Salman and Santiago discuss IIFA’s USA debut in 2014: Pics

Bollywood superstar Salman Khan and his brother Sohail Khan met the president and chief executive officer of Tampa Bay, Mr Santiago Corrrado and several other IIFA officials to discuss details regarding the IIFA extravaganza next year.

Slated to make its debut in the United States of America, IIFA will host the 15th year of the Tata Motors IIFA Awards in Tampa Bay, Florida in June 2014.

Photos of Salman and Sohail with the IIFA chief below. Have a look.

Salman Khan with Mr Santiago Corrada

Salman Khan with Mr Santiago Corrada

Sohail Khan with Mr Santiago Corrada

Sohail Khan with Mr Santiago Corrada



  • Whether it’s iifa or fakefare,awards sometimes become biased. .just like last time best singer went to ayusman instead of sonu nigam for abhi mujhme kahin. .

  • And biggest joke of 2013:
    colours screen awards:
    best actor-salman for dabbang2 and best actress -kat for jthj. .lol

  • where r srkians now? who said no one knows salman outside India. This is a fitting reply for such idiots !!!!

  • So now next year IIFA will be genuine like this year only Star Guild awards was genuine and not fixed like other awards shows.

  • Salman khan reduced his fees to reduced the budget of Kick,,,,,,so he himself know that,Kick will be the 2nd biggest flop in 2014 as first biggest disaster will be mental or radheor azaad or jai ho…..lolz whatever…..

  • @HRITIK don’t make me say here about the much hyped Salman’s Dubai flop show……ROFL…………what’s your take on that Mr.Hritik?…………..for shows outside ,there should be viewers…otherwise it will happen like that

  • @sachin11 when will you stop coming with your hatred comments??….you can expect this also…feeling the heat???……

  • @sachin11……star guild awards???????. what is that????…i heard about star screen awards…..this star guild is hearing for the first time…….was that award show made by you only rite now????

  • @SAKHI if u don’t know about Star Guild awards u can search it on google.Oh sorry i think u don’t know how to search in google so this is the reason u r asking me.Ok listen,This awards r the most genuine awards which was hosted by genuine superstar Salman khan last year and he hosted it succesfully without any cheap jokes and without repeating single letter or word many

  • @hritik even overseas people(i am also) know zayed khan,fardin khan.first say ur vaijan to cross kank which was released in 2oo6.

  • but WY are they discussing with SALMAN. he is wanted in many criminal cases. lol. lastly he ll not get visa
    @hrithik. when other countries presidents and prime ministers r greeting and welcoming SRK, Salman is talking with some guy and u tell about his foreign links. ha ha ha can’t stop laughing. good for u people. mendak apne talaab ka raja hota hai

  • @sakhi ha ha i am also hearing that star guild award first time.hope next year he will host bhojpuri filmfare award make our biggest joker sachin 11 happy.

  • @sakhi@noam I know you guys are happy like me because our king got the biggest hit but guess what after four average films, where as the real king salman has back to back blockbusters and sakhi please don’t mention about salman Dubai show flop because our so called king’s shows like zor ka jhatka and paanchvi pass were disasters in our country. please don’t make me say anymore about our self proclaimed king, who always say he don’t believe in numbers but in recent article says he is afraid of being no. 2 when he actually no.2 in the article of September rankings of actors by indicine.

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