Rohit Shetty and Karan Johar announce Ram Lakhan: First Look

Karan Johar, Rohit Shetty and Subhash Ghai are coming together to remake one of the most popular film of the late 80s Ram Lakhan starring Anil Kapoor and Jackie Shroff. 

The star cast is yet to be finalised. The film would only go on floors after Rohit Shetty completes his film with Shahrukh Khan. The Ram Lakhan remake is scheduled to release in 2016.

Check out the first look poster!

Rohit Shetty's Ram Lakhan First Look

Rohit Shetty’s Ram Lakhan First Look



  • Good News

    If they cast new Generation then best option is Arjun as Ram & Varun as Lakhan.

    If they cast Established actors then best option is SRK as Ram & Shahid as Lakhan.

  • wow it will be better to take
    ajay as Jackie shroff
    ranveer Singh as Anil kapoor.
    no doubt blockbuster for sure.

  • My choice for the cast:

    Ranbir Kapoor/Siddharth malhotra as RAM bcoz this role was a bit serious one…


    Varun Dhawan as the flambuoyant LAKHAN…

  • The rumored star cast is Siddharth (Ram) and Varun (Lakhan).

    Dharma Productions have also announced Warrior’s remake, “Brothers” featuring Akshay, Sid and Jacqueline and Jackie Shroff (probably Akki & Sid’s father), on another holiday Oct, 2nd 2015.
    Happy for Akshay, little uncertain about Siddharth portraying Tom Hardy’s character.

  • Ram lakhan?
    Yeah dats cool and then after 4-5 years come up wid ram lakhan 2 and create Ram lakhan franchise lol

  • Ranveer or Varun would be best choice for the most popular role of the film, Lakhan. Ram’s role require a rough-and-tough actor, Siddharth would be a decent choice.

  • Oh good.We want our king to play double role in ram lakhan as ram and lakhan and we want double directors also so that karan will direct ram and rohit will direct lakhan

  • ranbir az lakhan nd akshay as ram…nd lead actress..sonakshi 4 dimple role and shrdda or aliya 4 madz role

  • It would only looks better if they take the young actors.
    Had watched once, old one, they should make little changes to suit current generation aswell.

  • ranveer and varun for those character, it would be lyk sone pe suhaaga, both has gud following, btr than Arjun, Aaditya, Siddhartha,

  • To make it a ATBB salman / shahrukh are the best choice…it need big stars to do these roles otherwise movie will not be able to handle the expectations… Ram lakhan was a hit story in 80-90, in 2016 the world is changed…not easy to make it again…

  • Reporter to dp : Farah Khan signed you because you are a star and not because you are an actor…
    On my part, I will do any role for Shah Rukh (Khan) and her without even asking what film they are making or how much they will pay me. I’m here because they gave me an awesome launch in Om Shanti Om.

  • Its a classic in my eyes n from my point of view it shouldnt be touched n not by shetty anyway- dont want to see any flying cars here… No way jose

  • Ram Lakhan is one of those movies that worked due to many factors….

    It wasnt just about the stellar performances of Anil n Jackie…

    The entire cast did a magnificent job…

    You cant just replace Madhuri- she has no match to her beauty or graceful dance n her pure innocence was adorable, Rakhi ji was brrrrilliant- her best performance as a doting mom was in Karan Arjun but here she played the wife/ widow part exceedingly well too and revenge in the end was grrrr8…! Anupam Kher was hilarious in the movie n his comic scenes with Anil rock even today…. No Amrish Puri but Gulshan Grover cant be matched neither- he was a psychopath of a villain n his killing of Dalip Tahil was funny in a twisted way too…the way he passed him over to the other side… just pure villianry…!

    Sorry but this is one remake that shouldnt be remade- re-release it n earn money that way but dont ruin its legacy Karan + Rohit pleaseerrr

  • @sachin11

    No jokers here plz bro

    Its good to have fun but the fun disappears when mercenaries want to cash in on a classic film… No fun in seeing movies remade n completely trash the memories of the originala. I just cant understand why anyone would want to see a modern day version when original is perfectly fine n still looks good on the small screen….

  • I totally agreed with @SAHIR.Because SRK already prove HIMSELF THE BEST for THIS ROLE in MHN.Though there are many actors for LAKHAN still My 1st choice is SHAHID and 2nd option is Ranbir.

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