Saif – Kareena : New Airtel Ad

Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor have always been in news whether it is the movies they star in, or their much-public relationship.

The new Airtel ad they feature in, is a  happy turned sad love story. Here is the story.. Saif is in search of his childhood sweetheart, who he had left behind when their families moved away (probably to a different city). Finally, one day Saif finds her.. but there is a twist in the tale! Just as he is about to reveal his idenity, he sees Kareena Kapoor.

Its probably love at first sight for Saif – Kareena, and instantly he ditches his childhood love.

A video is worth more than a million words, check it out yourself. Saif – Kareena’s New Airtel Ad. What do you think of the ad? Post your comments below




  • i think its a very stupid ad,coz he`s so very much inlove and desparetly wanting to
    find he`s childhood sweetheart but then just ditches her,just like that,then the ad
    says love means nothing!!!!

  • emmm… i would agree on the said matter as well. they have the concept but may b the presentation method was not accurate.

  • It was totally stupid. I mean, he was finding his childhood sweatheart for like ages, and when he finally finds her, he falls in a love at first sight, how stupid could they get? And where was Airtel in this ad? Ria is right, doesn’t love means anything?

  • the worst ad ever!!! i feel bad for the childhood sweetheart . by the way what does this have to do with Airtel? dumb

  • He finds her through the Airtel Digital TV.. If you notice closely both the set top box and the LCD TV..

    But frankly, doesn’t make much sense..

  • as saif finds her from his childhood but as soon as he saw kareena ditch her

    this is not an airtel it is no were related to airtel meaningless

  • The add is gud but the ending is really stupid.he shud hav gone for his childhood sweetheart.The ending could hav been the other way round. It would hav been much better.

  • For the life of me I dont get what Airtel is trying to say? Ok the digital clarity makes the pendent easy to see and he finds his childhood sweetheart. That much is fine but what is the point of him going “Dil Titli” at the last moment after Kareena (I hate her anyways). Now, the song Dil Titli matches the ending but I dont see a connection in the song/message with Airtel. Only the finding part makes sense. However, it is completely ruined, maybe Airtel is tryin to say that they are unstable themselves like “Dil Titli” and would ditch a perfectly nice person for someone the likes of Kareena (did I mention, i hate her). Saif-Kareena are the Hall of Shame anyways and I would advise anyone against investing in Airtel. Who knows, Airtel gets a Titli Dil tomorrow.
    Btw, if someone can make sense out of the ending, please do post a comment. I am following up.

  • I am totally confused by this AD. Yes! the song is nice, the story is woven & shown in around 60 sec(which is technically commendable) and also the clarity part about him finding the titli pendant…….
    but it all boils down to one fact – THE CONNECTION…….. where is the connection between the story, the truth and AIRTEL……… ???????????????????
    Also are not kareena and saif portraying a wrong image of their concept of love… i mean do they mean that for both, love doesn’t mean anything and its just the physical apperance that matters and as the story shows the long years that he waits for her are meaningless for them……
    thats down right ridiculous…….
    can someone remind AIRTEL…… people are not fools…… here AIRTEL is the ONLY LOSER…. coz im sure saif-kareena must have picked up their cheques and dont bother as much to what people say or how they react.. so AIRTEL……. this was the biggest risk taken and it didnt payoff!!!!!


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