Saif, Katrina shooting for Phantom in Punjab: Photos

Saif Ali Khan and Katrina Kaif were once again snapped shooting for their upcoming film ‘Phantom’, directed by Kabir Khan. After all the military outfits and action sequences, it looked like the cast and crew were shooting for a romantic scene. Katrina looked beautiful in a traditional Indian outfit.

A huge crowd had also gathered in Malerkotla, Punjab to catch a glimpse of the stars.

Kabir Khan with Saif and Katrina on the sets of Phantom

Kabir Khan with Saif and Katrina on the sets of Phantom

Saif Ali Khan and Katrina Kaif shooting Phantom in Malerkotla, Punjab

Saif Ali Khan and Katrina Kaif shooting Phantom in Malerkotla, Punjab

Saif Ali Khan with Katrina Kaif

Saif Ali Khan with Katrina Kaif

Kabir Khan with Saif Ali Khan and Katrina Kaif

Kabir Khan with Saif Ali Khan and Katrina Kaif



  • Saif and SRK are on the same level of stardom. Both are struggling to give hits.
    Aamir gave back to ATBBs, Salman and Hrihtik gave Blockbusters, but these two small stars have been stuck on hits.
    No matter how much Saif fans and Srk fans howl, it is eternal fact that these two are nothing compared to above legends.

  • @QueenSRK, ur a dumb aamir fan who’s made a fail attempt at trolling by even bringing saif up. SRK has more hits, superhits and blockbusters than all other actors. aamir struggled to give hits for 10 years from raja hindustani (1996) to 2006 n salman from 2000 – 2010. SRK’s struggling? Easily getting huge/record openings with nearly every film since 2006 and all of them easily hits/superhits and the blockbuster CE and HNY to come.

  • Aamir = Saif as both have same number of solo hits that can be counted using one hand. Salman = giving flops half the time. What sort of superstars are aamir and salman? Aamir doesn’t give single blockbuster or big hit for 10+ years since raja hindustani and salman gives 90% flops for 10 years from 2000 to 2009.

  • @queensrk
    Ever heard the name of the film called Chennai Express???
    I think you missed it,for your kind information it was an ATBB,so only Saif is stuck on hits,not SRK…

  • If phantom clashes with BANG BANG, Phantom is sure to flop. Because Saif’s last film Bullet Raja didn’t work. If no clash then it can be a hit. Friends don’t think about BANG BANG because it sure Blockbuster – ATBB. Let’s wait 2 oct…. From Myanmar Rangoon..

  • @queenlallu It is also eternal fact that SRK is and always be King. And what was Chennai Express? It was a blockbuster not a hit buffoon.
    @Romance agreed. Also Saif is much better actor and superstar than Hrithik. At least he doesnt shiver.

  • @ Romance New Yr Bang Bang is an official remake of Knight and Day but only the base idea is same but the screenplay is totally different which is written by Sujoy Ghosh the director of Kahaani so now you tell me which movie is ahead . Other than that in terms even a Hrithik hater will say that he has more stardom than Saif . In terms of direction both Siddharth Anand and Kabir Khan are equal because Salaam Namaste and Bachna ae haseeno were good, Ta ra rum pum was average and Anjaana Anjaani was a bad movie . Kabul Express was average , New York was brilliant and Ek Tha Tiger was also average . For your kind information It was the team of Bang Bang that locked the release date of 2nd oct . Even Katrina wants that one of them should be postponed so it should be Phantom . I hope you understand . Don’t take it harshly like other people .

  • S aksham u hav told the right thing…
    queen SRK i dont want to tell anything but one thing, learn to respect…

  • @everyone defending SRK, it will be an eternal fact that SRK is nothing in front of King Aamir who gave back to back ATBBs. SRK has given many hits, but who cares about hits. ATBBs are the true indicators of stardom.
    SRK should work hard to reach the ATBB status of King Aamir.

  • @Queentingu, Hmmm do u even know the meaning of back to back???? So according to u, tingu gives back to back ATBB, Didnt Aamir go from 3idiots-dhobi ghat-talaash-D3, so u are saying that dhobi ghat and talassh were ATBB’s?????? An if ATBB and BB is true indicator of Stardom then Aamir had NO stardom from 1988-2008 as he had only one ATBB and no blockbusters, From 1988-2008 Salman had 2 ATBB, 2 BB………………..SRK had 2 ATBB and 5BB, so according to u, for more than 2 decades Aamir had less of stardom than Salman and even lesser than SRK……………………..only past 5 years he has improved his stardom………………………………………….within these twenty years the fan following and stardom of both SRK and Salman rose to dizzying heights whilst Aamir was far laggin behind………………….now his fanbase and stardom has grown but he is still trailing SRK and lallu………………u cant just take the few years where Aamir did well and say he is better than SRK who outclassed Aamir for 16 yrs (1992-2008) in terms of box office and fan following/stardom…………….grow up man and give some mature comments instead of bakwass posts………………….the first post u made was even more ignorant and bakwas comparing SRK to Saif, I know from now not to take ur comments seriously……………..

  • I can’t believe saif and kat shoot the movie in maler kotla and I am very happy meat the saif and kat really.

  • anjaana anjaani is a superb film n was an above average film at the boxoffice n a hit overseas n thats siddharth best film after the average bachna ae haseeno

  • I’m a fan of both hrithik and saif, but I think if bang bang and phantom release together, phantom will fail. I hope the clash is averted.

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