Saif Ali Khan charged for assaulting South African businessman

Saif Ali KhanBollywood star Saif Ali Khan has been charged for attacking Iqbal Sharma, a South African businessman at the Taj Hotel in Mumbai in February 2012.

The actor has been charged for voluntarily causing grievous hurt (Section 325) and Section 34 of the IPC (Indian Penal Code) has been made against him with the case going up for hearing on April 30, according to reports.

Khan was taken under custody for assaulting Iqbal Sharma in a Japanese restaurant at the Taj on February 22, 2012.

Sharma, a South African Government trade official had asked the actor and his friends (Kareena Kapoor and Amrita Arora) to reduce the noise coming from their table.

Sharma has reported to the police while making the complaint that when he objected to the noise that Khan and his group were making, Khan had advised him to leave the place and frequent a library, if he did not like the noise.

According to the NRI, Saif had reportedly used abusive words and it later escalated ending in him getting hit by Khan. He also reported that when his father-in-law tried to soothe matters, he was attacked as well.

On hearing Sharma’s complaint, the actor and his friends were taken under section 325 of Indian Penal Code.

Saif Ali Khan and his friends had surrendered to the police and were later released on bail.



  • Such incidents are very shameful i mean they are not just actors but social icons but if they will do such things then it is very sad . Srk’S case in Wankhede, Salman’S hit and run case and now this . These incidents are very disturbing because they portray the negative image of the stars . They should know how to behave in public and should keep their attitude at home . I may sound rude but this is not expected . They should not be so arrogant . Saif should be given the punishment he deserves and he and his friends should apologise to Iqbal Sharma and his wife . Please fans don’t take this comments seriously because what i am saying is truth . If anybody feels bad then i am sorry in advance . I hope my comment gets published .

  • Nawab sahab come down to earth, in India its people system, kingdom is thing of past not present Saif miyan.

  • Like Salman and Saif were charged under criminal cases, to put it fair and square, SRK should be prosecuted under the following criminal charges for the havocs he created at the stadium and Bodily Hurt on Shirish Kunder combined.

    1) IPC Section 351- Assault (Punishments: three months, or with fine which may extend to five hundred, or with both)
    2) IPC Section 353- Assault or criminal force to deter public servant from discharge of his duty (Punishments: Two years, or with fine, or with both.)
    *According to IPC Section 14.1, the words” servant of Government” denote any officer or servant continued, appointed or employed in India by or under the authority of Government.
    3) IPC Section 355- Assault or criminal force with intent to dishonour person, otherwise than on grave provocation (Punishments: two years, or with fine, or with both. )
    4) IPC Section 290. Public Nuisance (Punishments: fine which may extend to two hundred rupees.)
    5) IPC Section 291. Continuance of nuisance after injunction to discontinue (Punishments:imprisonment for a term which may extend to six months, or with fine, or with both.)
    6) IPC Section 321. Voluntarily causing hurt. (Punishments: one year, or with fine which may extend to one thousand rupees, or with both)
    7) IPC Section 332. Voluntarily causing hurt to deter public servant from his duty (Punishments:three years, or with fine, or with both.)
    8) IPC Section 503- Criminal Intimidation (Likely happened against Shrish Kunder. SRK attacked Shirish Kunder from behind at a party and left the place subsequently. Later, Shirish challenged SRK for an One-on-One fight. Few days afterwards, Shirish had to unwillingly patch up with SRK because of the pressures from SRK lobby groups. So, he along with Sajid Khan and Sajid Nadiawala went to SRK’s house. This act desists Shirish from taking legal help and criminal prosections against SRK. Hence, this act amounts to Criminal Inmidation. *This is a possibility, not an established fact.)

    Now, just imagine how SRK was able to escape all these criminal charges despite the availability of ample photo-audio-video evidences against him, while Salman has to face the criminal charges what he might or might not have committed. It’s yet to be proven that Salman hunted the animals. It’s yet to be proven that Salman was driving the car under the influence of alchohol. On the other hand, SRK’s crimes are proven and witnessed by hundreds of people at the stadium.
    If Indian ruling system is fair and good enough, not only Salman but also SRK has to fac criminal charges. Why double standard! But I know SRK is filthy rich and policallly-connected too well.

  • SRK, the global superstar, should also be charged under “The Prevention of Insults to National Honour Act, 1971” for dishonoring India by getting arrested twice at the airports of a global leader nation, USA. He simply got arrested both times because the immigration officials at the US airports were not educated enough to understand his bleating language..LOL!!!!

  • Salman,SRK and Saif,all these Khans are arrogant in nature…
    While you have’nt heard such cases about Akki,HR,Ajay,Aamir,John…

  • @rkz, don’t just throw some lame constitutional laws at us and try to look cool and shit. Srk was detained at the airport, not arrested. And the same holds true for all the Muslims who were held back for security purposes. No idiot in their right mind would say that somebody needs to be arrested for that. As far as the wankhede event, he slapped a security guard. And do you even know the definition of an assault or grievous injury? It means the person should have some lasting damage or permanent loss to amount to such action. So don’t throw some stupid law terms at us and say shit. Others on this website are educated too and can judge srks actions on their own. No need to give your valuable thoughts and crap thoughts to us. Thank you.

  • I’m very surprised that some idiots on this site say that salmans act of killing a person and injuring 4 others and srks act of slapping a security guard amount to the same crime and actions. are they that retarded and lame? No wonder India is going to the dogs. It’s because of people like this.

  • Sorry! The wording should have been ” SRK detained” instead of “SRK arrested.” My second comment to charge SRK under 1971 Act was sarcastic. That’s why you can see word “LOL.”

    @TS, Who knows the security guards had lasting injuries for 20 days or something or not. It would have come out when srk was charged…Besides, in a committing crime, criminal intention matters a lot. All can say what srk’s intention was looking at his picture in attacking mood under alcohol influence.

  • @TS
    Salman’s ‘crimes’ have not been proven yet
    While SRK’s crimes have been witnessed by whole stadium and on the news
    Thats the difference. So Salman is innocent as long as not proven guilty. SRK has been proven to be guilty of crimes.

  • This interesting. Rather than look at it as an individual mistake this has quickly degenerated to a bashing against SRK and Khan’s in general.These people are all human and can be overtaken by emotion especially under the influence of Alcohol. Alcohol is the main culprit here though what these people did is also wrong.

    there have been issues against other actors but those have been slightly low profile and some time has passed therefore people’s memories have dulled.

  • @amit, I’ve nothing against Salman in person. If the judiciary proves that Salman is innocent and had nothing to do with the hit and run case and the poaching cases, then I won’t say a word against him in this manner again. But if he had been innocent, don’t you think the court would have declared him to be innocent instead of dragging the case for so long. And coming to srks crime, first of all, the word ‘crime’ can’t be used. Cause what srk did was not a crime which needs criminal court attention. I agree he should not have yelled at the security guy and yelled at him under alcohol influence. But he got his punishment for that right. 5 years ban from wankhede. That’s over and done with.

  • @rkz, bro, do u seriously think anybody would have lasting or permanent injuries by getting slapped? If that’s the case, almost every parent in this country and probably the world should be arrested for slapping their kids and causing ‘lasting damage’ to them.

  • @rkz lol.. Srk hater spotted
    Dude get a life.. Um shocked to see dis post is about saif n ppl here r abusing srk. Anywaezz thats wat we call popularity…
    N I think saif is innocent in dis case..dat iqbal sharma is an a##hole.just to b in the limelight he did all this. If I am wid ma frnz in a restaurant definitely I wil talk sing laugh.. thereby making noise.datz wat he did.. n one cant clap from one hand.if he said something to saif which saif neglected.. The matter would hav clossed by that time.but from ma.pov he too was involved in a verbal spat.. Ultimately getting a punch from the chote nawab

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