Rustom Movie Review

Akshay Kumar has been on a decent streak lately with his Airlift and Housefull 3 doing well this year. He is back with his third movie (not counting Dishoom in which he was hilarious) of the year Rustom. It is based on the famous Nanavati case and is set in a historical time period. It’ll be Akshay’s second film of the year which is based on true incidents. Is Rustom a taut thriller like Airlift and will it become Akshay’s third success of the year? No better time to find out than now.

Story: Rustom (Akshay Kumar) is a naval officer who married Cynthia (Illeana D’Cruz) against his father’s wishes. When Rustom was away on a trip, Cynthia and Vikram (Arjan Bajwa) come close and have an affair. Rustom returns and is furious to find out about the affair. He confronts Vikram, who is killed in an ensuing scuffle. Rustom is tried for murder in court, with defence and prosecution lawyers fighting it out. Is he let off or is he given a prison sentence?

Rustom Review: Tinu Suresh Desai who made 1920 London this year, manages to inscribe his touch into this movie but it eventually doesn’t feel enough. There are some cool transition effects between scenes and he tries to maintain a uniformity. But that’s about the only good or innovative thing about this vapid courtroom historical drama which does nothing to thrill and just like the time period it is situated in, it only takes Bollywood back to an age where the details feel half baked, the characters are sleazy stereotypes and the twists are uninspired. The fictional retelling of real life incidents could have been dealt with a lot more maturely and a flawed character like Rustom shouldn’t have become a jingoistic patriot who can do no wrong. The second half where most of the action shifts to the courtroom isn’t thrilling and pacy enough.

Rustom Movie Review

Rustom Movie Review

Rustom feels uneven inspite of the director’s constant efforts to maintain uniformity, that’s because of the patchy production design, clichéd costume design and bad vfx. The editing could have also been more snappier and the important courtroom scenes feel daft and slow because of the amateurish editing. The music of Rustom is good and the songs stick with you. The romantic ballad Tere Sang Yaara is the pick of the lot.

Acting: Akshay Kumar is a solid casting decision as Rustom Pavri, and he maintains his stoic expressions as the doting navyman who loves his country throughout the movie. We like the choices he’s been making lately, but the movie Rustom lets down the character Rustom Pavri. Ileana D’Cruz plays the cheating wife who becomes a doting wife with a lot of grace but she comes up short in the acting department. Arjan Bajwa tries his best to play the most stereotypical character in the movie. Esha Gupta is made to show her cleavage and her body more than logic suggests but she shows her acting skills whenever given the chance. Pawan Malhotra, Usha Nadkarni and Kumud Mishra all excel in their respective characters.

Conclusion: Rustom feels quarter baked, and the thriller courtroom drama lacks thrill, and lacks uniformity. It fails miserably in the details department and it doesn’t come together in the end as a movie. Akshay Kumar gives it his all but the reinterpretation of such a famous real life story leaves a lot to be desired. It is boring, takes a lot of time to get to the point and feels like a big disappointment. A lot could have been done to make the story taut and engaging. Airlift worked because it didn’t make its main character a flawless hero, and Rustom doesn’t work because of the exact opposite reason. Having said all that, Rustom will be liked by a section of the audience becsuse the basic story it is telling is a very interesting one. You can give it a watch and decide for yourself.


  • Akshay Kumar’s casting and his acting
  • Innovative transition between scenes
  • The supporting actors act well
  • The music is good


  • The details are let down by production design and costume design
  • The editing is not snappy enough
  • Ileana and Esha Gupta are objectified
  • The uniformity that this movie required is absent
  • It’s boring and lacks the thrill that the promos promised
  • Vfx is awful and messy
Rating: ★★☆☆☆


  • Akkhi fans some hours before said that indicine superb review giver they r honest becoz they gave Mohenjo-Daro just 2.5 star.
    When indicine give just 2* on Mohenjo-Daro now they show deyar real face now saying indicine vogus don’t know how to give review. Lol

  • This time I don’t agree with u Indicine, numbers will speak I have watched with my friends everybody likes it many other in the theatre also,at least u have to give ***.people don’t care about the reviews.

  • Me and my friend went to watch Rustom but I suggest him to watch MD and I will watch Rustom and tomorrow vice versa…. Trust me he was so dissappointed he left the theatre during interval and he is still scolding me for the idea.. Acc. to him it was disastrous from gowarikor… The vfx was pathetic so as the actress(pooja).. . On the other hand I am Happy I didn’t waste my money on MD instead of that I watched Rustom.. Excellent movie.. Although it was predictable but the acting the casting and the man himself AKSHAY KUMAR just nailed it…. Some scenes even gave me goosebumps.. Must watch

  • @Javed bro
    it should to me remember you what happen with fan you are really forget so fast your global star film is flop even with positive reviews and no clash and wide release in +3500 screen which is not the case with rustom but still rustom have big chance to beat fan is Collections so you need to wary about raees vs Kaabil clach and let see if srk beat hrithik in the opening like what akki did with rustom so currently akki is at the 3 position afteer salman and aamir

  • Real Review ,we may get later.

    @2016:Mahenjodaro,mahenjodaro already becomes worst film of Indian cinema and with in 3 days it’ll be spreaded all over India and worldwide,just wait and watch.

  • Now i am thinking to go for sultan this weekend again.
    Seriously what has happened to bollywood .very disappointed but still i will go for any 1 ,but my most awaited are now ms dhoni and shivaay.

  • So according to indicine mohenjodaro is better than rustom lets wait
    I watched mohenjodaro frst
    n I loved it
    now going to watch rustom

  • @Indicine, we didn’t knew that there was so much VFX in Rustom that you have to put it under negative rating.

    You should give positive and negative points to things that really matters for a movie…….VFX matters in movies like Krrish or MJD, but i i don’t think for a movie, like Rustom, VFX plays a major role. I haven’t seen the movie though.

  • Indicine you gave wrong review for Rustom all other sites are giving mixed to positive reviews
    At least Rustom deserves 3 stars

  • Rustam has dissapointed me. I think mohenjo daro is even worse than rustam. So it is better to save time and money for people. There are many movies are coming which looks promising.

  • @awad,keep talking things with using brain.taht’ll be better for you.

    FAN affected by IPL season+no entertainment with highly offbeat content and cinematography+no heroine+no songs+starts with KING SRK and ends with KING SRK,but still better than all of advantage of having similar kind disaster movie of your star called guzarish,kites in money as well as in footfalls,now what about that ?,rofl.

    We’re not worrying for 1ST/3rd spot,may it is a big deal for you hrithik fans.WE want only best performances from KING SRK.because already a decade combining,HE is biggest star of all time with delivering highest best performances that your papa’s dependent boy neither can touch his success/not his performances ,remember this.if still that’s enough then HE already beated your papa’s boy once and next time too will definitely thrash as hrithik is coming with a crapiest director called sanjay gupta,rofl.

    Amd screen count doesn’t matters if the movie has no entertainment,if so guzarish,kites,main prem ki deewani hoon,bang bang would have turned into blockbusters,rofl.

  • I waste my 2hours+ to watch this crapiest movie Rustom . What the heck is this .too much boring … ! Airlift was far better then this rustom

  • Watched Rustom Today…

    Want to say one thing…

    Akshay, You are the darling of the nation and Tumhare liye ye craze and love and support kabhi kam nahi hoga…
    Saal mein 4 films and all different genres and make all them.successful…!!! Hats Off…

    Action aur Comedy mein to master they hi Aap, Akki Bhai…
    No hesitation in saying in such serious patriotic roles, NOBODY CAN EVER EVER AND EVER TOUCH YOU… Your performance and class of acting undoubtedly won million of hearts worldwide today…

    We now don’t care about collections, Fir wo chaahe 10 Crores ho ya 20 crores ya 50 ya 100 ya 150 crores, If rest of the world say anything wrong about You, We all ignore them also, They do bad mouth coz, They know their so called actors cannot even dream to give such type of performance… Aapki aisi movie aur acting dekhne se hi sab mil gaya, Bhai…



  • Have watched Mohini se koi na daro. Totally crap and mahabakwas movie. Don’t any thing good except. My head is paining after watching this head paining movie. It was so boring that my family were about to vomit in the multiplex. The action scenes were looking like ShinChan actions and they gave me a headache. Rustom is much better than this bullshut film. Mohen jadoo is more boring than Swadesh and Jodha Akbar. Don’t waste your money. Watch Rustom or Sultan.
    #True Salman Fans

  • Saw it today at cinema, as I expected, a good film, loved it, and didn’t get bored although it was a bit long, Eliana D’Cruze was good in this film, the film was even better than my expectations… still didn’t see Mohenjo Daro, will see it next week.

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