Revolution 2020 Movie – UTV buys rights from Chetan Bhagat

Recently, Sajid Nadiadwala announced that he will adapt the popular novel Two States into a film. Now, Bhagat’s latest release Revolution 2020 is next in queue to be filmed.

The novel proved to be a bestseller with 8.5 lakh copies being sold, barely a month after it’s release. In the past, UTV has expressed their desire to work with Bhagat and when the author shared his new book even before its release, UTV quickly acquired the rights.

Revolution 2020 is a tale pivotal to characters, Raghav, Gopal and Aarti and their lives. It is basically about the issues faced by today’s youth.

2 novels written by Bhagat have been adapted into Bollywood movies. One Night At The Call Centre was directed by Atul Agnihotri and the second more popular release was Rajkumar Hirani’s 3 Idiots that mirrored the novel Five Point Someone. Huge controversy followed as the makers of 3 Idiots didn’t credit Bhagat for the film’s story.

The author announced on twitter “Happy to announce the Revolution 2020 movie deal with UTV. Tell @utvmp who`d make a good Gopal, Aarti $ Raghav! (sic)”



  • Revolution 2020 is his worst novel, worser than 3 mistakes…..i knew he would fall down prey to bollywood. Now he is writing novels keeping bollywood in mind. Sad to say that i WAS his fan.

  • nice book i have’nt read in mah life……it should be change into movie……………m waiting for it…………when it will come??????????Chetan-ji…?????

  • I hung up many times while reading this book amusing whats the point in reading further.. as everything is going wrong between the characters.. The way he made the feelings of Gopal to feel by the reader.. thats where he won as a writer. Chetan Ji ..u r just amazing.. waiting for ur next work.

  • Aarti — Katrina Kaif
    Gopal — Ranbir Kapoor
    Raghav — Hrithik Roshan
    Shukla Ji — Manoj Bajpayee / Nana Patekar

    Please consider these actors. It will be a BLOCKBUSTER

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