Rohit Shetty wraps up the first schedule of Shahrukh Khan’s ‘Dilwale’

Rohit Shetty and his team have wrapped up the first schedule of their upcoming film ‘Dilwale’. The film has a huge star-cast with actors like Kajol, Varun Dhawan, Kriti Sanon and the superstar himself, Shahrukh Khan.

The film went on floors in Goa on the 20th of last month. Varun was the first to start shooting, ‘Heropanti’ star Kriti joined the crew on March 23rd.

She tweeted “When the start is so good, you know its gonna be a wonderful journey! Such a positive & fun 1st schedule of Dilwale”

SRK replied to her on Twitter saying “Am glad all of you are having fun. Can’t wait to join you all. Thank you for such a good schedule.”

Kriti responded to SRK’s reply “thank you sir for visiting us on the set.. it was so great finally meeting u :) looking forward to shooting with you.. super sooonnn!”

Varun, Kriti wrap up first schedule of Rohit's Dilwale

Varun, Kriti wrap up first schedule of Rohit’s Dilwale

Varun posted about the first schedule ending too “First schedule wrap in Goa. Thank you Rohit sir and the entire team for making it so awesome”

Dilwale also stars Varun Sharma, Boman Irani, Vinod Khanna, Kabir Bedi, Sanjay Mishra, Johnny Lever, Chetna Pandey, Mukesh Tiwari and Murli Sharma.

The film is scheduled to get a mega release during Christmas this year.



  • Rohit Shetty (big director) + Varun Dhawan (superstar) +Kriti Sanon = Dilwale
    These 3 are enough to make this film a success. Whether Srk is in or not, it makes no difference.

  • Sure flop. Because it is clashing with the legendary Star Wars: The Force Awakens. And its awesome trailer was just released.

  • ATBB in making,waiting for king khan to join.

    Fan should release during diwali as people are most likely to reject Neil nitin dhan payo even after valiant effort by neil,so there should be a film to satisfy people this diwali.

    Yrf are u listening,release Fan on diwali,it is rich in content, it will blow NNDP.

  • Starcast isn’t that huge like hny. It’s like any other film where there’s a number of supporting actors. For example, PK had aamir, sushant, anushka, sanjay dutt n even ranbir and brothers has akshay, sidharth n jackie shroff so how is this any different?

  • @JS
    Even bhai fans know that Dilwale is going to success…and yes it makes no difference what you say …because it was Srk film and is srk film…Your ass will surely burn if it succeed as you yourself cant believe on what you said

  • Rohit is a quick man. He doesn’t waste time. Can’t believe such a big project wrapping up so rapidly. He did it even with Chennai Express. I’m so excited to see SRKajol on screen.

  • Cant Wait Yar

    Fan, Dilwale & Raees

    Eagerly waiting for all 3

    Good Luck Sir SRK – The Real RocKING Khan

  • Salman Khan is adopting the PRDP look on every set picture we saw. Aamir adopting Dangal look. Akki adopting Airlift look. While here our lazy no-talent Srk is coming to the sets in random clothes and no role preparation at all. He is not interested in cinema or acting, just money.

  • @JS Typical hater. Blame SRK when a film isn’t a blockbuster and credit others when it is. Varun but a superstar when he’s just a few films old N Kriti a superstar after one film? LOL. Rohit is a big director but CE with SRK did double his previous films with ajay n even ra1 collected more than his films with ajay. HNY directed by farah collected much more than CE opening day.

  • It will sure replicate magic of main hoon naaa… of the best masala entertainer. …waiting for fun blast at Christmas

  • So according to JS: PK collections are cos of Raju Hirani (biggest director), Sushant (superstar like Varun) and Anushka (bigger than Kriti), PRDP will be down to Sooraj and Dhoom 3 down to dhoom brand and katrina.

    Poor Salman’s london dreams and jaanemann flopped even though they starred akshay and ajay.

  • One question guys after hny people really excited for srk next movie??? I don’t think so.. Varun give us crap badlapur movie…
    rohit sheety SR got mixed reviews…
    I want ans from u guys

  • @shaggy
    If you want a serious answer rather then I will say that I am eagerly waiting for RAEES ,then FAN and Dilwale at the last.
    I have nothing to do with the directors ,other cast ,music I am very much excited because it has SRK…..I dont know what general public think but for me SRK is any movie is enough reason to go to the cinema…..Even 10 flops and bad films cant make my faith on SRK weak and HNY was superhit at BO and movie was average /It was not too good and at the time not too much bad..length was only problem for me….

  • Shaggy – After Giving 7 back to similar Movies are you really excited for Berangi Bhaijan?
    Nice to This JS commenting first on every SRK article
    We bhai Fans Are really proud of you @Js Good going
    Btw Our Bhaijan Gave Disasters With Big Heroines, Big Director, Multi starter Like Salam-e- ishq, God tussi great ho, Yuvraj, May aur ms Khanna London dreams, Veer, And After Delivering 5 back to back BB our Bhaijan struglled to give hit I hope u remember Jai ho
    Please explain this
    Then talk about Multi starter and All :D

  • I can’t describe my exciting about Dilwale bcoz it has SRK he is presence enough to watch film with entire faimly
    last films I watched with family was ce, hny and next will be Dilwale

    1- CE … foolishness
    2- SINGHAM RETURNS… cheat with singham fans .. b grade…
    3- DILWALE…. collection of videos joined together so fast to earn some quick money….

  • If it releases in 18th december or 23th december ????? I will use one ” word ”
    This movie will blacken pk’s record worldwide. Only if they do not release same as hny o

  • We want srk sir to release it in 18th december or 23th december! !!!!
    Plz, for god sake do not release it on 25th december.
    If they want lifetime collection, then they have to release only and only on 18 dec or 23th december ….
    ” no freaking way on 25th dec “

  • ***
    Salman fans : It is ATBB only because of Deepika .
    After HAPPY NEW YEAR –
    Salman fans : It is not ATBB ! SRK is responsible …
    Salman fans : People have lost interest in Rohit Shetty .
    Before DILWALE –
    Salman fans : Rohit Shetty is the biggest director .
    After BADLAPUR –
    Salman fans : Even with good story , Varun can’t give 50 crore .
    Before DILWALE –
    Salman fans : Varun is superstar !
    carry on … what’s next ?

  • * Dilwale box office prediction ;
    Only for 18 december! !!!!!
    1st day: 28 crore to 36 crore
    2nd day: 30 crore to 38 crore
    3rd day : 39 crore to 44 crore
    4rd day : 16 crore to 23 crore
    5th day : 18 crore to 20 crore
    6th day : 19 crore to 21 crore
    7th day : 27 crore to 34 crore ( christmas)
    1st week : 200 crore +
    Lifetime : 300 crore to 409 crore
    Trust me if it happens, anything is possible
    * Now for 23th december.
    1st day : 26 crore to 32 crore
    2nd day : 30 crore to 35 crore
    3rd day : 40 crore to 48 crore ( christmas)
    4rd day : 30 crore to 34 crore
    5th day : 35 crore to 40 crore
    6th day : 20 crore to 22 crore
    7th day : 18 crore to 20 crore
    1st week : 200 crore +
    Lifetime : 280 crore to 360 crore
    * Only for 25th december !!!
    1st day : 47 crore to 54 crore
    2nd day : 33 crore to 38 crore
    3rd day : 38 crore to 43 crore
    4rd day : 15 crore to 19 crore
    5th day : 14 crore to 17 crore
    6th day : 16 crore to 17 crore
    7th day : 17 crore to 18 crore
    1st week : 170 crore +
    Lifetime : 260 crore to 290 crore
    If they so interested in 25th december!
    It will go like cennai express’s way.
    Ce had independence day on its 7th day.
    Christmas has also new year on its 7th day
    I hope this time no film should clash with dilwale! !!! Let srk sir prove his stardom both in domistic and overseas …. !!!!!!
    Mark my words! U have my words …

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