RGV’s plans Ab Tak Chapan 2

Ram Gopal Verma has finalised the second installment to his 2004 thriller  Ab Tak Chappan. During the making of the first film, RGV and director Shimit Amin had issues. The director had shot additional unplanned sequences which made the cost to shoot up.

This issue influenced RGV to rope in his close associate Sahil Saple to direct the sequel. Nana Patekar has agreed to play the lead role in the movie yet again. When asked about the switch in director, Patekar believed that it didn’t really make a difference as to who directs the film.

Not much has been revealed about how they plan to take the story forward. Saple simply said that it is too early to disclose anything as Ab Tak Chapan 2 is still in it’s design stage.

Source: Times of India


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