Rakesh and Hrithik Roshan to give 15 lakhs to dead firefighter’s family

Hrithik Roshan and his father Rakesh Roshan will be handing over a cheque of Rs 15 lakh as compensation to the family of Nitin Ivalekar, who tragically lost his life while trying to douse the fire at Lotus Business Park in Andheri (West), Mumbai. 

The Roshans own five floors on the building that caught fire on Friday and two of them were affected. While there were no casualties inside the building, one brave firefighter was killed and several other firefighters were injured in the incident.

“At a meeting held on Saturday, it was decided by all members that we would reach out to the family of this brave fireman. We will soon hand over a cheque of Rs 15 lakh to his family.” Rakesh Roshan was quoted as saying to Mid-day.

Roshan also added that the 22nd floor of the building was completely destroyed by the fire and would remain sealed for the next few weeks.

The incident took place a day after Hrithik returned to India after completing the final shooting schedule of his upcoming film Bang Bang.



  • Hrithik is very sweet brilliant initiative
    RIP brave man you fought hard.
    And yes I am the original dark boy rises

    • @sss, one of the reasons why most of your comments get deleted is because you hate for no reason. It’s a kind gesture from the Roshans. The building authorities and the government should compensate the family of the dead firefighter. The Roshans didn’t have to, but they did.

  • @sss u r a human being so plzzz comment like a human.Its not about money its about humanity.

  • @megha do u remember that 3 days back I had asked u to b part of a social experiment where v will check humpty sharma’s 2nd weekend collection to gauge whether it has been rejected(according to u )or accepted (according to me)by the audience??
    Humpty 2nd weekend:-
    10 days collection-66.5cr

  • Nice gesture but shouldn’t the government/ fire authorities be doing this themselves…? Hope they dont step back and think “let Roshans pay and we dont have too…” etc etc

    As for Roshans- fair play n respexXxXx

  • Condolences to the Firefighter and may he RIP.
    But shame on the Roshans for lack of proper safety and 15 lakhs is not a price of human life lost.
    Even 244 -180= 64 cr.

  • @Loki Hey man what are u saying don’t u see the good work that is being done by Roshans. At least on this page don’t say anything negative…..Pls.

  • @sss nd @loki, if our king was there in the place of roshans then he must hav given 150 crore minimum.

  • Apart from a talented actor he is a great human being . It is such a positive sign of humanity that they have decided to help the family of the brave Firefighter . I just want to request all the the haters of Hrithik it does not matter you like Hrithik or not but i just cannot understand even in such a tense situation how can you people say such things . Please post sensible comments and if you can’t then please stay away from this page . Good job Hrithik and Rakesh sir may God bless you both of you . From the past one year Hrithik is having a bad time : Brain Surgery last July while performing a stunt, Separation with Wife, Criticized by some cynics for manipulating K3 box office collections, Losing the custody of Kids and Opting out of Shhuddhi . After such a bad phase HR will be bounce back like a true champion . Famous line by Muhammad Ali in his autobiography : A sign of a true champion is that he can deliver a knockout punch when he is about to fall . Haters always underestimate Hrithik so definitely he will deliver a Knockout Punch with Bang Bang and will emerge as a winner as always . HR # Respect .

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