Rustom Box Office Collections: Continues its incredible run

Akshay Kumar’s Rustom continued its incredible run at the domestic box office, as the film completed its extended 4-day weekend with collections of nearly 70 crore net.

The kind of opening the film took and the level of business through the weekend, inspite of a big film like ‘Mohenjo Daro’ releasing on the same day, makes it the best performing Akshay Kumar film after Rowdy Rathore.

Where the film goes from here depends on how well it holds today. Even surpassing the lifetime total of Airlift and Rowdy Rathore (Akshay’s highest grosser) are well within the reach of Rustom, more so since it has a open second week. ‘A Flying Jatt’ is the next big release on August 25, but the target audience of that film is different from Rustom.

The film needed about 75 crore to break even at the domestic box office, so 90% of the total investment has already been recovered in the first 4 days. Rustom will be profitable for the distributors today onwards and should emerge a super-hit by the end of its run.

DayRustomGrowth / Drop Percentage
Day 1 (Friday)14.11-
Day 2 (Saturday)16.43+ 16%
Day 3 (Sunday)19.88+ 21%
Day 4 (Monday)17.81- 10%
Day 5 (Tuesday)7.67- 57%
Day 6 (Wednesday)6.38- 17%
Day 7 (Thursday)8.62+ 35%
Week 1 Total90.9 crore
Day 8 (Friday)4.41- 49%
Day 9 (2nd Saturday)5.77+ 31%
Day 10 (2nd Sunday)6.94+ 20%
Day 11 (2nd Monday)2.21- 68%
Day 12 (2nd Tuesday)1.97- 11%
Day 13 (2nd Wednesday)2.34+ 19%
Day 14 (2nd Thursday)2.47+ 6%
Week 2 Total26.11 crore
Day 15 (3rd Friday)1.29- 48%
Day 16 (3rd Saturday)1.89+ 47%
Day 17 (3rd Sunday)2.09+ 11%
Day 18 (3rd Monday)0.69- 67%
Day 19 (3rd Tuesday)0.61- 12%
Day 20 (3rd Wednesday)0.58- 5%
Day 21 (3rd Thursday)0.56- 3%
Week 3 Total7.71
Day 22 (4th Friday)0.31- 45%
Day 23 (4th Saturday)0.47+ 52%
Day 24 (4th Sunday)0.59+ 26%
Day 25 (4th Monday)0.29- 51%
Day 26 (4th Tuesday)0.20-31%
India Total Collections126.58 crore


  • @indicine team, please make article Top ten Monday collection.
    First rustam aim to cross 120cr then target 135cr.

  • Our very own wanna be ‘Kritik Nipun’ has almost left Indicine.
    But he has to completely leave Twitter once #Rustom crosses 100 Crores nett as per his open challenge on Twitter.

  • Kaabil needs a good trailer, MJD trailer hurt the film. People have lost all interest in Raees.
    Kaabil 150 cr
    Raees 40 cr

  • Khiladi is back in top form thanx to a great decision he took 4years ago-Saying Yes to Neeraj Pandey’s Special26 after initially rejecting it. .!!
    just like Priyadarshans cult decent commercial success HeraPheri paved way for Akki to become a big superstar using comedy genre,Neeraj has revived akki’s superstardom by making him a darling of urban audience who were almost starting to ignore him completely. Modern day bo is very much urban India dependent and that’s is the audience which comes in full support for every akki film now including a Housefull3 even though mass centres hv gone below oar for him now.

    With films like Crack (Pandeyji again ) JollyLlb2 and Robot2 Akki’s glorious run will continue. He just needs to stay away from films like boss gabbar sib khiladi786. Even a hf3 is way better than a hit but only for mass audience Gabbar.

    best of luck Akki

  • It well used two (consecutive) holidays to its favor.
    But crossing the collections of RR is not possible in my opinions.

  • All Srkians who spread negativity to make MJD fail, remember payback is yet to come! Raees will be back to back flop for Srk.

  • Akkians, celebrate as much as you want, but still Rustom or any other Akki film will not do half of Hrithik’s Krrish 3 (244 cr)
    Hrithik is and will always be bigger than Akki.

  • i notice something funnily co-inciding with Akshay’s date of birth which is 9-9. He delivered a memorable 2007 when u add 2+0+0+7= 9 and this time around also if u add 2016 numbers like this 2+0+1+6= 9.Definately working for him , lol! the stars are with him

  • Indian movie watching crowd is changing slowly towards movies with strong story, screenplay, characterization and good acting. This is a very well made movie and the results are showing in the box office collections. Let’s hope the movie makers keep providing meaningful movies like this

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