Salman gracious with Govinda

Salman puts Govinda at ease by allowing him to take the chunky portions in David Dhawan’s Partner

Stories of Salman Khan’s largesse are numerous. Involved in several charitable ventures, he has now started showing unprecedented generosity towards his co-stars as well.

Govinda, with who Salman plays a prankster in David Dhawan’s Partner vouches for it. Rumour has it that Salman has virtually allowed Govinda to walk away with the show. The film’s director says, “Salman has certainly been generous, not just as a producer of Partner but also as a co-star. Partner is my ninth film with Salman and 17th film with Govinda. They’re both like my brother and friend respectively. And I was a little worried what their partnership would look like.”

Initially, Govinda was apprehensive after being, in his words, put on a tight rein in Bhagam Bhag. But Salman completely put him at ease. “I’ve never come across a more generous co-star and producer,” says Govinda emotionally.

David Dhawan says, “The chemistry between Salman and Govinda is amazing. Govinda will surprise everyone. People will see him the way they like to. But we’ve also kept changing comic tastes in mind. It’s a very fresh script on male bonding. And not that Lara and Katrina aren’t looking good. But it’s Govinda-Salman’s show all the way. Salman has been so gracious with Govinda. Salman has taken good care of Govinda, never behaved like a star. The three of us are like one family. We hide nothing from one another. On the sets if I asked Salman to let Govinda take over a scene he gladly moved back. ‘Theek hai dialogue de do. Woh bol lega.’ That was his attitude. This casual generosity makes him so endearing.”

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