Salman has UK Visa, issue with work permit: Salim Khan

Late last evening there were rumours doing the rounds that Salman Khan’s KICK could be delayed as the actor’s application for UK Visa had been rejected. It was also said that Salman’s involvement in the 2001 hit-and-run case was one of the reasons why his Visa application wasn’t approved.

However, Salman’s father Salim Khan rubbished all reports saying that the actor still has a valid tourist Visa, but there were issues with getting his work-permit cleared. The authorities needed a few additional papers which will now be submitted.

“Salman already has a 10 year tourist visa which is still valid. However, some issues came up while trying to get a work permit due to a technical glitch. They needed some additional papers, which have now been called for and will be presented to them.” Salim Khan was quoted as saying.

The going hasn’t been too smooth for Salman Khan this year. The shooting schedule of Mental was delayed for more than a month because of a dispute with stunt artists. There was a minor accident on the very first day of the first shooting schedule of Kick, when one of the cars used for an action sequence ramped straight into a historic building in Glasgow (Scotland).



  • Can’t they shoot anywhere else,there are so many beautiful cities in this world.
    Also we have seen LONDON a lot in cinemas like jthj,namastey london,london dreams,sos,ypd2 etc

  • No reason to worry.Salman khan is cooperative person.He will provide them all the papers they want by saying half dialogue of Dabangg “pyar se de rahe hai rakh lo” bcoz full dialogue is not necessary here.

  • yesterday entire media reporting it…so much hatred against salman all these years still salman has huge fan following….Rofl 4 media..oops paid media..

  • the uk authorities thought that salman has gone there to work as a joker in circuses, bt they were surprised to knw that he is actor, hence the delay.

  • where srk gets invitation from various countries 4 stage performance,attending film festival and receiving awards,salman gets invitation from court.srk is the global icon of the millenium,srk is 4 d world and salman is only 4 d indians.

  • At least he wont be detained at airport like some unpopular Self proclaimed king, who was also beaten by a watchman lol.

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