Ranbir Kapoor on India Today: 150 crore superstar!

Ranbir Kapoor is featured on the cover of India Today, as the magazine promises to go ‘Inside the life and mind of India’s new 150 crore superstar’.

Ranbir’s latest release Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani, where he was paired with his ex-girlfriend Deepika Padukone, became only the third film to cross the 175 crore mark after 3 Idiots and Ek Tha Tiger.

Kapoor is only the third superstar to have a 150 crore grosser, after Aamir and Salman Khan.

Ranbir Kapoor Magazine Cover

Ranbir Kapoor Magazine Cover



  • At least Ranbir has beaten SRK
    both in terms of Acting and Stardom.
    His YJHD has beaten ALL SRK movies.
    And yes even Barfi! crossed ALL SRK movies!

  • Ranbir kapoor deserve the number 3 position and he is the 3rd biggest superstar today after Aamir khan and Salman khan.

  • He deserves to be below Amir. But Salman? No way. When it comes to the quality of work, Ranbir is a way better actor than Salman. If at all Hrithik should have come ahead of Ranbir, instead of Salman.

  • Now Aamir khan’s goal will be 250 crores while Salman khan and Ranbir kapoor’s goal will be 200 crores while remaining stars goal will be to think about their movies and their stardom.lol

  • Taran Adarsh has declared Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani as an All Time Blockbuster. way to go Ranbir.

  • When anybody talk of bollywood then the name of 3 khans comes first but Ranbir has beaten 1 khan and now he has a very difficult task ahead to beat the remaining 2 blockbuster khans which is unlikely in the near future.

  • Ranbir is a superstar today and the 3rd superstar to cross 150 crs mark in bollywood. As lifetime collection is concerned YJHD is 3rd right now and soon to be second to 3 idiots. In the end of the its run YJHD will certain to take second spot
    1. 3 idiot
    2. YJHD
    3. Ek tha tiger

    But star power is measured by Boxoffice opening, so acc. to that ranbir is on top and as per CURRENT(As per todays date) star power is concerned
    1. Ranbir
    2. Salman khan
    3. Sharukh khan
    4. Aamir khan
    5. Hrithik roshan
    6. Akshay Kumar

    But the end of this year, equation will probably change, so lets wait and watch who will top the list

  • Ranbir kapoor has turned out to be a dark horse who came from behind and beaten some of the self proclaimed stars who has been there in bollywood for 20 years.

  • ranbir is most overhyped actor agree but he is not overrated as he deserves to be superstar as he has caliber to do different kind of roles with ease but still he is not a superstar because everybody thinks that yjhd succeed only due to RK but there is good contribution from DP & Aaditya Rai Kapoor
    DP contributes only for her chemestry with Ranbir and Aaditya rai kapoor become a star right now due to Aashiqui and Aashiqui 2 performing well just before the YJHD release so its definately help to boost collection atleast 15-20%

  • @Mental fans. Salman have no chance to become no.1 this year lol. Only SRK, Aamir, hrithik and Ranbir have the chance to become no.1 this year. Salman is offically out of the race.
    If Chennai express, Besharam, Dhoom 3 and krish 3 take record breakng opening then salman will be at no.5 position.
    Its time to party for mental fans. Salman khan will be at the same position where he was before 2010!!

    New train called Chennai Express will start rolling on AUG 8th. Interested peoples can buy ticket and get in to the train.
    Please note : Medical checking are said to be done.Only normal and sane peoples are allowed on 1st day. Mentals are not at all allowed to be in the train.

  • He’s a true star of the bollywood. From here onwards, he should focus more on the quality and originality, rather than making remakes like some people who has made a habit out of it. As long you stick to these, you’ll raise to top in no time. Anyway, best wishes for you and your movies.

  • End of the year top 5 highest grossers
    1. Dhoom3 250 cr.
    2. k3 230 cr.
    3. 3iditos 202 cr.
    4. Ett 199 cr.
    5. Yjhd 190 cr.

  • King of king salman no one can beat him wait and watch for mental.it will thrash all remaining records in india and overseas.

  • These journalist always wants to make news they got news thats why they are publishing and they will keep as this will end khan era its bullshit
    Means now a days khans are growing stronger day by day first it was hrithik and next ranbir who had a challenged their supremacy but downfall means nothing to them even amitab ji had face bad period after 40+ butb these guys are consolidating their respective positions as salman is taking remakes and dabaang movies to consolidate his position Aamir had a remake and rajkumar hirani and dhoom to consolidate
    Srk had overseas always nt to mention his movie As CE will speak and he is more consolidating his business fields rather than cinema other wise he will be top as always
    But this news will help ranbir career as well now the real test begins with next movie

  • @Karizma stop make un necessary comments your hatretism will turn in to love and you will start worship hrithik in coming days you and bow your head before his success after krrish 3 we will meet you in this platform for sure get ready to bow your head

  • A Sample to haters


    Hrithik Roshan’s jacket beats Salman, Ranbir among other Bollywood biggies’ memorabilia for the highest bid at an auction to raise funds to help special children in Dubai recently

    At an auction to raise funds to help special children in Dubai recently, Deepika Padukone’s red Race 2 cocktail dress went for Dh 8,000; a salwar kameez designed by Manish Malhotra and worn by Kareena Kapoor in Heroine went for Dh10,000; a leather jacket worn by Ranbir Kapoor in Rockstar fetched Dh10,000; a blue shirt and a pair of trousers worn by Salman Khan managed to get Dh 10,000 which was bought by a Sallu fan from Syria.

    A black leather jacket from Hrithik Roshan’s personal collection got Dh 11,000 which was the highest bid for the Bollywood lot. Looks like Duggu’s jacket was the most sought after.

  • all the SRK fans are getting jealous, but truth to be tell, Ranbir is better in acting than sharukh,

    SRK, smiles look so fake,

  • Ranbir kapoor has proved himself by the sucess of barfi and yjhd that people have got another superstar or rather a rockstar in the industry and now film industry is not dependent on khan’s!!

  • typical srk haters don’t know that srk is the first actor to deliever 4 back to back 200 cr worldwide grossers…
    not even salman managed it though having his best time as ready made 184 cr….
    srk is only actor after salman to have 3 continous 100 cr grossers in india…
    with highest success ratio for last 13 years,,,,srk is still the most consistent actor…check koimoi star boxoffice filmometers….
    the only actors with maximum honours and awards,,,
    maximum hits including both india and worldwide….
    his movie with so much negative reviews made 115 cr in india and 202 cr worldwide and with similar reviews akki’s joker,,ajay’s himmatwala and salman’s veer,yuvraj,,marigold etc bombed…

    grow up haters…

    and @ sachin,,i know you very well dear…

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