Rakesh Roshan completes 50 years in the industry

Industry veteran Rakesh Roshan has completed 50 years in the Indian Film Industry. His son and superstar Hrithik Roshan, celebrated the journey of one of the industry’s most successful directors.

“Celebrating 50 years of dad’s journey in cinema. But he’s in office working towards 100. Thanks dad, for setting the impossible example for us. We love you papa,” Hrithik said, attaching the below picture:

Rakesh Roshan completes 50 years in showbiz, Hrithik celebrates

Rakesh Roshan completes 50 years in showbiz, Hrithik celebrates

Rakesh Roshan made his acting debut in the 1970 film ‘Ghar Ghar Ki Kahani’. He was also seen in several other films including popular ones like ‘Khatta Meetha’ and ‘Khoobsurat’.

But the turning point in Roshan’s career came when he turned director in the 1987 film ‘Khudgarz’. He went on to direct films like ‘Khoon Bhari Maang’, ‘Karan Arjun’ before launching his son, Hrithik, in the 2000 blockbuster ‘Kaho Naa… Pyaar Hai’.

After launching Hrithik, there was no looking back for either Roshan or their banner Filmkraft Productions that has now delivered blockbusters like ‘Koi… Mil Gaya’, ‘Krrish’ and ‘Krrish 3’.



  • Ironic that Jadoo boy said his papa Jadoo ji is working towards 100 bcoz after manipulating Jadoo 3s kollections by a huge 50cr papa is working hard in manipulating the next Jadoo films kollections by a massive 100cr…!

  • He set a record in btown which only he himself can break which is manipulating a films kollections by 50cr…!

  • Congratulations.
    He has records in his credit too:
    -Karan Arjun-Record opener, 1st film above 75 lakhs opening
    -Koyla-Record opener, 1st film to break almost 2 year long record of Trimurti(another Shah Rukh Khan starrer), 2nd film to cross 1cr opening day. With this SRK had 3 record openers in 2 years(KA, Trimurti, Koyla) out of which this man had directed 2.
    -KNPH- HGOTY, crossed 3cr footfalls.
    -Krissh-2: Record opener

  • Guest post from Pakistan

    Rakesh poorest decision was to clash with raees. I have analysed the clash scenario of up coming Jab harry met sajjal and Toilet.
    * JHMS if release in normal weekend =127 crore TEPK = 125 Crore Combine total for industry = 252 Crore .
    * SRK made a good decision to release on 11 aug so JHMS life time increased by 22 crore to 149 Crore and Industry total= 274 Crore
    * But then akshay made a foolish decision by clashing on 11 august JHMS= 118 Crore TEPK = 100 Crore total =218 Crore loss to industry = 56 crore
    * But again SRK showed wisdom and move to 4 August Now JHMS = 131 Crore TEPK = 128 Crore Total= 259 Crore Loss to industry recovered by = 41 Crores .
    * Still loss to industry = 15 Crore
    * Rakesh did what akshay is doing . Paying public will exaust in first week August after getting monthly pay and in second week Toilet will suffer.
    * These prediction are based on my model that takes in to account Holidays/Partial Holidays impact on 7 August 14 August 15 August 17 August 2017.
    * I used mixed trend for JHMS and Good word of mouth for toilet. But if JHMS clicks like Jab we met then Toilet will suffer more like Chennai express Vs Once upon a time,

  • Super Successful Director we have right now.
    only Rajkumar Hirani and Rakesh Roshan are the best Director which connects to large numbers of audiance. The way they show the script on Bigscreen always have a repeat value.

  • He has accomplished many milestones except growing hair on his bald in last 50 years..though it continues shines as his carrier graph in Bollywood

  • The Director who had given Blockbuster in 80’s , 90’s decade and 00’s 10’s Decade too , Congratulations to one of the best Filmmaker and the one who really knows the pulse of Audience and change according to the time.
    Ge took some big Risks..

    Make a Heroine Oriented Movie KHOON BHARI MAANG and made it SuperHit

    During KNPH ,he said to his wife it can be our last Car Ride ,if the Movie doesn’t get a Good Response ,It was a Huge Risk but KNPH become one of the most Successful Movie of Bollywood

    Introduced Bollywood with SciFi Koi Mil Gaya and Hrithik’s Acting take the movie to another level and Become one of the most Loved Movie of Indian Cinema.

    Give India it’s First Own Superhero KRRISH and Successfully taking the franchise Ahead and it’s the only Superhero Movie which is successful in India .

    Now waiting for Ur KRRISH 4 tho K3 was Okayish Movie not VGood but hope u have learned from it and Make KRRISH 4 HUGE and take Indian Cinema to new Heights

  • Only bollywood filmmaker who dares to take risk. Only sucessful director/producer in sci-fi genre. In 2009 made Internationdl movie ( Kites ) at a massive budget when other were bg copying south masala.
    Only mistake he made is , he easily let go script of Bajrangi Bhaijjan when he was offered it becsuss of profit sharing issue. Otherwise it would have been landmark in Hrithik’s career.
    Waiting For Krrish4

  • has hrithik taken retirement for good..i think he should only do movies directed by his father..in that way he can prolong his career otherwise we have to jhelo movies like Mjo,guzaarish,bang bang and so on

  • Only request is to keep original script. Krissh which had original script was amazing. Where as Krissh 3 with ads n copied script was not upto the mark. I believe Rakeshji can create great original content. Good luck for Krissh 4 n future movies. Hope to see many more movies in Krissh franchise.

  • so ?? nachey kyaa ?? manipulation king ka koi bhi achievement celebrate karna paap hai paap..! but rspect hrithik though..!

  • This has been an amazing journey which started from acting and blossomed with direction . In the last few years he has been severely criticised on Social Media . But that does not change one thing . He has been one of the most filmmakers in the last 2 decades with Karan Arjun, Kaho Na Pyaar Hai, KMG, Krrish and Krrish 3 . I hope he makes K4 with the same conviction which was seen in KMG and Krrish . They are a terrific combo and I hope they succeed everytime . Cheers !!!!!!!

  • A man who know”s Indian pulse.. but total dishonest person since krrish 3.. very bad for such veteran legend.. hope he clears his mistakes of fake collection in future

  • A man who knows Indian pulse.. but recently turned dishonest… very bad for such veteran legend… hope he clears his mistake of faking film collection just to earn some fame

  • All the reputation, all the respect, all the honour…..came crumbling down in the end after locking horns with The King.

  • Hrithik has crashed. SRK has crashed. Salman also crashed. Akki rulz. Akshay is in top 2. Hrithik is no match for Akshay

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