Sajid Nadiadwala says having the 3 Khans in a film is his dream project!

He might be one of the biggest film producers in the country and would have had many blockbusters under his kitty, but Sajid Nadiadwala still says he has one dream that hasn’t been fulfilled. The producer has a dream of casting all the three Khans of Bollywood, that is, Shah Rukh Khan, Aamir Khan and Salman Khan in one film.

Sajid recently mentioned the same when asked about his next film as a director at the IIFA awards. He said, “A year back when I finished Kick, people asked me about my next. I told them that the thing which fascinates me is getting the three Khans on board”.

The director and producer has also started producing films for newcomers and his first film in line is Tiger Shroff’s Baaghi. Still he dreams of having SRK, Salman and Aamir in one film. “Salman is a good friend and I have good equation with Shah Rukh and Aamir. If I get a go ahead, I would definitely love to do it, ” Sajid added.

Well, we sure hope all his upcoming movies do great business so that in the future he can afford to cast these 3 superstars together.



  • SRK, Salman might agree but Aamir wouldn’t as the script would obviously be pathetic being a Sajid Nadiadwala film.
    Aamir alone is good enough to give ATBBs with content-oriented movies.

  • Awesome news i am eagerly waiting for see these three Superstars Khans together.

    Boss 1000 crore in India toh kahi nahi gaye araam se kisi bhi bari Hollywood movie ko target kare gi yeh movie.

  • Top 10 superstars Indicine:
    1.Aamir (207 cr/film)
    2.Salman (168 cr/film)
    3.Srk (157 cr/film)
    4.Hrithik (134 cr/film)
    5.Ranbir (89 cr/film)
    6.Akshay (84 cr/film)
    7.Ajay (80 cr/film)
    8.Sidharth (69 cr/film)
    9.Farhan (65 cr/film)
    10.Varun (63 cr/film)

  • No chance,after helped Anubhav,Farah ,KING KHAN has no such plans to work with another crap that also south remake crapiest director,I hope this dream will never come true.

  • Why do you need 3 khans when Aamir’s movie alone can make 700crs :D:D:D Jokes apart(But I was serious P;), it would be a dream come true for Bollywood movie lovers like us to see all khans together in a single frame..

  • we don’t need Srk only we need salman and Aamir in one film long life Salman Bhai I am the Biggest Fan of Salman Khan

  • Well he is a crap director….salman khan is crap actor….so i don’t want to see this type of movie…i want Aamir-Shahrukh together in ashutosh or rakesh om prakash mehra or raj kumar hirani movie…that will be out of this world…one side biggest star of his generation and great actor shahrukh khan..on the other sid e biggest legend of his generation and best actor Aamir khan ……..i wanna to see aamir and srk in one movie…it will be epic…

  • He should take the 4 Khans:
    Salman- biggest star in India
    Aamir- biggest star in overseas
    Srk- biggest in Maratha mandir
    Irfan- best actor

  • The only way the three khans could come together is when an acclaimed director is at the helm of the affairs not somebody like Sajid.I am more happy to see Srk on the big screen for 2 hours rather than sharing screen with a non-actor.
    But in case all of them come together box office numbers would soar like anything

  • @Sss, Your srk scared to help others because of he can’t give biggest blockbuster with new director. But Salman khan never ever scared. You can search Google most of Salman movie’s are debutant director, unknown director, family members director and his friends.
    You all (srk fans) get scared from new director. But Salman never.
    I wish sajid nandia’s dream fulfill. But i think never happen because if Amir agree then srk not agree. If srk agree then Amir not.

  • Even if Salman agreed that, amir will not be ready to be a supporting actor in Sharukh khan film !!

  • If Raju Hirani directs a movie , then three khan should accept it …
    * it will be 2000 crore worldwide…
    as for sajid plz do not ruin the movie by
    ur oldie boring script…!!!

  • I wish they could, but it is not happening soon.. We have to wait for around 8 or 9 years more for that to happen…

  • There is no smoke without fire. I guess this is going to happen. May be they are just in the scripting stage, and all 3 may have agreed provided each of their demands are met. for example –

    srk – i need deepu or kat as heroine, with 3 romantic numbers, and 5 instances of kneeling down with hands in the air

    salman – great entry, thod phod action, a shirtless scene in the end.

    aamir – story

  • srk one man army…………srk is euqal to all khans…………srk rockssss………….

  • @sujan,but perfaketionist with out RAJU/DHOOM couldn’t give a 100cr film and will keep chasing KANK’S overseas collection forever,lol

  • Amir Khan is good but real 3 khans sabse bade boring aur Bakwass Actor hai jinko Acting ka meaning bhi nhi pata vo aaj successful hai bcz of senior and 20 year more Experience

  • what the big deal with amir…….. i dont care of his film at all…. i dont know why i hate this old man may be his attitude he is soooo rude and sooo arogance i can see from his face …yuuuucccckkkkk

  • i wish sajid make a movie with salman, aamir and shahrukh will give special appearance seprately in first and second half and all three will unite in climax and at the end they can add a song like hum saath saath hai. movie will break all records.

  • Only scenario I want to see all 3 come together is if its a remake of AAA with Aamir Salman reprising their original roles but instead of Shakti Kapoor our Queen could become the modern day version of Crime Master GoGo…!

  • In reality its only 2 Khans audiences want to see on screen n that is Aamir n Salman… Orctards be content with dreams of Zayed n Fardeen Khan working with Queen coz with their mediocrity Queens overacting maybe just maybe come as a welcomed relief to audiences…!

  • Best friends forever Aamir and Salman are far toogood to be seen sharing screen space with the Global Queen and I also strongly believe even the cousins Zayed n Fardeen are too good to be seen with the overacting Queen on screen.

  • Even if Sajid casts the three Khans together in one film it won’t cross PK’s business simply because he is no Rajkumar Hirani!
    Only Hirani or R.O. Mehra or Gowarikar can do justice to these superstars.

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