Saawariya – Multicity Promotional Tour

Ranbir Kapoor and Sonam Kapoor are making their debut in Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s young love story ‘Saawariya’. Let’s here from the lead actor’s their experience, their expectations and lot more about their first movie ‘Saawariya’ on their promotional tour.

Ranbir and Sonam on Saawariya – Multicity Promotional Tour
Ranbir and Sonam

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What are the advantages of having filmy background?
Sonam Kapoor: If I were not the daughter of Anil Kapoor, I would not have got this opportunity. It would have been very difficult.
Ranbir Kapoor: It is written for us. I would have been difficult if I were not from Kapoor family. But there are disadvantages too. The expectations are huge on us. The old adage – Rise is higher, fall is harder – applies to us.

Did you undergo any professional training?
Sonam Kapoor: I had been working with Sanjay Leela Bhansali for the past four years in the direction department. Working with SLB is like going to college and learning things.
Ranbir Kapoor: I did an acting course in a film school, New York. But what I learnt from Sanjay Leela Bhansali while working for him is much more valuable than I what I learnt at film school.

Why did you choose Sanjay Leela Bhansali for your first film?
Sonam Kapoor: I did not choose him. He chose me. He is my favorite director and the best filmmaker in the entire India. I never expected him to pick me up as heroine for this film.

Is acting there in your genes?
Sonam Kapoor: I could say that Ranbir inherited lot of acting from his parents Rishi and Neetu.
Ranbir Kapoor: Sonam inherited dedication and passion for cinema from her father Anil Kapoor.

Did you get any privileged treatment because of your filmy background?
Sonam Kapoor: People in the sets are nonchalant about our filmy background. And we never expected any special privileges.

Shall Anil Kapoor stop romancing on screen because you became a heroine?
Sonam Kapoor: No. Both of us are individuals and are free to choose the right characters for us.

Ranbir and Sonam on Saawariya – Multicity Promotional TourSonam and Ranbir

How did you manage to shed your weight?
Sonam Kapoor: I could not believe it when Sanjay Leela Bhansali asked me to act in this film. I took the assistance of two experts from Hyderabad – Shervir and his wife. They made me lose all my weight.

Did you enjoy dances in this film?
Ranbir Kapoor: I struggled with my dances. But it was Sanjay Leela Bhansali who made my dances appear good on screen.

What is the story of Sawariya?
Sonam Kapoor: Sawariya is a simple and beautiful love story. It is about two souls consumed by love.

Were you nervous while doing this film?
Sonam Kapoor: when I asked the same question to Rishi Kapoor about Bobby, he said that he was not nervous. But very anxious and excited. The same applies to me.
Ranbir Kapoor: Yes, I was nervous.

You look good onscreen together? What is the secret?
Sonam Kapoor: We are good friends even before we signed up for this film. When you are good friends it shows on screen.

What kind of roles will you be doing in future? Are you up for exposing?
Sonam Kapoor: My family left the decision of choosing roles to me. I never stoop to the level of vulgarity. My parents trust me and they feel that I have good judgment. I would like to do both different films and typical glamorous roles.

Will you act in Telugu?
Sonam Kapoor: Yes. I am open for it. My father started his career in south films. I have high regard for the south films and south Indian directors.

Tell us about your aunt Sridevi Kapoor?
She is a legend. She is like my second mom. She did films like Sadma and Chal Baaz at the same time. That shows the kind of variety she offers. She balanced her career with commercial and critically acclaimed films. She is my god!

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