Ranveer Singh in Bengaluru: Photos

Dressed in his inimitable style, Ranveer Singh was in Bengaluru to visit the Adidas Originals store in the city.

The actor is the brand ambassador for Adidas Originals. As soon as news spread that Ranveer was in town, a huge crowd gathered to catch a glimpse of the actor, who will be seen in ‘Bajirao Mastani’ later this year.

After his visit, Ranveer tweeted “Thank you for coming out despite the rains! Mad love right back atcha, Bengaluru! <3 #RanveerForAdidasOriginals”

Ranveer Singh in a printed Adidas T-shirt

Ranveer Singh in a printed Adidas T-shirt

Ranveer Singh charms Bengaluru crowd

Ranveer Singh charms Bengaluru crowd

Ranveer standing on a car at the Brigade Road in Bangalore

Ranveer standing on a car at the Brigade Road in Bangalore



  • My predictions-
    Both film with Mixed wom
    Bajirao Mastani-
    Day1- 8cr
    Day6-5.5cr(Christmas VACATION start)
    W2-25cr as Christmas holidays
    W3-9cr as normal holidays.
    Day6-17cr(Christmas vacation start)
    W2-68cr(Christmas holidays)
    W3-32cr(New year holidays)
    Bajirao mastani will be below average at best.
    Dilwale will be a super hit.


  • Hii people this my first comment on indicine,i have been reading the comments since bajrangi bhaijaan days and i luv this site and some users and their clashes.I am a huge salman fan but at the time I am honest too,I am not a blind follower.I will support facts and truth.
    Thank You.

    Ranveer is the most energetic of the next gen star.Bajirao will give good fight to dilwale.

  • Bajirav Mastani vs Dilwale

    BM – 200 Crore

    Dilwale – Just about 100 Crore

    because Srk has no more Superstardom
    See Crowd for Future SuperStar Ranvir Singh

  • Ranverr singh D Next No.1 entertainer of Bollywood after Akshay Kumar …!
    Though not close 2 Akshay in looks & daredevil Mesmerizing Andaz .

  • Ranveer is the biggest talent in bollywood
    Ranveer please visit pakistan we love you here,we love you so much here that we will not let you go alive from here.

  • I must say Ranveer Singh has a stupid fashion sense . It is not compulsory that everytime you should wear conventional clothes but Ranveer overdoes it . Anyway let’s wait for BM because it will be the biggest test of Ranveer both in terms of Box Office as well as Performance .

  • From D pics. Its looking like he Iz Following Akshays style of tucking one side of his paint .

    he even ran behind Akshay to meet him in a Style Nd glamour award recently & said he Iz a big fan of him .

  • Monkey in making. Industry was already ashamed with the presence of a Gorilla and now this monkey is all set to continue that legacy.

    Hold on, OMG ! Did I just noticed Syed Ahmed khan aka Hrithik :o yes, it’s him. In the first PIC standing exactly right to monkey, in white shirt. He just stole a laddoo from the venue and now he is trying to rush back to Lalluland :P

    @Navin 01:43 pm : Welcome to indicine ! Hope you don’t have any connection with dumb Naveena aunt ;-)

  • I am from Bangalore. Never knew he is coming to Brigade Road, Had I knew it still I wudnt have bother to go and see him. If this is the crowd for Ranveer then Imagine what will be mass hysteria if any of the Khans or Hrithik visits !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No wonder they keep their public visits under covers !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I just admire this guy. Guts perfect!,@sunny chechi why are you making a fool of yourself posting gobar gobar every article. Are you fag partner? Shut up! RANVEER is a much bigger star than floppy. Don’t praise him with hatred in your mind.

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