Sachin Tendulkar to replace Salman Khan?

News channels are now reporting that legendary cricketer Sachin Tendulkar could replace Salman Khan as the Goodwill Ambassador for India at the Rio Olympics. The decision is likely to come after the unprecedented backlash over Salman’s appointment by the Indian Olympic Association (IOA).

According to a report by ANI, the IOA has written a letter to Tendulkar to be the Goodwill Ambassador for India for Rio Olympics 2016.

Salman’s appointment was criticised by several Indian athletes, including wrestler Yogeshwar Dutt and sprint-legend Milkha Singh.

“Everybody has the right to promote movies in India, but Olympics is not a place to promote films (possibly referring to Sultan). Can anyone tell me what the role of goodwill ambassador is? Why are you fooling the public?” Yogeshwar tweeted.

However, former Indian cricket captain Saurav Ganguly has come out in support of Salman and said there can be two ambassadors representing India at the Olympics. Salman, he said, will bring tremendous visibility to the Olympics (if he hasn’t already due to the controversy).

“I’m happy and fine with him being the ambassador, as he brings visibility and glamour quotient to anything. You cannot deny that Salman is popular and he would bring visibility to the Rio Olympics. He is an entertainer. I think it’s fine to have him appointed as the ambassador. I think they can have other ambassadors as well; it’s nowhere written that they can only have one ambassador” Ganguly said at an event on Thursday.

It has to be noted that Salman Khan hasn’t charged a single rupee to represent India as the Goodwill Ambassador.



  • There’s no problem even if he does coz they both are our nation’s pride

  • Salman Khan was appointed as Olympic Ambassador based on his experience in shooting n running. Fair decission it was I must say.

  • I have always said either SACHIN or SALMAN should be the Brand ambassador for rio Olympics coz they are the most popular Indian personalities or they can both be made the ambassadors , it’ll be great

  • How can a criminal b a goodwill ambassador???If it was srk the public will b happy coz srk is a global actor. But selecting a local non actoris a big shame to india

  • Sachin is better than Bhaijan in every aspect (as far as Goodwill Ambassador is concerned).
    He is legendry, has achieved everything in sports and has huge following, not only in India but across the world.
    Anyway, I wanted a sports person to be appointed as Goodwill Ambassador from the very beginning.
    But my actual worry is, will these bhaijan fans will start abusing SRT too?
    I can’t forget how these illiterate jokers abused and bashed nation’s pride “Yogeshwar Dutt” on twitter.
    They used the worst possible language to abuse Yogi, just because he took his stand and wanted a sports figure to be appointed as Goodwill Ambassador.
    Shameful to say the least !!!!!

  • Runner- Bhai, aap ambassador ho. Kuchh tips do.
    Bhai- Bas yeh soch ke bhaag ke me gaadi chalake pichhe aaraha hun. Kasam se gold medal pakka.

  • I Think it will be Better if Government Ask The Repressenters of India what they want Salman or Someone Because they Have to Play at Olympics Game.

  • @indicine.. They will have multiple goodwill ambassadors as they mentioned earlier. They have even approached A R Rehman for the same. They are not replacing Salman.

  • No one is more popular than salman in India. If he doesn’t promote Rio Olympics who will watch that boring sports. We love cricket

  • Dear Indicine.. With Due respect to our hero, Sachin sir will be the second ambassador from sports field.. as Salman Khan will be there as first ambassador from entertainment and awareness field..

  • Good decision, don’t mix the promotion event with game it’ll harm 4 both #Bollywood & game.
    Also, #Sachin is the best choice if he accepts it.

  • Why did they not even think of taking Saif or Srk?
    Oh I forgot, noone knows them outside, Srk was stopped at US airport as noone could recognise him.

  • Why sum guys r so jealous bcuz of Salmans stardom……Salmans stardom increasing buzz of rio Olympic….So whts wrng wth u guys….isnt he Promoting Rio Olympic?
    Come on guys stop jealousing n be Brave……@

  • I dont have any issues with Salman representing but Sachin will always be a better choice.

    Sachin is an ideal representative for India. Entire world respects him. A completely controversy free person who has delivered so much for his country in the area of sports.

  • get urs news right indicine sachine will gonna be appointed as brand ambassador for ioa. he will not gonna replace salman khan.

  • they r doing all this drama just for popularity.
    everybody knows that salman khan is one of the most popular persons in india that is why they appointed him first so that everyone will get know that their is something rio championship in this world otherwise not many people were knowing this. now they are removing him as the news has reached to every corner of country.

  • If it’s for the best interest of the nation India… Then the decision should be respected.

    Am sure Salman will back off if he feels they kind of make some sense. Normally it’s a sport personality that mostly are appointed as sport tournament ambassadors. It might not be in the books or law guided but I think Sachin will be more accepted universally…while Salman can be given another appointment too.

    So yeah am ok with Sachin plus he is a sporting legend so no qualms at all.

  • No one can interested to Criminal bhaijaan For goodwill Ambassador…
    Better they will appointment salman to be Criminal Ambassador…
    #Fasal kerala

  • He hasn’t charged a single rupee.

    Now that is nothing specuak. Most celebs dont charge anything for these types…

    AND most important…
    HE wil get to promote Sultan for free on international level, which otherwise will cost Millions.

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