Ram Gopal Varma Ki Flops

In an industry where fortunes change every Friday, Ram Gopal Varma has delivered 13 flops in a row. And guess what? He’s still directing, on an average, 2 – 3 films a year. Despite all his disasters, top actors in the industry, including the Bachchan’s never say ‘no’ to him.

While films like Rakta Charitra, Sarkar Raj and Nishabd deserved better at the box-office, most of his other films have been disappointing.

Here’s a quick look at Ram Gopal Varma’s Flops since Sarkar in 2005.

  • 2006 – Shiva (Flop)
  • 2007 – Nishabd (Flop)
  • 2007 – Ram Gopal Varma Ki Aag (Disaster)
  • 2007 – Darling (Flop)
  • 2008 – Sarkar Raj (Below Average)
  • 2008 – Contract (Flop)
  • 2008 – Phoonk (Below Average)
  • 2009 – Agyaat (Flop)
  • 2010 – Rann (Flop)
  • 2010 – Rakta Charitra 1 (Flop)
  • 2010 – Rakta Charitra 2¬†(Flop)
  • 2011 – Not a Love Story¬†(Flop)
  • 2012 – Department¬†(Disaster/Flop likely)

He is likely to have atleast two more releases this year – Bhoo (sequel to Bhoot) and the film on 26/11 Mumbai attacks. He is expected to begin shooting for Sarkar 3 later this year.



  • @Indicine

    You should also post Salman Khan’s list of consecutive flops.
    It would be interesting to compare Ram Gopal Verma and Salman Khan flop movies.

  • but his flops are more lower than salman & akshay’s consecative flops and they are still working with the biggest directors and banner and their fans are never shut down claiming that they are biggest stars in the country!!!!!!!

    This is one of my #bollywoodleanings.

  • in my opinion , the reason is not that he is bad director but it is directing multiple films in one year.

    If you make one movie in 2-3 years , the percentage of your success is high becouse you will find a good script , places to shoot , new ideas of directing etc.

    Look karan johar or chopras.

  • Srk had given 17flops nd salman is nly 4 more than him…..bt salman had also given back to back blockbusters nd currently he is the hot choice of evry director n producer…..believe it or not facts for Salman’s enemy bt its 1000% true……bst of luck!

  • If salman has given flops then he has also given 4 all time blockbusters.Even sachin gets out in 0 it doesnt mean he is bad player.

  • we will win, dont worry. have faith in god. RGV sucks and yes salman & aamir rule bollywood

  • sharukh aur flop hahaha sharukh ki flop film bahut kam hai as a main lead and salman khan ki flop zyada hai as a main lead most of the salman hits r multi starrer pehle check karo aur bako, sharukh is the king even haters call him king khan

  • salman is the king of remake, when i went to watch a telugu movie in theatre i saw some one who exactly look like salman but that man is bald and have beard but if he fix hair and remove beard then he looks ditto salman khan, Is that salman khan?, still confused abt it

  • salman khan has much more flops than SRK…

    merely 4-5 of films of SRK flopped in d last decade..
    salman has a DOZEN of CONSECUTIVE flops in the last 5 years…

    and critics,audience nd jury give SRK awards coz he can ACT..
    coz last tym i checked flexing ur muscles and shirt ripping off is NOT ACTING..

  • in 2005 to 2011 srk did 10 movies and salman did 17 films every time he did more movies than srk isliye sucess ratio km hai sal me ek movie koi v hit kra skta hai pehle barabar movie v to kro

  • @faruq your comment is very funnyyyy.

    But if i try to answer your question , i think the theater owners will not allow to release this film.

  • Bollywood’s nanga pahalwan jo shirt faad k muscles dikhata hai abe is se badhiya to john ki body hai

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