Release date of Priyanka Chopra’s ‘Mary Kom’ biopic announced!

Priyanka ChopraSo far, two big films were tentatively locked for theatrical release during the Gandhi Jayanti weekend this year.

Now, Priyanka Chopra’s biopic on Olympic medal-winning boxer M.C Mary Kom, has joined Hrithik Roshan’s Bang Bang and Saif Ali Khan’s Phantom on October 2nd 2014.

While the ‘Bang Bang vs Phantom’ clash is likely to be averted as both films feature Katrina Kaif, Viacom18 Motion Pictures on Wednesday officially announced the release date of ‘Mary Kom’, directed by Omung Kumar.

With every filmmaker trying to cash-in on the holiday weekend, clashes between big films is likely to get more frequent in the next few years.

It remains to be seen if a solo non-holiday release is better than a holiday clash between two films.



  • I don’t even want to reply those morons like @loki aka because their comments are valueless as usual. .their comments are craps like chennai express and raone.
    Another guy @rohan,who called me mad, is definitely a mad fellow. Even pc is one of my fav. But i don’t comment blindly about him. Now doubts,quality is always needed for a film. .but there is no guarantee if a movie is good,it will do good collection and that too wid clash! For Example ,queen. .it clashed wid gulaab gang and total siyappa and became a superhit. But my question is, could it have been a superhit if it clashed with k3 or d3 ? ?obviously,NO!
    Hype is always needed for opening weekend figure of a film .movies like r rajkumar,yjhd,ashiqui2 did very well due to hype. .wom is very much essential.but when a big film is clashing,then people will give more stress upon that film. .and bang bang isn’t a scene to scene copy. .it is rescripted by sujoy ghosh. Vishal-shekhar music ,hr-kat are enough to create the hype and pull the audience. . Let haters bark. .i think my comment was genuine. Not like others,who are saying mary kom will be the biggest film of the year. .lol !

  • @navin
    You plz take care of your bhaijaan,and do watch south or bhojpuri movies so that you can suggest him.
    Bhaijaan is in shell shock bcoz his production film O Teri has evolved as a disaster.
    Holiday will surely cross atleast 150crs,bcoz it is directed by A.R Murugadoss and not Sohail Khan..

  • @loki aka
    Who said you that Mary Kom biopic is a great film,have u watched it????
    Keep your stupidity upto yourself,don’t spread it around.
    And Bang Bang is’nt a mindless masala film like dabangg2,ready, has high quality action scenes.
    Krrish 3 collected 244crs,it was SRK who paid BOI for this scandal,so that he can preserve his records,also SRK and Gauri are trying to further seperate HR and Suzzanne,it is a fact,it was published in a leading daily…

  • @fake sorry bro i am talking about himesh,s the xpose trailer not mary kom.i type those comment here by mistake sorry.

  • Someone is comparing kat n pc in acting. .everyone knws dat pc is better and she is one of my favs. .but what’s the need of comparision here. .question is about stardom,hype,buzz where bang bang will easily higher. .
    I know mary kom will be a gud film. .but clashing wid a biggie is nt a smart dicision at all. .

  • I just want to tell everybody please don’t get so much bothered if Bang Bang and Mary Kom clashes because it is not the right time there are still 6 months left for the movies release .

  • This is a clash to look forward biopic with Action film and the biopic of female lead. Lets see if this movie has a solid chance to appeal public.

  • @loki, i think u r daydreaming bro….btw good joke!! any movie in front of BANG BANG will be flop (with good content or not)! cause indian audiences want entertainment nd BANG BANG gonna provide utmost entertainment!!!

  • @nipun What is stardom:p acc to ur point,what about sunny leone :D pls stop ur looteralogic.Vidya’s films earned highest ever than other main female leading,what about vidya.kat’s time is over.

  • haha still many morons are dragging King and HNY in this article…… cannot find articles without comments containing SRk name…………..srk you are great………and dont worry about HNY first clash will come to you and then to HNY(although i dont think so)

  • Y akshay and hritik fan always want ajays movie should clash with other actor movie so that their fevorite star movie will get solo release actually they want ajay movie makes dent in collection of other movies. They knows that akshay can’t even compete with ABCD star then how come he compete khan trio?
    Babaji ka thullu if holiday does 150 then it will be akshays biggest achievement because it is benchmark for him while 200-225 cr for salman and hritik and 300 for Amir-srk.

  • Anyways that Bang Bang is a remake of an originally shitty disaster movie called Knight & why expect very much as bollywood is becoming more n more idiotic n senseless xerox machine!!hahahah

  • @Baba ji Ka Thullu spare us With your hatred and don’t talk nonsense.
    IF thats the case why Srk did not pay boi to reduce collection of dhoom 3 and why SRk do not pay boi to inflate the figures of his movie every year and comes out with the highest grossing movie in every year.

  • Krrish failed to beat YJHD that is the UNARGUABLE fact.
    Top grossers of 2013:
    1.Doom 3
    2.Chennai Express
    4.Krrish 3
    It will be an extremely painful fact for papafed Hrithik fans but it is an UNBEATABLlE truth.

  • @babaji, srk was also responsible for krrish and he made this clear in many interviews and award ceremonies that he was glad that krrish became a huge hit. Hrithik didn’t mention srk in any post and don’t believe news from media. It always spreads rumours for publicity.

  • @Babaji ka thullu How do u know SRK paid BOI, do u work at BOI to know this???? How do u know SRK and Gauri and trying to sep HR and Suzaane???? Have u planted spies at Mannat to observe this????? How can u be so naive to believe some stupid taboild which is just writing false lies to create controversy and sell magazines/papers??????

  • @king salman: let me see.. Eager to here that song after reading ur cmment..

    @Babaji ka thullu: U have lost it… most pathetic comment I have ever come across … SRk trying to sprt HRO and Suzan bull shit.. bro u need rest

  • mary kom gonna sizzle to the fullest on big screen while krrish 3 is the biggest diwali opener n grosser it netted over 240 crores in india only so haters get real n check the figures properly n a worldwide total of more than 350 to 400 crores gross worldwide

  • mary com should clash with bang bang.@nipun,if you could like lootera and BMB then what’s problem with mary com only because it is going to clash with bang bang?

    @babaji ka thullu,what’s the difference between sohail and muruggados,both are bhojpuri directors neither of them are ashutosh or YASHJI,so don’t be so overrate.let’s your mind keep in safe place because this time harldy akki will get 60-100cr,because your range already decided by dare you to speak everytime against PEOPLE MADE STAR KING SRK?with out publicity of his name all of your star will die with starving.ok you want everytime SRK get clash.

    look he every time won and your puny superstar losts to them.they lost their self believe and will not again dare to clash with KING KHAN.

    last thing,Is the bondage between your spoon fed shivering star hr and sujain is so week,that they got separated due to KING SRK?are they kid?even a mental people couldn’t also dare to to talk such shits.with out SRK,krrish3 would have impossible,but there are so much VFX companies there,but their price is too higher than RED CHILLIS,itherwise it wouldn’t have got at least hit status and SRK made it blockbuster so shut your mouth up,it’s shivering roshan family who so insecure of CE’s collection and made manipulation and they got their result-ranbir is ahead of hr.

  • @babaji you got wrong this time, Srk and Gauri separated Hr and Sussane, what a bull shit, K3 collection was controversial whatever figure you take and like but doing personal illogical allegation for other separation is not acceptable. You are few of this site visitor whose comments is readable and having sense. But you disappointed this time. Koi nahi galti ho jati h kabhi-2, control your aggeration dude. @sss you again open you big complan mouth with full of madness thought, getting huge impact of healthy drink, Lage raho lets see how it will benefit you.

  • @babaji ki thullu
    So from now to onwards dont pretend to be a neutral viewer……………your hatred towards srk is clear ,being hater is not a big problem but when a hater pretends to be neutral and then attack stars then it is hypocrisy…………..

  • And Srk paid BOI for lower collection of K3 then why he didnt pay for D3 in 2013,for ETT in 2012,Why didnt pay at the time of 3idiots,gajni,bodyguard ,JTHJ,Don2 etc……………?????Even HR and Suzzane dont know that Srk has created difference between them but one man knows.yes the man is a spy at mannat the great Babaji ka Thullu……………..

  • Yup sharukh even paid for dhoom 3 dats d reaon why boi showing 263 crores for dhoom 3 if not it actually collected around 283 crores
    and sharukh even paid for ek tha tiger
    and dats the reason they lowered the orginal 199 crore collection in to 187 crore

  • @sameer
    and sharukh even paid BOI for showing less figures of JTHJ???????????haha dude then why boi decreases only 20 crs for dhoom3 ,if they were working on srk commands then they should have decreased the collection by 80-90 cr …….also he paid boi at time of CE for showing 208 instead of 227…………..keep it up man these jokes are very entertaining

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