Ranbir Kapoor Films: First Weekend Collections

The success of Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani has put Ranbir Kapoor in the top bracket of stars in the industry. Not only has the opening of the film shocked and surprised the trade, the romantic saga has smashed all previous weekend records held by holiday releases like Ek Tha Tiger, Ra One and Bodyguard (first 3 days) – now, these were films starring Salman and Shahrukh Khan, two stars with the biggest fan-base in the country.

YJHD is also Ranbir’s biggest opening weekend to date, almost doubling the collections of his previous best Barfi which collected Rs 34 cr in it’s first weekend.

1. Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani (2013) – 62.1 crore

2. Barfi (2012) – 34 crore

3. Raajneeti (2010) – 33.75 crore

4. Rockstar (2011) – 32 crore

5. Ajab Prem Ki Gazab Kahaani (2009) – 23.5 crore

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  • Ranbir was always a star right from Saawariya days. today he has become a huge superstar & a superstar who is also a great actor, which is a rarity in bollywood.

  • Did Salman khan panga with Ranbir kapoor cost him dearly?. Salman had panga with Ranbir long back in a party. Ranbir might have thought he will show salman his aukad when he will get a chance. First ranbir proved that he is better actor by receiving 2 filmfare awards which salman can dream off. Later he snatched salman ex gf Katrina Kaif. Then again Ranbir broke salman’s all record that too by a huge margin. 1st day, 2nd day and weekend record is in ranbir’s name.
    The biggest shock is salman’s most strongest circuit is meant to be Rajasthan, East punjab and delhi. Ranbir movie collected more than salman movie in these circuit. But in delhi, YJHD has doubled the collection of Dabangg 2!!!!. Salman had panga with wrong person?. Now it seems everything that salman khan possess is in Ranbir’s name.

  • now the real test starts for ranbir. now he has to sustain it. a weekend collection of 62 crores is just great. but now his every other movie collections will be compared with YJHD. and any less collection than 62 crores will be marked as a failure or under performed by the audiences and the trade. this is how the film circle runs. yes its a bit unfair but this is how it actually works. anyways congrats to ranbir n best of luck for his future films. lets wait n watch for now.

  • @soroop if Salman khan had panga with wrong person Ranbir then ur Thakur of sholay also has wrong panga with Salman bcoz everything that ur Thakur possess before is in Salman’s name now.lol

  • Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani fourth day box office collection will be Rs.20 to Rs.22 Cro. Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani 4th total box office collection is Rs83.11 Cro In domestic box office collection

  • @sachin11 when did sanjeev kumar took panga from salman,ur words doesnt make sense
    ok yjhd has done a great bussiness its sure nw that there is smone else in bollywood after srk who can act properly.ranbir is just awesome in acting whether it is WUS or barfi or yjhd he is truly brilliant
    so as for me srk hritik ranbir and amir r the actors of bollywood

  • @sachin11. What takur, Dude r u okay?. Nothing will happen to salman don’t worry, abh sojao. Damn some salman fans are mad already. Ranbir effect destroyed salman fans mental strength. Now what will happen if they watch salman’s upcoming movie?

  • current top10 actors
    are as follows
    1-salman khan

    2-Ranbir kapoor
    3-ajay devgan
    4-amir khan

    5-aksay kumar
    6-hritik roshan
    7-saif ali khan
    8-emraan hashmi
    9-john abraham

    agree guys?…

  • Is on a record-shattering spree. Has emerged [i] the biggest opener of 2013 [so far], [ii] the biggest opener of Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone, [iii] the second biggest non-holiday opener, after DABANGG 2. The film has fared exceptionally well at multiplexes and was very good at single screens too. Collected approx Rs 62.11 cr nett in its opening weekend. Breakup:- Fri 19.45 cr, Sat 20.16 cr, Sun 22.5 cr. Outstanding!

  • Why srk fans crying they thought that srk made yjhd and made these collection srk and his fans made these kind of record only night dream so don,t cry and take dream to made these kind of box office collection

  • @soroop & nexus : you guys are enough stupids and wont understand sachin11 comment. Let me make both u fools understand it, he is referring to your beloved king srk after his shoulder injury coz srk was looking like Thakur with that bandage/belt n all.. Now both of u dont go insane. No offence to Sir Sanjeev Kumar a great actor for comparing him with a fake king.

  • All the best to Ranbir.

    He could have easily done so many films, but he picked and chose, and the audience appreciated.

    Good start to a great career ahead, Ranbir.

    YJHD is not a great film, but Ranbir’s star power and act has made it a mega hit already.

  • @sachin11 lol that was the Comment of the week and the reveberating echoes of that tight slap to ‘soppy sausage soroop’ can be heard right here 1000 kms away…! ;-)
    Man you rock and funny how numb nexus also didn’t get the ‘sholay’ line- they say where you find 1 inbred then generally more will come crawling out of nearby rocks…! :-P

    @hrithik Great explanation but I feel its completely wasted on those two retards…! :-P

  • @sachin11

    Still lol at your comment but to make ‘soroop’ happy I can safely assume Salman bhai will let the ‘Thakur of Sholay’ keep his Karan and Arjun…!

    Now Thakur of Sholay can happily live in the valleys with both his Karan and Arjun rolling around in many many flower beds and harvest fields to his hearts content…! ;-)

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