Salman auditions struggling singer on the streets! Pics

Last night while returning home from the Mehboob Studios, Salman noticed a young struggling singer on the road, who apparently was pleading for a chance to sing / compose a song for the superstar.

Not only did Salman allow him to get close, he also asked the musician to sing something for him, even as he continued walking towards his house in Bandra.

Salman was surrounded by his bodyguards, photographers and hundreds of fans, but was seen listening to the singer and also stopped by to give him some advice.

Salman Khan auditions struggling singer on streets of Bandra

Salman Khan auditions struggling singer on streets of Bandra

Salman Khan

Salman Khan

Salman auditions struggling singer on streets of Bandra

Salman auditions struggling singer on streets of Bandra

Salman Khan

Salman Khan

Salman auditions struggling singer on streets of Bandra

Salman auditions struggling singer on streets of Bandra



  • This one is nice! !well done salman. .
    I appreciate that. .
    There are so many talented singers in our country who need a break.what about arijit singh? I heard that he was also a singer who used to sing at functions. now he became a playback singer and is getting many songs.
    Well done. RESPECT.

  • Now a days,shreya is getting most songs.but there are many other female singer with similar voice who need to get more Monali thakur,palak muchhal,tulsi kumar,antara mitra etc.

  • He has no other job??… few days before he was simply giving opinions about AAP party in the media…now another publicity stunt….whatever he may do,Jai ho gonna be a flop…

  • Not only new actors but now singers also think that Salman is their Godfather and will give them a break in bollywood.

  • @Laila Salman is a blockbuster superstar so even his not so important news becomes important and gets published.anyways what news u want to be published here ? your and majnu’s

  • Maan gaye Salman bhai tussi great ho and bahut bade dilwale…. Respex to you but generally respex to any star who gives such acknowledgement/ advise to young upcoming artists/ wannabes in our country…! I think thats thoughtful and it would be nice to see that young artist take inspiration and put into practice that advise and excel going forward…! :-).
    Truly its niiiice to see that kind of interaction as theres nothing more irritating in Bollywood than the same regurgitated ‘star kids’ getting break after break, hundreds n hundreds of crores wasted on their sorry worthless ‘behinds’ alas Bobby Deol, Tusshar Kapoor and Abhishek Bachchan….! Now before haterz come here spouting of Aamir Khan, Salman Khan, Hrithik Roshan or Kareena Kapoor- get this through into your thick skulls that they were not ‘star kids’ like the aforementioned star kids ‘fathers’ were truly established household names nationwide. The latter ‘star kids’ had ‘bollywood’ associated fathers so granted they did have a route into Bollywood but to sustain themselves they branched out and warranted they current status as Cinematic Icons…!

  • Superb Salman, Love You.
    @laila very funny, when indicine updated srk traveling post, he went there, he comes from there, is it ok for you.

  • @laila…… sallu bhai is the great superstar in the present time….. everyone wants to know abt him.. actually why you reading about salman??

  • This piece of news indeed worth publishing. Hope other celebrities too follow this and give outsiders chances. It will reduce nepotism in Bollywood. Great applaud to Salman Khan!!!
    Look at the Paglapurians how in-sanely they are behaving. They can’t really appreciate someone’s good deeds. At least learn something from Nipun how he behaved this time, who otherwise keeps bashing up Salman. Just because Salman’s good deeds seem to be publucity stunts to Paglapurians, should he stop them? Array Iss India Mein Kuch Logon Koi Acchayi Kare Bhi Toh Problem, Nahin Kare Bhi Toh Problem (as someone has said).

    Given Below is food for survival for the Paglapuians.

    have read somewhere that the pilot of Paglapurís UFO called Joker was so pissed off with the Lungi Thakur (the driver- i.e locomotive engineer) of Paglapurís train called Crappy Depress for attacking him (the pilot of UFO) from behind because of professional jealou-sy and pulling his hairs down because of personal jealou-sy that he has teamed up with his fatty-half, the brakewoman of the TMN train (that was stopped on the half way by the craz-y Paglapurians to loot Lungis on it), and come up with a revenge called ďthe Returns of Paglapur PLAYERSĒ due to be seen in Diwali. I have seen a picture of shooting of Paglapur Players Returns on internet. They were seriously looking more like a bunch of Paglapurian Jokers than like Paglapurian Thieves. They, the Paglapurís pilot and his fatty-half, will knock down the Lungi Thakur of Paglapur so fiercely that he will have no ability to return to his original place, Paglapur. Naturally, all Paglapurians, by their UFO, will fly away in fear leaving their Lungis and the Thakur behind. Poor Paglapurís Thakur will have a Lawaris Maut in the end. His Crappy Train canít take him to a safe place either Ö.Now, Paglapurians will make so much noise at me. But we donít understand Paglapurian Language, do we???

  • Y dere is a camera every time wen suleman behan do something good…??? I think he used to call d media wenever he is doing some PR work.bloody cheapo
    honesty or publicity..??

  • People come from far away places to Mumbai to make their dreams come through and then we have star kids who gets all the offer on a platter and they waste it.

    The other day i heard of a star daughter’s tantrums and other psst psst things and i couldn’t believe my ears, but heck i don’t want to discuss it here. Its too gross.

    The stars themselves are so busy that everyday each one of them have atleast 20-30 visitors asking for chance, from home to office and at their shooting sets too. This guy is lucky that atleast someone is listening to him.

    Dreams are shattered when nothing works and no one listens, but unlike earlier times, there is so much that a star has to do for his film, apart from just playing their role on the camera.

    Aamir once said that he gets so many scripts on daily basis, that it is impossible to go through everyone, and of that one lucky was that of Delhi Belly when Kiran Rao just took it up randomly to pass time while waiting in the office, and liked it very much.

    Amitabh once said how he jostled at one of the hotels to have a glimpse of Shashi Kapoor.

    So many stories, so much hard work, and yes luck too plays it part much.

  • Just a publicity stunt for Flop ho!!! Similar to his being human publicity stunt which he wants to use to create the perception of being a good hearted person instead of a criminal, woman hitter!!

  • @akki, it is OK even I don’t understand what I have written. It’s enough if the Paglapurians understand because it is in their code language. I have tried so hard searching such code words on Google and eventually could manage only that much!! LOL! Hope u understand..

  • If salman does mistakes he is bad. If he does good deeds then it is publicity. I want to treat all haters in the way John Abraham treats Sanjay Dutt in ‘Zindaa’ movie !!!!! Pathetic losers !!!!

  • I am Alex.
    I am so poor,that’s why I can’t take any tuition about singing…. But I loves singing……I can’t be brave to join in audition of any reality singing show,cause I know that as I don’t have any experience and guidelines and total knowledge about singing, so no one will accept me…..
    I want to sing…I want really by heart,I want chance…..
    Singing is my one and only dream,… what do I have to do……
    I have no enough money …so I can’t take chances….. I am in a great trouble….:'( :'(

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