Ranvir Shourey – Konkana Sen Sharma in Love

I dont know if most of you readers have heard about this, but I was quite surprised to read that Ranvir and Konkana are in love!

It so happened that, I stumbled upon a article, somewhere on the net that said Mallika Sherawat has slapped Ranvir Shourey about 99 times in their upcoming movie Ugly aur Pagli (from the makers of Pyaar Ke Side Effects). But Ranvir says she more than made up for it, when Mallika shared a hot smooch with the actor, so what if its for a movie. The article concluded, Ranvir can now expect a few slaps from Girlfriend Konkana Sen Sharma.

Ranvir and Konkana going around? Come on must just be yet another rumor, I thought. But then, on further research, it infact turned out to be true that Ranvir and Konkana are truly, madly and deeply in love and are planning to get married soon, infact very soon.

For all those, who have lost hope in filmstars and their love stories after the Shahid – Kareena and Lara – Kelly breakup, here is some good news as one couple still seems to be committed to their relationship.

Wish the two very talented actors a great life ahead!


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