Ravan Release Date

Ravan has been in news for a long time now, both for good and bad reasons. The shooting was delayed due to numerous problems that cropped up while the film was still in its early production stages – the director suffering from a heart attack, elephant mishap that killed the trainer on the sets were some of them.

But now though, as the filming is complete, the makers have tentatively announced a release date.

Ravan starring Abhishek Bachchan, Aishwarya Rai, Govinda, Manisha Koirala, Nikhil Dwivedi, Ravi Kissen and others, will release on June 18th 2010, less than a month after Kites.

The film has been written by Rensil D’Silva (Kurbaan) and directed by Mani Ratnam. The music has been composed by A R Rahman.

Very important release for Abhishek Bachchan, this. He has always done well in Mani Ratnam directed films, Ravan should be no exception.



  • Indicine and other guys:
    let me know that is it religious movie about Hindi Bhagwans , Raam , seeta , laxman and bad guy Raavan or they just use this name ???
    and they want to show bad persons in this movie ????

  • am sorry but i had to say dis. just saw a clip of apsara awards unintentionally and dese Bachans r every where. plz for God’s sake disappear for a while. dey hog all da limelight in every award show and its becoming very annoying.
    i used to like da bachans but m starting to devlop strong hatred against dem. yes ur big people but u dont run or own Bollywood.

  • Its not on mythology or ramayan but the basic plot is from ramayana with Mani ratnam’s own interpretation . i dont think this movie stands a great chance but if the product turned out to be good then only it can work

  • hello… i really like aishwarya rai she is excelent actress in the world aishwarya is a most beautifull lady in the world she is my most favorit… iam waiting for ravan movie when will is come

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