S2 – Chart-topper of perfumes in UK

Amidst stiff competition by already exsiting celebrity fragrances, Shilpa Shetty’s signature perfume S2 is a chart-topper and is listed number 1 in the fragrance charts of UK in less than a months time since its launch.

S2 launched in the lucrative perfume market of UK has proved itself to be the best among its kind of celebrity perfumes outrunning popular signature perfumes of Kylie Minogue, Sarah Jessica Parker, Jennifer Lopez, Gwen Stefani and Paris Hilton.

“It’s a thrilling feeling for Shilpa and she’s almost jumping with joy,” said her spokesperson Dale Bhagwagar, about the actress having championed the perfume market.

When asked, whether the controversy about Shilpa’s marriage rumours with NRI businessman Raj Kundra, who is the licensor of the perfume, fuelled its sudden popularity, Bhagwagar stated, “S2 was already on No.3 a week ago.” “Though I won’t deny that the controversy could have played a role in boosting its sales further,” he admitted.

Describing the victorious fragrance, that has been created by the oldest French perfumer, Robertet, Bhagwagar informed, “Each ingredient has been hand-picked by Shilpa with each keynote having an individual importance to her. It is a kaleidoscope of rich florals with a fruity zest including the scent of Mandarin, Bergamot, Peach, Jasmine and Sandalwood among others.”

It’s a lot of success and fame for Shilpa Shetty after winning Big Brother. Good going Shilpa.



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