Ranbir, Katrina celebrate birthday, spotted in London: Photos

While there are no pictures of Katrina Kaif celebrating her boyfriend Ranbir Kapoor’s birthday in London, the actress did visit the sets of Karan Johar’s Ae Dil Hai Mushkil, where Kapoor plays the lead.

Both Katrina and Ranbir have been spotted in London and both actors clicked pictures with Pakistani actress Ayesha Khan.

There are reports that Katrina, who was recently seen in ‘Phantom’ was shooting for one of her upcoming films ‘Baar Baar Dekho’ in Glasgow.


Ranbir Kapoor with Ayesha Khan in London

Ranbir Kapoor with Ayesha Khan in London

Katrina Kaif spotted with a fan in London

Katrina Kaif spotted with a fan in London

Katrina Kaif with Ayesha Khan in London

Katrina Kaif with Ayesha Khan in London



  • Affair rumours promotion started for Tamasha.

    I don’t know was so good abt Yjhd. It was totally 3rd class movie.. Some catchy songs and unfunny gags, our 3rd world living Indians become happy… Haha.. …!…

    Tamasha looks a disaster though..

  • It’s really getting annoying to hear all these rumors about their relationship.Who on earth cares about Kat meeting Ranbir or not.

  • Ok Jagga Jasoos , ADHM and Tamasha are pre-flop or Pre-disaster movies.

    But guessing he’s not stupid to costar with deepika. He’s
    just using that poor girl to shine again. Ranbir is nothin widout Deepika and Ranbir himself is a poor expresionless boring non-versatile rom-com actor… So deepika stardom is required for Ranbir to give a hit..

    We all know it’s true, right?

  • Adhm will be typical Kjo movie . Same non sense messy head-ache giving films like Yjhd,BAH, wake up sid.. I m not interested in such non-sense like Adhm,Tamasha,Jagga..

    Ranbir , ur time is over. Stop repeating ur films genre,role and ur same boring expresionless face everytime..

    We know u r media created, Kapoor-tag helped star..

  • Abstract-
    these garbage movies like Tamasha are the reason that i feel that movies like interstellar will
    not b made by indian directors till 2100. This is a torture. Now all fat
    girls and ugly girls will imagine them as deepika padukone and will watch
    this movie and turn it into a blockbuster. we are doomed..
    (PS- Yjhd was utter nonsense. A mux of deleted trip videos and same garbage mish-mash. We hungry emotionally saturated people were fooled by heavy exposure and marketing by Dharma.. We people r destined to be fooled. No big boy stuff )..

  • A meh Kapoor son loaded with his medias n gossip news team bulldoze us with flops like Tamasha, Jagga,Adhm. We r left to ponder where to go..

  • Ayesha Khan is one of the best actresses in Pakistan.

    Indicine ? Ayesha Khan have any role in Ae Dil Hai Mushkil ?

  • Unrealistic movie bajarangi bhaijaan.people were praising movie like,this is the best movie in this decade. Those r stupid people n stupid fan follower of salman…salman couldn’t get katrina sallu fans are jealous.

  • I desperately waing for ADHM.because KJO SIR’S MOVIE always rocked the BO.

    finally koyla devgan’s disaster career and even will deteriorate though he has nothing left to lose after giving 19 disasters being the most disaster giving actor and still chases WIFE’S success and didn’t have a blockbuster of his own,this koyla will compete with Ranbir,ha ha ha ha what a joke?????

  • After mahira khan ayesha khan is in the race of acting. Both are excellent. @indicine, is Ayesha Khan playing any role in Adhm?

  • @11:21am

    Your fristrations are understandable Joker Boy…!

    Back in 2007/ 2008 every movie of yours with Kat earned 60cr n became a BB but today without Kat every movie of yours that earns 60cr is a DISASTER…! Kat abandoned you first n you still in a slum you loser whereas bhai has moved onto the 300cr club n beyond…!

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