you would like to enlighten us all by revealing to us what ‘exercises’ one can do to keep their ‘ears FIT’….!

    Take your time as Im sure billions the world over will be standing by very closely ready to pull stretch their ears in any direction you advise them to get top notch FIT ears…!

  • I Think Bajrangi Bhaijaan Will Be Flop Only Bombay Velvet Will Be hit Bcoz My Son Rocks Bcoz Of Me.

  • Bhai jaan needs pain killers to resume shooting but our dear Complan boy needs round the clock hourly doses of electrical shock treatment to help him overcome the disappointment of not seeing the arrival of mythological medieval 300cr King Charlie last Diwali…. that shock has severely traumatized him plus the news that Complan is going up in price hasnt helped in easing his mood but good news for his family is that electricity prices are frozen so they can still afford his treatment.

  • Car accidents occur in their thousands every single day all around the world but its strange that in Paglapur such an event is like an Eclipse moment which hardly ever happens coz what else can explain how paglapurians remember the events of 2002 like it was just yesterday. To paglapurians public displays of assaults like Wankhede 2012 carried out by their overzealous queen are everyday occurences hence its not really a punishable offence…

  • i hope the movies gets postponed … !!!
    I cannot tolerate his south irritating acting, plus i cannot bear eid festvial should be ruined by a south made actor …. !!!!!
    I hope u get worse and worse!
    The the worse u become i happier i become. Hate u sarry bhai! !!!

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