Ranveer Singh’s fanboy moment with Akshay Kumar

Actor Ranveer Singh posted a childhood picture with Akshay Kumar – calling it a fanboy moment. Ranveer also posted a video promoting Akshay’s upcoming film ‘Rustom’ which releases in theatres on August 12.

“PRICELESS #Throwback !!! My Fanboy moment with the One & Only @akshaykumar ! #9DaysToRustom (Watch this space!)” Ranveer tweeted.

Akshay replied saying “Look at the hairdo…King of Cool even back then.. Now this one even I’m waiting for! #9DaysToRustom”

Check out the photo and the video below:

Ranveer Singh's Childhood Picture with Akshay Kumar

Ranveer Singh’s Childhood Picture with Akshay Kumar



  • Nice Pic….both should have to do a movie together….both brillient and both the most energetic actors…

  • Akshay Kumar is such a great person that every1 loves him.
    It’s very much impossible to hate him by any angle stil der are sum frustrate people’s who barks on him.
    Ystrdae salman khan 2dae ranveer singh.
    Love to see it.

  • Yesterday Salman promoted Rustom and today Ranveer. Not a single star has praised Mohenjo-Daro uptil now. While Hrithik on twitter is almost the first to praise all films.

    From Mohenjo-Daro vs Rustom its turning out to be Hrithik vs Bollywood. Hope he comes victorious. His efforts and hardwork deserves it all. If censor reports are to be believed this is his best film and best performance and film is also expected to sweep all major awards next year.


  • That pic if i am not wrong is the rain song in Keemat shot in a cave with Raveena .

  • Hindi Cinema guys support Rustom as much as you can but you all can’t make Remake of Drishyam a hit. DISASTER ON 12 AUGUST because of its Drishyam Remake content.

    On 12 August , Drishyam 2 buzz is very very higher than Highest Buzz Makers in real terms MOHENJO DARO.

    Same film like Drishyam in 2015 again in 2016
    Same murder mystery like Drishyam in 2015 and again in 2016
    Same one man has been killed by a man and then proves he is not killer like in Drishyam.
    Show a killer as proud man like in Drishyam
    Fooled Audiences by calling a criminal film as Petrioic film
    Fooled Audiences by calling a Drishyam Remake film as fresh film in support of realistic film

    All this are clear picture of so called paid media made highest buzz ever film without mentioning that Film is the Remake of Drishyam. Drishyam 2 on 12 August 2016 in name of three shots ,Petriot & reality of 1959. No one afford money for Drishyam 2 opps Rustom Drishyam.

  • mohenjo daro is only movie that Our national development minister want to have a screening in Delhi assembly bcz of the ancient engineering tech. used in that period …. both director and minister has discussed it and screening will be held in dehli assembly on 12 aug. all ministers of all states will attain … it will be lesson for them to develop better water system that work in rainy season

  • Makki’s promotions wil nt help chustom..so ranveer who is shining after Bajirao is helping him

  • Salman , Ranveer promoting Rustom.
    Fear of Clash with Hrithik
    If Content of Mohenjo Daro Clicks, it will simply outgross Rustom.

  • Ranveer singh is a great actor undoubtedly, a bright future ahead
    After Khans+Akshay Kumar, its hisgeneration to follow
    In whicever decade our growing generations like Ranveer, Varun, Sid etc will rule, then too Indicine will publish an article of top actors of the decade
    Indicine, if Ranveer happens to be the hero of a film and Varun happens to do a 15 mins cameo appearance in his 3 hrs movie, please dont include it in Varun’s Filmography then,even if any private award honou Varun, specially when the compeition is tight and the movie gets an iconic cult status following
    Dont want another 90s Kuch kuch hota hai Lafda

  • I think it’s a promotion strategy also

    Salman tweeted 10 days 2 Rustom
    Ranveer tweeted 9 days 2 Rustom
    Somebody else will tweet 8 days and than 7..till its release I guess….!

    Rustom will crush Mohan ja daru la

    Akshay khiladi Papa’s boy anari…!

  • @ Sultron A Salma Begum,

    Beta, Just wait and watch, Kuchh days mein criminal is going into jail, Have some patience…

  • hrithik, u dont need other celebrities support, we r here to support u, 12th of aug onwards, it will be only mohenjodaro….

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