Saif Ali Khan Airport Tiff: Forcibly evicted from VIP lounge

Saif Ali KhanBollywood actor Saif Ali Khan Thursday had a tiff with security personnel at the Chowdhary Charan Singh airport here after he was asked to vacate the VIP lounge.

An ugly row ensued when the actor sat in the VIP lounge and was asked to move out by the Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) as he was not in the list of VIPs entitled to the facility.

“When the actor refused to move out and tried to throw around his weight, he was forcibly evicted from the lounge,” said an airport source.

The furious actor then created a scene, only to sober down when senior officials intervened.

Saif Ali Khan had arrived in Lucknow to take part in the shooting of “Bullet Raja” two days back and was headed to New Delhi.

After the tiff, he waited in the open area like any other traveller and left on a Jet Airways flight.

Confirming the incident, CISF commandant Gyanendra Kumar told IANS that the actor was asked to leave after airport officials brought it to their notice that he was an unauthorized occupant of the VIP lounge.

The actor could not be reached for comments.



  • Is there any khan in bollywood who has clean image?,and these things r really happening or doing for publicity?

  • @desii, aamir khan a clean image!!. R u kidding dude ?. Aamir khan was the most contoversial actor in the begining. He has affair with some american lady and had a baby but he denied. Then problems with his father and brother,it was a huge controversy were he tried to blame his brother claiming his brother is suffering from mental problem and later his father came to support his brother and all. it was endless story. Now he made clean image in the name of social work like salman is doing now. thats all.

  • yusuf khan
    aamir khan
    zayed khan
    irrfan khan
    feroz khan
    never say again aganist the khans.

    Even shah rukh khan also has clean image coz media bring him in controversey.

    May god bless salman khan in his criminal cases.

  • @pavan n @r20 : Both of u jealous perverts. Wait 5 yrs ur Hrithik n Ranbir will lead Khans in scandals n cheap publicity.

  • SRK&Saif are always busy in some tragedy, while. Salman’s bodyguards are always having issues with the public.
    Aamir,Akshay,Hrithik,Ajay Devgn have good attitude towards common public despite their stardom.

  • @pavan Yes theres Aamir Khan..! :)
    @r20 Get a reality check you loser. Bet you would do the same but because you cant you decide to jump the gun and label people as ‘spoilt brats’ etc etc. Aamir roxXxXx and so does Salman Bhai. If it was me then I would give them a free pass to the entire airport and every airport in India for that matter and I would ban losers like you from entering the premises…! :-P

  • really tired of waiting for Sonu nigam songs.. waiting midnight last night, which was the time you post the top 10 songs. where is it indicine?

  • @pavan @saroop dude it doesnt matter thts his relationship were talking bout controversies not family problems god dont u guys understand The difference?! He has a clean image he didnt kill some1 nd he had no illegal weapons ?

  • @soroop you talking about someones personal life but would you mind it if we all decided to evaluate every single decision you have made in your miserable personal life in Public??? Would you??? No you wouldnt would you, because its your personal life and its private business. Im sure like many millions of people that Aamir wouldnt have taken any decision lightly and anyways he answers to bigger people than you my friend, God and his own consience…!
    In future get a donkey coz quite clearly the high horse you sitting on does you no favours as you seem to have a very small tiny mind with even smaller parameters of logical thinking.
    Aamir roxXxXx and he is doing more good for India which clearly irks you as you must have a hidden agenda like not wanting India to improve…? Loser with a Capital ‘L’ get a sense of perspective and open up your mind before it implodes…! :-P

  • @desii, if u hit a guy outside the family then its criminal act and if the person hit any one inside the family then its family problem.. By the way u seems to have no idea about the meaniing of controversy. No problem first learn the meaning of it and den talk here dude

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