Rakesh Roshan gets Lifetime Achievement Award: His story and Photos

Hrithik Roshan’s father Rakesh Roshan was honoured with the Lifetime Achievement Award at the Star Guild Awards 2015. The legendary filmmaker succeeded as a director only after facing a lot of rejections as an actor.

In his own words “I wasn’t keen to act in my own films. When others didn’t want me in their films, why push myself in mine? Direction was the last chance to prove myself.”

His directorial debut, Khudgarz, was make or break for Roshan. He drove to the premiere of his film in his Mercedes, telling his wife that if the film flops, it would be the last time they’d be sitting in the car.

“We drove to the film’s premiere at Metro in my Mercedes. I told my wife Pinky ‘If the film flops this would be the last time we’d be sitting in the car. As an actor my career is over. As a producer my last film Bhagwan Dada didn’t work. If Khudgarz fails, I won’t get another chance to prove myself’. My wife started crying. But my life changed after the premiere.” he said.

Post the success of Khudgarz, Roshan went on to direct films like ‘Khoon Bhari Maang’, ‘Kishen Kanhaiya’, ‘King Uncle’, ‘Karan Arjun’ and ‘Koyla’. While ‘King Uncle’ and ‘Koyla’ failed, the other three films did well at the box office.

The failure of ‘Koyla’ was a huge setback too, as he didn’t have money to produce Kaho Naa.. Pyaar Hai. He mortgaged his house for the film.

January 15 2000, exactly 15 years ago, was the biggest turning point in Rakesh Roshan’s career, as his son Hrithik Roshan made his acting debut in Kaho Naa.. Pyaar Hai. Since then, the Roshans haven’t looked back. All their films together – Kaho Naa.. Pyaar Hai, Koi Mil Gaya, Krrish and Krrish 3 – have been hugely successful at the box office.

Check out pictures of Rakesh Roshan receiving the lifetime achievement award from Jeetendra, the lead actor of his directorial debut Khudgarz. Hrithik was also on stage.

Hrithik Roshan at Star Guild Awards 2015

Hrithik Roshan at Star Guild Awards 2015

Rakesh Roshan receives a Lifetime Achievement Award, presented by Jeetendra and son Hrithik Roshan

Rakesh Roshan receives a Lifetime Achievement Award, presented by Jeetendra and son Hrithik Roshan



  • Congratulations Sir- Kishen Kanhaiya is my fav due to Anil n Madhuris chemistry aswell as being a complete package- every film of yours had something memorable- even Koyla had that fabulous song so it wasnt a complete failure.

    Well deserved award

  • rakesh roshan isbtruly a legend
    I loved his kaho maa pyar hai and kmg while k3 was also a solid film.khoon bhari maang and krrish were also nice film.

    eagerly waiting for his next film

  • Disappointed that HNY didn’t win any #GoldenGlobes. More disappointed that it wasn’t there in the nominations either

  • script pf koyla wz nt gud enough although it has been watched in d tv a lot… its opening wz one of d biggest at dat tym… bt dat wz past, today senior roshan has achieved successfully wht he wanted.. hats off

  • Well deserved award for rakesh roshan… Please sir don’t make krish 4…. Already you tortured people with krish 3…. Crap…

  • lifetime award for giving job to his own family- rajesh roshan and hr. if he give chance to newcomers instead of making childish movies to get huge box office collection. Karan Arjun is his best cuz he never atract villagers by his other movies.

  • Legends Like Rakesh Roshan deserved this award more early ! Anyways, he will just go on making successful muvs & khantards gonna burn.

  • @yuvraj ask the same fr salman to cast aditya pancholi’s son in kick or dabangg instead of making craps

  • Can any dir wud hv mde sci-fi muv like KMG..superhero muv Krrish or introducing manvars in K3 !! I accept he drew inspiration(in ur lang copied/rip-off)…bt he took the risk and gv Indian cinema which ws never seen by Indian aud.

    While all others r busy making south copied craps !!

  • I have watched 7 movies of Rakesh sir! I loved all of them.K3 was an ambitious project, bt flawed! K3 was still better than all d 200cr films expect pk and 3i.

  • He is very underrated as an actor. He was terrific in Khatta Metha. Subtle acting is something I miss these days. Great personality. Great entertainer. Very well deserved award :)

  • Salute to you Rakesh Sir ! What an inspirational story it was . Rakesh Sir is one of my favorite directors along with Ashutosh Gowariker and Rajkumar Hirani . I have read his interviews and he is a really down to earth person . I remember once he said in an interview there was nobody on the set and the set was dirty so he took the broom and cleaned the set himself alone . Hrithik saw this and was a kid at that time and he was shocked to see his father cleaning the set . Rakesh Sir told Hrithik it is important to do your work by own and never consider any work small . This is a brilliant thought which can be imbibed by everybody . Rakesh Sir you rock big time . He is the person who brought Sci – Fi Genre in Bollywood and also brought the concept of Superhero . Hats of to you Sir ! I have seen Khoon Bhari Maang, Kishen Kanhaiyaa, Karan Arjun, Koyla, KNPH, KMG, Krrish and Krrish 3 . I am waiting for your next movie with Hrithik which i have heard is a Romantic movie . You completely deserve the award .

  • He is India’s one of the best directors along with Raj Kumar Hirani, Shankar, KS Ravi Kumar, Rajamouli etc…these guys never disappoint. Their movies have strong content with good entertainment. Krish 3 may be not the best movie of Rakesh Roshan, but it is indeed India’s best superhero movie till date….It requires lot of guts to make movies of this kind….

    Rakesh Roshan deserve it truly….

  • He’s a legend, well deserved. I hope he comes up with a fresh script, making Krrish 4 would take a lot of time and effort and there will be strong chances that people might unfairly compare it with Hollywood biggies.

  • Rakesh Sir without HR- 1 BlockBuster
    Rakesh Sir with HR- 4 Back to Back Mega Blockbuster. Sums it all up.
    And perhaps the only director to deliver 4 back to back BB. Respect

  • Very well derseved.I liked his films khoon bhari maang,kishan kanhaiyya,karan arjun,Kmg.
    I personally didn’t liked krishh and Knph much.K3 was also very good for one time watch but it don’t have repeat watch.
    I loved his films like khoobsurat,khatta meetha.Song like Thoda hai those ki jarurat h is such a gem from khatta meetha.
    @nipun one request stop this bullshit that k3 is ambitious every movie is ambitious for every person if they tried different. KMG was ambitious and krishh also but k3 was only a franchise film and no ambition there to try anything new.Just using vfx doesn’t make a film ambitious.Stop complaining which was deserving 200cr film if you like or not.
    Movie like dhoom 1 were different but dhoom 2 and dhiom 3 were not ambitious similarly other sequals too.Only film which were ambitious and new trued thing were Lage raho munna bhai and krishh for some extent.
    Don’t be offended there are many hruthik fans here but not many were talking same thing again and again like you said about k3 every time.

  • @sky: Hadn’t our @sidcinemafan raised d topic about K3, I wouldn’t have repeated that comment. BTW, I call K3 ambitious becoz it’s risky,rare in b’town and a kind of experiment! It needs guts to make a different and Big project! Ofcourse, KMG and Krrish were also ambitious. But nobody raises their topics.

  • Proves Srk is unlucky for Rakesh sir both Koyla n King Uncle bombed. If Salman wasnt there in Karan Arjun then it wud have been 3 failures for Rakeshji-Srk. Hatts off to Hrithik for having so much respect n affection towards Srk n proving himself as a solid support for his father. Now Rakesh ji is known as Hrithiks father than Actor turned director Rakesh Roshan !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • @Hrithik my hero : I like HR too but have been noticing you bashing Salman almost on every article. Stop instigating fan wars else Salman fans knows how to give tit for a tat !!!!!!!!!!! Dont force us to bash Hrithik.

  • outstanding producer and director in entire bollywood industry sir really deserve for this award
    i m still for next superhero chain..

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