Rajnikanth’s Kochadaiyaan to clash with Krrish 3?

In an announcement that could severely dent the business of Hrithik Roshan’s superhero film Krrish 3 in the Tamilnadu / Kerala circuit, the makers of Tamil superstar Rajnikanth’s Kochadaiyaan are likely to announce the release date of their much-awaited film soon.

Industry sources say, the long-delayed film is expected to release on Friday, November 1st 2013 – two days before Krrish 3 hits theatres on November 3rd.

Deepika Padukone’s presence in Kochadaiyaan could also attract the non-Tamil section of the audience, as the film will be dubbed and released in various languages like Hindi, English, Telugu and Malayalam.

Made on a budget of around Rs 125 crore, Kochadaiyaan will be Rajnikanth’s first release in 3 years.

Kochadaiyaan Poster

Kochadaiyaan Poster




    • @nolaniitjee – Rajnikanth is too big in the South to even think about postponing his film. As for Krrish, its again too big a film to get affected. Rajnikanth’s following outside Tamilnadu, Kerala, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh is limited, and these are relatively smaller markets for Hindi films.

      @DSF and Anup, yes wikipedia has quoted the budget as 125 crores. Most news websites have also quoted the same figure. Producer is Sunil Lulla.

      More info – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kochadaiyaan

  • 125 cr budget……?

    Who is the producer of the movie?

    Aur Deepika Rajnikant ki Beti ka role kar rahi hai kya….?

  • It will affect k3 in down south only. .rajnikant is like a god for south indian. .
    But k3 is a big movie of 2013 ,so we cann’t say anything. .
    But k3 ko blockbuster hona hi hai. . .
    Finger crossed for k3. .:(

  • will affect the business of krrish in south and some parts of overseas market. but business of krrish 3 will be so huge, those effects will go noticed. and Kochadaiyaan is a motion capture movie. so there are chances that it will not go well with rajni fans.

  • krrish will be destroyed!!!!!!
    I m sure RAJNI sir will destroy krrish not only in south and other indian regions but overseas tooo!!!!!
    now, god save krrish

  • krissh-3 promo is crap….vivek dialogue delievery as bad as akki…in south kochadiyaan wil mince meat krissh-3….

  • Just for fun.
    I am studying in fsc medical and will do mechanical engineering and want to take job in mba accounting so i can fullfill my dream of becoming photographer and show all the world my acting talent. Inshort i want to become rajnikanth.

  • oh haters, fans se pehle hi pahunch gaye negative comments karne k lie ??? well all these stupid pathetic haters want bad for krrish 3, i would suggest you all to care about your own stars, whats your porblem with krrish 3 ?? its the most awaited film of the year and is a biggie, they know what they are doing, just see what kind of response its trailer is garnering, you haters can try as much to bring down hrithik but hrithik will keep shinning. such morons you people are. and i don’t think they will deliberately clash, clashes are not good for both films, so kochadaiyaan might shift to dussera as it will be the most perfect release period for it.

  • Now it affect k3 business mostly south and ovesease because rajni sir is the god of south and 2nd popular actor after srk in ovesease. But k3 do great bussiness in domestic because k3 will get widest release but deepika factor may affect in domestic too who is ruling btown dis year with the biggest grosser of 2013 ce,yjhd and race2, lets see what happen.

  • Rajnikanth is back…..salman told dat his dabangg film vl be postponed if rajni sir Robot vl released on same date……den hrithik is nt equal to nail of rajanikanth sir

  • @indicine.com, so eros international is producer but eros is also the distributors for krrish 3, how come eros will let both films clash or release in the same period ?? please answer !!!

  • It may dent k3 business in south
    But on the other hand with all due respect kochidayan will be wiped from rest of india

  • what is so big abt krissh-3? superhero saves world against strong villian with graphics! WOW smooches heriones and fly in air what crap…grow up psuedos….

  • Not in any case kochaidayan will affect krrish……..krrish 3 is too big film….south is a limited market for Hindi films….but yes krrish 3 will destroy rajni film very badly…..trailer ne jab saare record tod diye to film ko aane do….faad degi box office……buzz is so high already….highest views….highest likes….wat do u want more….rajni God hoga south me..lekin Greek God to hrithik h…..I m sure rajni will shift his film if he want to save it….

  • It’s harder to stay at the top then to reach there…

    Rajni sir shd not jst throw away his god status by committing this harakiri…

  • its just anews nothing official and trust me this will not happened because in simple words Eros is the company that will distibute both film so no way they will release both film in the same date even in general

    in infia no clash at all because it adifferent type of people for both film only in overseas will be abig battle but as i said this will not happened

  • WTF!!!
    I can see so many haters here commenting against hrithik. .but
    They should know that it’s hrithik and krissh3,the most awaited movie of 2013.
    Hard work never goes unanswered. .
    Krrish 3 has to be bb,and it would be a mega blockbuster. .
    @sumeet:agreed with you bro. .

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