Rajkumar Hirani’s next – Munnabhai Chale Amerika

Trailer added below.

Before 3 Idiots, director Rajkumar Hirani had planned to make Munnabhai Chale Amerika. Even the trailer of the film was released, but the director then decided to take a break from the Munnabhai series and went on to make 3 Idiots.

Now after the release and super-success of 3 Idiots, Hirani has started working on the script of the third part, in the much-loved Munnabhai series of films “Munnabhai Chale Amerika is currently in its scripting stage, once the script is complete we will finalize the cast for the other characters.”

Sanjay Dutt and Arshad Warsi are quite obviously confirmed to play Munnabhai and Circuit.

Munnabhai Chale Amerika Trailer below




  • This trailor was released long back…;) and d jokes wer 2 kiddish.. `ve been hearin these jokes from my school days..;)

    “Principal just passed away”
    “Principal is under- standing”
    “take a round bottom flask of any shape and put potassium permanganate of any colour”
    “open the windows , let air force come in”
    so so many…

  • dont knw about the third installment . i thik sanju is looking too old and fatty in blue and all the best , i think he should scrap the movie becoz i dont think any 1 else can play that role so well and he doesnt look that good now

  • i watched this trailer in 2007 so now it is 2010 may be movie will release this yr late or next yr early, in the promo sanjuu baba looks good but it is 3 yrs old , when they will shoot now then he will look old so he has to maintain his body …
    this promo is not from the movie it is just introduction that movie is this type.
    i think it is first movie which released its promo 3 yrs before to shoot movie..

  • guys, i just read somewhere that in hera pheri 4 akshay kumar and paresh rawal might not do it becoz of date problems….and if date problem occurs then sanjay dutt and nana patekar would replace them…..what do u have indicine?

  • @Aman– ya dude it came in etc n zing… and hera pheri without akshay n paresh is a major let down. so dont think makers will replace them..;)

  • I like munna bhai series but i think this treiler is just 4 a promotion, it is not part of the film. What did u think about it Indicine & others? Bcos i didnt hear d time when they start shooting, b/4 we come to trailer n i saw it since 2007 like what Nauman said.

  • How long this Dam move will take to finish .it’s been more then for years now.
    and there is no sing of this film.
    is it really under production ore just bullshitting.

  • Dear All,
    Never underestimate Hirani.He always gives us gr8 surprise.So plz beleive on him.
    And wait for a movie release.But my friend it is dam sure whenever his movie release
    its gives a gug smile on ur face as well as gr8 satisfaction.So my request is that plz
    dnt follow promo just w8 for movie release.

  • Sanju will look too old now. Aamir & Sharman Joshi r the best choice i guess. And we all know that aamir is a magician. he can continue to good work which sanju has done with this franchise.

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