Sajid Nadiadwala to gift Rolls Royce worth 3 crore to Salman Khan

Sajid Nadiadwala’s directorial debut Kick has stormed the box office across the country. The film has already collected 164 cr in its first week and should be the first Salman Khan film to cross 200 crores.

Not only has Nadiadwala given Salman his biggest grosser to date, he has also proved to be a better director than Arbaaz Khan (Dabangg 2) and Sohail Khan (Jai Ho).

Now, to celebrate the massive success of Kick, Nadiadwala will be gifting Salman a Rolls Royce, a luxury car worth more than Rs 3 crore. If sources are to be believed, Nadiadwala is overwhelmed by the success of Kick and has thus decided to gift the car as a token of appreciation for the time and effort Salman has put into the film.

“Salman and Sajid are good friends and Sajid is overwhelmed by the success of their film. It was special for him as it marked his directorial debut. So the filmmaker has decided to gift Salman a Rolls Royce worth Rs 3 crore,” a source close to Sajid Nadiadwala revealed.

Salman Khan with Sajid Nadiadwala

Salman Khan with Sajid Nadiadwala



  • Good way of celebrating success by giving car in gift and Kick was very well directed by Sajid keeping Devi and Devil both in mind.

  • Lets hope this trend continues and after Thakurs next diwali horror show – I hope Flop Queen Farah n hubby Kunder gift Sarkar an alien prop from his Joke of a film ‘Joker’ as an etrenal reminder that Shirish never did forget Thakurs slap from early 2012….! ;-)

  • Sajid should gift Ritik the Devils mask to bring him more luck in the next installment of the Rohit franchise…! Maybe this time Rohit can fly his way into the 200 cr club without having to include sales of comic books and jadoo toy sales to come to a grand total of 244 cr…! Theatricall business should touch 200 cr right

  • Sajid already earned more than 150cr, so giving 3cr car is not big task. But yes this proved again how big star Salman is! And sajid is nothing without Salman.

  • I am heart broken to see such movies being ATBB.

    when will people appreciate the script?????

  • congrats on the success of kick
    As far as the news is concerned , sajid gifts salman a Rolls Royce .. For the people who sleep on footpaths ‘I am afraid i have got some Bad News for u ppl’ … Hahaha IF U Knw Wht I Mean ;)

  • @ Nivin_pauly Salman is changed man.
    Being Human is now treating heart disorder kids. Join Twitter if u r unware about it. Acc. to DNA Salman denotes 40%-50% in charity.

  • Good gesture, Sajid! Being grateful makes bonds stronger.
    @Rasulll, do u understand the term “copy and paste?” Get a dictionary. Sajid has bought “copy” rights and “paraphrased” the film.
    @Nivin_Pauly, Are FOOTpaths for sleeping? If you care so much about them, take them home, ask your king to give them a place in his huge mannat or ask the government to take care of them. Ask your king to stop being chain smoker and being drunkard in public.
    @Navin bhai, you rock dude!

  • @vikram : I can understand the frustration you are going through. You were the one who pleaded all nuetral fans on Indicine to boycott sadly it didnt work n will never work. Keep trying dude !!!!!!!!

  • Not interested. Indicine team please can you tell me when is the trailer of bang bang and pk releasing? I am dying to watch bang bang’s official trailer.

  • @indicine, how can u allow to post @vikram’s 9:54comment? Now m going to write sumthing plz post it.

  • @anand If footpaths r nt made for sleeping than nt fr driving also..
    tell ur bhai to nt to hunt black chinkaras & slapping his gfs in public..

  • Oh no Sajid shud know better than to put a car in our lallu’s hand, now all ppl who sleep on streets will find employment and get cash to rent an apartment in order to avoid another so called ‘mishap’ by our bhai lol

  • Devils mask which is adopted from, krrish, zorro, and
    now son of krrish give his mask to krrish to wear? Krrish mask which is already more stylish than his sons mask… L0l

    no krrish dont need his son devils bhojpuri style mask…

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