Ranbir Kapoor will make perfect husband: Survey

Ranbir KapoorBollywood actor Ranbir Kapoor, who shares an endearing relationship with his mother Neetu Kapoor, makes the most ideal husband, according to a recent survey.

As many as 72 percent Indian women, surveyed by online matrimony site shaadi.com, chose Ranbir as the “ideal husband” due to his closeness with his mother.

The poll was taken by over 24,000 Indians, and as many as 63.84 percent respondents believed that Ranbir’s former girlfriend Deepika Padukone was the best match for the actor.

Katrina Kaif received 22.30 percent votes, and Priyanka Chopra got 13.86 percent votes.

Also, 62 percent women agreed that ‘Mama’s boys’ would indeed make great nurturing and patient husbands.

“There was a time when people thought Mama’s Boys wouldn’t make good husbands, but the trend seems to have changed now as per the poll. The poll indicates that when a woman has brought up her son well and he is kind to her, he makes better relationships,” Gourav Rakshit, chief operating officer, Shaadi.com, said in a statement.

“For women, marrying a Mama’s Boy, as it is often referred to, may lead to a patient and understanding husband,” he added.



  • What A Joke! The Man who have multiple affairs and keep dumping them after one night stands. Are the girls blind? They need to choose Salman Bhai for best husband.

  • Ranbir kapoor had so many affairs but still he will make ideal husband bcoz his recent movies has done good but if he gives flops now then any other actor who gives hit will become ideal husband.this is power of stardom.

  • His affairs are only created by media according to my vision…. It’s not his actual image… All these things arose after his breakup with DP and then their KWK episode… It’s just media hyping all the things.. not real.. I dont think anybody knows Ranbir Kapoor better than his real life friends and family.. So don’t analyse him without knowing anything

  • @Meghani,the films starring Aamir & SRK have been sent by India several times for the oscars.Even Saif Ali Khan starrer Eklavya was sent to Oscars by India. In 2012, year they sent Barfi which was Charlie Chaplin mimicry.So they easily rejected the film.

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