Ranbir Kapoor, Deepika Padukone launch Tamasha trailer: Photos

The popular ‘Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani’ pair of Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone launched the trailer of their upcoming film ‘Tamasha’ at an event in Mumbai on Tuesday evening.

Talking about their much-loved on-screen chemistry, Ranbir said “My chemistry with Deepika is very good. It also depends on the film and the film’s success. I am happy that people have liked our pairing!”

Asked if he is Deepika’s lucky charm, Ranbir said it’s the other way round.

“It’s not fair to label someone as a lucky charm. She has achieved a lot and I hope her luck rubs off on me than my on hers!”

Ranbir was also quick to add that Deepika has grown tremendously as an actress over the years.

The two were seen hugging and smiling through the trailer launch event. Check out the photos.

Ranbir Kapoor with Deepika Padukone

Ranbir Kapoor with Deepika Padukone

Ranbir Kapoor, Deepika Padukone launch Tamasha trailer

Ranbir Kapoor, Deepika Padukone launch Tamasha trailer

Ranbir Kapoor, Deepika Padukone at Tamasha trailer launch

Ranbir Kapoor, Deepika Padukone at Tamasha trailer launch

The Tamasha team at the trailer launch

The Tamasha team at the trailer launch



  • No some Akki fans will say ‘Tamasha will be flop’. Akki’s films flopped this year so they are jealous of Ranbir.

  • Forget it …jo ho gaya So Ho Gaya. ..Better Luck Next TimE RanbiR
    WatchinG #DIL_KARE_CHU_CHE..Song.

    Best EntertaininG SonG Of The YeaR

  • If the content of the movie is accepted like YJHD then nobody can stop it to bcm 3rd highest grosser of the year after BB & PRDP…

  • These young actors should give big hits otherwise future of bollywood will be in trouble, without khans and hrithik roshan there is no bankable star in the industry, we need some dependable and bankable stars.
    Only varun dhawan seems to have a bright future

  • “tujhe toh pyar ho gaya hai pagli….
    par kisi aur se”
    trust me this dialogue will achieve cult status just like the
    “Tum samajthe kyu nahi bunny
    tumhare sath do min bhi aur rahi
    toh mujhe tumse pyarr ho jayega

  • The people associated with the movie, UTV, Nadiadwala will ensure it will get a huge release. If the content is Ok and not pathetic then sureshot 150+. Ranbir is still a huge crowd puller. Finger crossed.

  • Ranbir kapoor rox sureshot
    hit.blockbuster jodi,talented
    director and legend music
    director is enough to make it
    Hit.i will watch 1st day 1show
    in Multiplex

  • @Drishyam
    Yes,we were jealous of ranbir bcoz akki’s films like baby and gabbar is back flopped and ranbir gave a blockbuster like Bombay velvet.
    Actually truth is ranbir has never given a hit without dharma,big banner,big director,top heroine.
    While akki has launched directors and actesses.

  • Some trailers have recently proved that
    it is the content which decides the fate of
    a movie ..
    ex : bb .. trailer was average but the movie
    became atbb
    2. Brothers trailer was received well but the content did not work .
    I think tamasha will have a strong content
    and therfore will become a big hit and of course will crush prdp !!!

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  • seriously what the hell is going one in the country, why same story again
    and again , coz People are not educated enough to tell a new story , and
    for that matter not educated enough to hear a new story, same cheesy
    dialogues same stupid couple. same locations ,same S#iT…..These film
    maker know very well that Indian boys are so single , and Indian girl are
    so full of hope meeting their prince charming which they will never find ,
    So every stupid boy and stupid girl will love to see which they

  • Had zero xpectations for this movie, but still the trailer looks like a bore,

    can’t imagine to sit for 3hrs and watch their personal love life on
    screen. Not interested! :/

  • The opening would depend on the songs.YJHD had one of the most popular soundtracks for a Romcom.But still I have full faith on Imtiaz that he would give us another good movie.Despite mediocre trailer I am hopeful it to be a different romcom

  • @akki srgy:
    All the factors like yrf-dharma, big director, big heroines etc you have are more applicable on your queen. Without them your queen is another jokerboy of Bollywood… LOL.

    @javeda bano:
    All are very well aware about facts. Your chameleon giri won’t make any change….

  • I didnt find anything interesting in the trailer. I think it will be hit at the most if it receives well or the songs are appreciated otherwise no chance at all. Also PRDP will affect it as salman’s movies have at least 3 weeks run no matter weather they are good or bad except for jai ho.

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