Run time of Jai Ho compared to other big releases

With exhibitors trying to squeeze in as many shows as possible over the weekend, the runtime of films has become an important factor to help big films break box office records.

Most multiplexes and single screens begin the day with shows starting from 10AM, noon show at 1PM, evening show at 4PM, night show at 7PM and late night show at 10PM. The gap between each show is usually 3 hours, which includes a 5-7 minute interval break and additional time for cleaning and attached theatrical trailers. When a film is longer than 3 hours, exhibitors have to either start the morning show early or cancel one show a day which results in loss of revenue.

However, a film like Dhoom 3 went on to break all records even though its runtime was close to 3 hours.

The runtime of Jai Ho is similar is about the same as Chennai Express, but longer than Salman Khan films like Ek Tha Tiger and Dabangg 2.

List: Runtime of a few big films that released in the last couple of years

  • Dabangg 2 120 minutes
  • Ek Tha Tiger 132 minutes
  • Chennai Express 141 minutes
  • Jai Ho – 145 minutes
  • Krrish 3 153 minutes
  • Ra One 156 minutes
  • Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani 159 minutes
  • Agneepath 174 minutes
  • Dhoom 3 – 172 minutes
  • Jab Tak Hai Jaan 176 minutes
  • Bhaag Milkha Bhaag 189 minutes


  • Runtime does not matter if content is there. 3 Idiots and Dhoom 3 were around 3 hours long and they are the biggest grossers.

  • Biggest disappointment 2014:
    1. Bang Bang (170 crores producers/ 101 crores distributers- 69 crore manipulation)
    2. Kick (wont cross 150 crore)
    3. PK (wont cross 200 crore(

  • The most important thing of ‘Jai ho’ will be the screen time presence of Salman khan not runtime.Only his dialogues,fighting scenes,dancing etc will make movie hit along with the content.

  • Jai ho is a long film compared to ek tha tiger and Dabangg. Since it’s a scene to scene south remake Sohail and Salman couldn’t reduce the length. If they do then they need to add little creativity to the film which is impossible for them. Salman would make a 100 minutes film if it’s not a copy paste of south film, so that he could get more shows resulting in more collection on weekend, eg: Ek tha tiger and Dabangg 2

  • its just a littlr relevant as far as the opening records are concerned…..a 2 hr films has higher chances of breaking opening of a 3 hr film….

  • Dhoom 3 proved runtime dont matter much aslong as audiences are entertained throughout then its a winner. Plus 3 idiots was long too but it kept audience captivated and recently Crappy Express and Rohit 3 kept audience waiting with bated breath as to what would happen next. I live in the UK but the desi audience here dont mind much watching a longer movie aslong as its entertaining and feel like its more value for their money. Over in India the single screen audience to which I was a proud former member off too prefer the longer movies as for us/ them still it was all about watching our heroes like Salman, Sunny and Anil Kapoor to name afew larger than life. Good Time pass and paisa vasool is important for any films success which some critics will never realise and they will continue to praise boring so called art films.

    Irrespective of the runtime- larger screen count indicates the film will be in with a good chance of getting close to 30 cr mark on opening day but definitely its safe to assume it will break Agneepaths Republic Day opening day record as I expect 25-26cr minimum… All the best Team Sohail- Jai Ho

  • Dhoom 3 will be removed from theatres today,after which there is no aamir movie for a year, i request every aamir and katrina fan to watch dhoom 3 one last time today to honour this epic all time blockbuster. I will also book my jai ho tickets for tomorrow as i watch both the best friend’s movie(aamir-salman) in succession.Dhoom 3 ki jai ho and jai ho ki dhoom.

  • Any movie with more than 3 hours should find itself in problem, whereas any movie with less than 3 hours will float safely…Dhoom 3 & BMB proved it this year…

  • Thats good for jai ho..
    Ett and dabangg2 had less runtime coz there was nothing in the films..
    Lets hope jai ho has some content.

  • I found ETT end a bit abruptly, as I was keen to see how they managed their life hiding, but it seems the Director wanted not to stretch it, as he feared it would slow down the movie, but I found the ending a bit too abrupt. The editing was too sharp to my liking.

  • taran adarsh @taran_ adarsh
    #JaiHo screen count *Worldwide* is a phenomenal 5000+ screens, Sunil Lulla of Eros confirms.

  • For those who are saying it will be scene to scene copy paste, Stalin runtime was 02:48 (2 hours 48 mins) which is a total of 168 minutes so the haters are doing 23 minutes show to spoil Jai Ho. Stupids, atleast do some research before posting jealous n hatred filled comments. Jai Ho will Rock irrespective of whatever runtime. The most important thing is People’s Man will inspired people with a heart touching & thought provoking message instead of doing some Lungi Dance. Jai Ho !!!!!!

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