Runtime comparison between Kick and other big releases

Keeping the runtime under 160 minutes is important in today’s time to keep the turnaround time between two shows to less than 3 hours. The runtime of KICK at 147 mins (2 hours 27 mins) is just about perfect for a big release. 

For a film starring Salman Khan, it is also important to get the length of his films just right. Too short and his audience in mass-centres will walk out disappointed, too long and it might bore the audience while also reducing the number of shows at multiplexes.

So, how does the runtime of Kick compare to that of other big films? Kick comes right between two of the biggest blockbusters in recent times – Chennai Express (141 mins) and Krrish 3 (153 mins). Salman’s last release Jai Ho was 135 mins long.

Below we have a runtime comparison between a few films released in the last couple of years.

  • Dabangg 2 – 120 minutes
  • Ek Tha Tiger – 132 minutes
  • Jai Ho – 135 minutes
  • Chennai Express – 141 minutes
  • KICK – 147 minutes
  • Krrish 3 – 153 minutes
  • Ra One – 156 minutes
  • Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani – 159 minutes
  • Dhoom 3 – 172 minutes
  • Agneepath – 174 minutes
  • Holiday: A Solider Is Never Off Duty – 170 minutes
  • Jab Tak Hai Jaan – 176 minutes
  • Bhaag Milkha Bhaag – 189 minutes


  • A show in evey 3 hours is just about perfect..expect the film to open huge when in comes out tomorrow

  • Jab tak hai jaan Long run time ,clash with sos,2400 screens,salman,s interfairence,Masala period,Less audience genre. BUt still collected 125cr and haterz says bla bla bla.

  • Length does not matter that much. Dhoom3 nd Agneepath broke opening record in spite of their length.

  • runtime of bhag milkha bhag is much higher than other movies in the list..and as well the best movie of the list…

  • Length does not matter that much. Dhoom3 nd Agneepath broke opening record in spite of their length.. Anyway Kick’s length is perfect to watch.

  • I will watch it on sunday or monday….also excited to watch Bang Bang trailer on the big screen!!!

  • Salman fans who hate me should know that i have watched most films of Salman in theatre…
    Recently I have watched Salman’s Bodyguard,ETT,Dabangg2,jai ho n will be watching KICK…i.e 5 films

    I have watched Srk’s only 1 film,i.e CE in theatre ever…

    HR’s 2 films Agneepath n K3

    Aamir’s 4 films ghajini,3I,talaash,d3

    Akki’s 3 films Special 26,Boss n Holiday…

    And to surprise i have watched Varun Dhawan’s all 3 films in theatre….

  • if film is good run time doesn’t matters . see dabangg2 has 120 mins and dhoom 3 has 172 mins and jab tak hain Japan has 176 mins but compared to everyone dhoom 3 roxx there is BMB and yjhd are run well .
    if dabagg 2 has 170+ time then there may be chance of below 100

  • @babaji, i don’t hate u man, i did so just for fun.. If i hurted u then sorry. Even i don’t hate @sss, @loki, @vickram, @punk nd @sahir who always bash Salman.

  • For me Lenth doesn’t matter, dhoom3 is a perfect example, despite 3hr long duration it break the openning day record of ce in non holiday.

  • @Babaji,what about Ajey Devgan movies?? :)

    btw kick is gonna be Blockbuster as most of reviews are giving the movie 4 to 4.5/5.

  • In Malaysia, it is 142 Mins. Don’t know why…

    People can predict anything. Let’s see tomorrow. I have bought my ticket. Excited.
    Feel it will collect 36 CR’s on the day. My prediction. Lifetime 240-260 Crs. I want it to be ATBB.

  • @Babaji Ka Thullu,I don’t hate u. Of course, I don’t like when u talk bad about Salman. I still feel u r somehow sensible though I like bashing u coz it is too much fun. Don’t take anything to ur heart.
    You have revealed some funny facts. By the way, I am 25. How young are you? You have just watched few movies in theatres. And why? Are you too young to go theatre? :) :)

  • @tiger@anand
    Yes one should respect his opponents,but i hope this rivalry continues…if u won’t bash me or i won’t bash u,then ‘MAJA’ won’t come here…well i am 21,i used to watch films in theatre early also,but with parents…and i could’nt watch films in theatre during my core study years..i study now also,but somehow i find time for movies,n i am enjoying it…

  • @ajey rocks
    Ajay is definitely one of the best actors here,but don’t know how i have managed to watch none of his films on big screen..last year,Himmatwala n Satyagraha were disappointments…but i assure you that i will surely watch Singham Returns!!!

  • how people tolerate nonsense films like Agneepath , jthj , bmb ,D3, for such long time .the timing for dabangg2 was perfect also run time of jai ho was good . nobody wants to sit 3 hours these days and salman knows it .
    love u bhaijaan

  • Babaji Why not you watched:
    2.Joker lol i think you are biggest hater of srk ok no problem.but i am not watched other actors movie only srk srk srk. And youngsters.
    But Watched :
    ranbir,s -YJHD
    Sid,s-ek villain.

  • from recent years top best movies are :
    1. BMB/Znmd
    2. Agneepath/Barfi
    3. Holiday/talaash
    4. K3
    5. Ett
    except last 1 all are almost most sensible movies with great direction, i count list only from successfull big movies of the decade, unbiased statement though i am Aamir fan, i loved talaash but dis rating is deserving for those movies on that specific rank

  • let’s see up to which extent kick will go.

    @babaji ka thullu, as expected dye to peoples like you Bollywood is degrading day by day.just look thus moron,how he neared 5 extreme torture,lol and he didn’t also seen great films JTHJ and DON2 still what’s the difference between you and bhojpuris,it’s just the same.again once you proved you’re a jealous SRK haters or you might try to show all big hit of KHANS is due to some flop Kumar fans like you,lol.

  • @vikram, even producer’s figure is 121cr nd u made it 125cr…. Anyway Can u plz tell the collection of Krish 3?

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