Rowdy Rathore Action Scenes

UTV has released a couple of short action scene trailers from Rowdy Rathore. The film that marked the return of Akshay Kumar to action films, opened to full houses all over the country on Friday.

If you haven’t watched the film yet, the second trailer features the main villain’s brother (played by Supreeth Rana). Their fight sequence in the climax was one of the highlights of the film.

Watch the two Rowdy Rathore Action Scene trailers and tell us what you think!

Rowdy Rathore Action Scene 2



  • Take a bow Dabangg for still holding a two-year old record.

    Feel sad for Akki. :(
    RR Was his best chance but he cudnít maximise it. sadly it wont be the biggest hit of the year.
    Now his future is doomed with films like Joker and 786.
    Ajay with Bol Bachchan, SOS and Himmatwala has a bigger and better chance than Akshay to challenge the Mighty Khans.

  • i really dont know why these salman khan fans are posting bad comments about other actors-do respect your self and others.
    if it is a good movie watch it many times.and if it is not dont say that it is copied from dabbang and bodyguard.caz dabbang and bodyguard both are copy and southern movies.
    shame on you guys

  • the whole world know that akki is the best action super star of bollywood since 1992. at that time actors like Lalo khan used to do make up for facing camera and still doing doing make to look like real man, but akki don’t need such a things, because he looks like man

  • Action ka BAAP TIGER salman Khan. Box office proves that. AKKI action karte hai duplicate man lekar. AKKIS action is camera work not real. Action KING is Tiger salman

  • who said salman is action ka baap? the baaps are akki, sunny deol, ajay devgan and suniel shetty. the khiladi isn’t called khiladi for nothing.

  • ever heared that akki jumped from 1 building to another for angaarey???? mahesh bhatt was in tears!!!!

  • Akki is the real kind of action. Nothing against Salman but when it comes to action its only akki.
    Check out his Aircraft scene from Khiladi 420 or for that matter helicopter scene from Sabse bada khiladi. I bet most of the other so called action heroes will pee in their pants

  • Even after releasing on a normal day unlike its other counterparts, RR managed to break many a records and still some of my friends here are shitting out bad stuff about Akki. This clearly shows their immaturity. Grow up guys..

  • i think all the replyers are getting mad or i didn’t get breakfast because rowdy rathore is like super duper hit then dabangg ,etc.

  • i waited for this movie from last 7 years,since akshay had not done action for the last 7 years.

  • LOL… Stupid people saying that RR is a copy of Wanted, Dabangg, etc. RR is a remake of Telugu movie, Vikramarkudu. And people say that Akshay copied the moustache. LMAO. The moustache was an integral part of Vikramarkudu so he needed it in RR as well. They are scared to see the ACTION HERO back in ACTION.

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