Ramaiya Vastavaiya Review

Prabhu Deva delivered two big hits with two big Superstars in the form of Wanted (Salman Khan) and Rowdy Rathore (Akshay Kumar). That is probably why every producer in Bollywood wanted to sign him for their films. The ace choreographer-turned-director signed a contract with Tips and was asked to direct a film for their lad Girish Taurani. And of course, kuch paane ke liye kuch khona padta hai. And so he decided to remake his own Telugu film which itself was a copy of Maine Pyaar Kiya. Remake-ception.

Story: Well, I had to use this colum because films are meant to be creative and show us new stories, right? Wrong. Ramaiya Vastavaiya suffers from a syndrome Ė lets-take-Bollywood-back-to-the-1980s-syndrome. It is about a rich young guy Ram (Girish Taurani) falling in love with a village belle Sona (Shruti Hassan) when he visits India for a wedding. Meanwhile, his rich parents get to know about this and insult the life out of Sonaís brother Sonu. Sonu Sood, that is. This sets in process a chain of events that ultimately comes close to destroying their lives. But inspite of having such a dramatic storyline, @PDancing went for the comic treatment with Ramaiya Vastavaiya. Howzz that?

Ramaiya VastavaiyaRamaiya Vastavaiya Movie Review

Direction and Screenplay: You know when you are directing a film which you have already directed before, thereís not much to get your creative juices flowing, so Prabhu Deva probably wanted to take it easy for the duration of the shoot and just wanted to get it over with to honour his contract. If you thought his Hindi accent in ABCD was poor, his direction (or lack of it) is so poor that it puts Poonam Pandeyís tailor’s poverty to shame. Ramaiya Vastavaiya is laden with the most unimaginative dialogues which try too hard to be funny. And Deva never manages to capture the tone that he had managed to capture with the enjoyable Rowdy Rathore and the greatest TV movie of all time – Wanted. Maybe Ramaiya Vastavaiya should have gotten a TV premier instead of a theatrical release.

Miscellaneous and Music: The sets of the film take you forward to the past. They remind you of every 80s and 90s potboiler ever. The cinematography is alright. Must have been a walk in the beach for the cinematographer to shoot Ramaiya Vastavaiya. And the editing is there. It exists. Someone needed to cut the scenes and arrange it in order. So thatís sorted. The music is apparently a big hit with Atif Aslam hitting all the high notes with ĎJeene Laga Hooní. Fun fact: Jeene Laga Hoon is the first song to get 10 million YouTube views before the release of the film.

Acting: Producerís son Girish Taurani makes his debut with Ramaiya Vastavaiya. He comes across a charming young actor because he has a raw innocence. The girls in the theatre I watched the film in, couldnít stop swooning about him when he was introduced as the bare-chested Ram whilst surfboarding in Australia. Wooh, what an entry! Itís a Shruti Hassan kind of a Friday. She has two releases this week. She did make an honest effort in D-Day but here her performance has been curtailed by shoddy guidance, I am assuming. She still needs to evolve as an actor. Why did Sonu Sood, Poonam Dhillon, Randhir Kapoor and Satish Shah sign a film like this? Maybe because they befriended Mr. Deva.

Conclusion and Box Office: Ramaiya Vastavaiya is really an uninteresting film, to put it bluntly. Itís not anything that we havenít seen before, and itís not imaginative. Itís slapdash filmmaking. If only films were made with a passion to make films and to entertain people than to earn some quick bucks and launch some star sons. As far as the Box office is concerned, it might earn a lot of money thanks to the hit song. I canít for the life of me fathom how Ramaiya Vastavaiya can become a hit, but hey, bizarre things have happened before.


  • Jeene Laga Hoon
  • Shruti Hassanís presence in the film
  • Girish Kumarís introductory scene


  • Everything else

Rating: ★☆☆☆☆



  • Itís not anything that we havenít seen before, and itís not imaginative. Itís slapdash filmmaking. If only films were made with a passion to make films and to entertain people than to earn some quick bucks.
    this applies to most of the films today specially salman’s movies and the upcoming chennai express too.

  • This is what i have told before about prabhudeva
    As a choreographer he was top notch and have a great respect for him

    But as a director he can do justice to only Remakes which were blockbuster in their respective languages but he is worthless when it comes to new script indicine had mentioned right point(which itself was a copy of Maine Pyaar Kiya. Remake-ception.) but i will call it as a Freemake of Maine pyar kiya

    But i hope his next film with shahid kapoor should become atleast hit

    I told before that he is the one who is spoiling bollywood with Scrap movies (Like RV not RR,Wanted)
    He will be written off if people were bored of this type of scripts he better do ABCD type movies and concentrate on choreography

  • Prabhudeva is a worst director he doesnt make orginal films even his telugu film nuvvostante nenoddantana itself is copy of 3salman films maine pyar kiya, pyar kiya toh darna kya,hum dil chuke sanam.prabhu deva shamelessly mixes these 3films story and made as nevvostante nennodanthana in telugu and now he remaked that film with worst looking actor girish kumar the film will be a big flop for sure.

  • awesome movie only haters paid reviewer r writing crap nonsense out of jealousy why dont they make a movie themselves

  • I must say someone should say to prabhu deva that to stop remaking south Indian films and to stop those masala films.Bloody,prabhu deva doesn’t have any creativity.He done remake films with big stars like Salman and akshay,thought himself he is good director.All those films ran because of star power without them prabhu is nothing.so,basically prabhu deva sucks in direction.

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