Rohit Shetty on SRK’s Chennai Express

After working in several films with Ajay Devgan, Rohit Shetty is all set to work with Shahrukh Khan! In an interview to ‘The Hindu’, Rohit discusses the film titled ‘Chennai Express’ and how he managed to cast SRK.

On his initial plans of remaking the 1982 classic Angoor

“I know people think I am a great planner. ‘After Ajay (Devgan), now he has been able to sign up Shahrukh.’ But the truth is when Shah Rukh saw Golmaal 3 , he loved it and called me to say he’d like to act in my film. I was thrilled as I was interested in remaking Angoor. It’s a sweet film and I had bought the rights. I felt Ajay was not right for the role of Sanjeev Kumar. SRK was happy with the concept of Angoor but when I sat down to write the script, I thought the film was too small for me and SRK to collaborate on”

On SRK’s reaction when he decided to direct a film that he had planned four years ago

“SRK looked me in the face and asked, ‘You want to make this? Okay. I will produce it too.’ Obviously I was too happy.”

How the media helped him with the title

“The press started calling it Chennai Express and it saved me the trouble of looking for a title.”

Chennai Express is about a man who travels from Mumbai to Rameswaram by train. SRK will not be playing a south Indian character, but the film will feature several characters from the south film industries. There are strong rumors that Rohit is keen on casting Deepika Padukone as the female lead, but has decided to wait till SRK returns from UK.

via SRK Fan Club and The Hindu



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