Rajkumar Hirani admitted to hospital after fracturing his jaw

One of Bollywood’s most successful directors, Rajkumar Hirani, was admitted to the Lilavati Hospital in Mumbai on Tuesday after falling off a bike.

The director of films like Munnabhai MBBS, 3 Idiots and PK, has suffered a minor fracture on his jaw.

“He fell on his chin and suffered a minor fracture on his jaw. He may not need a surgery” said Dr Jalil Parker, who is treating Hirani at Lilavati Hospital in Bandra.

TOI reports that the incident occurred at Pali Hill, Bandra, where Hirani and his team were working in their studio. He was trying out a colleague’s new bike and skidded while turning around. As he started bleeding from his ears, doctors were worried about internal brain haemorrhage. An assessment cleared the doubt, but he has a jaw fracture that should heal within a few weeks.



  • Many people are actually dying by starving, and farmers are doing suicide…why don’t you report them?. You are a movie website..just stick to it and not their personal details.

  • Rajkumar hiran n ss rajmouli 2 directors. …dont need star to make superhits…..no doubt biggest director of india followed by shankar…..

  • Rajkumar Hirani is a gem of a director and a great human being . I hope he recovers from this injury as quickly as possible . He has given brilliant movies like Munnabhai MBBS, Lage Raho Munnabhai and 3 Idiots . I did not like PK very much . I am damn sure he can give a solid movie after 3 Idiots . He is planning to make a Biopic on Sanjay Dutt who is a very close friend of Hirani . Sanjay has given some amazing performances such as Vaastav, Khalnayak, Saajan, Mission Kashmir, Munnabhai Series and Agneepath . I don’t think Ranbir can justify the personality of Sanju Baba . Right now Hirani and Abhijat Joshi are working on the script of the movie . I hope the Hirani will once again make a mindblowing movie which will be loved by audiences as well as be a Box Office success . If Ranbir is confirmed for this movie then he has to build a muscular physique because Sanjay was bulky before going to Jail . Get Well Soon Maamu .

  • Thank god its a minor injury… we want his brain safe.. it will be a loss to all of us if something happens to this man’s Brain..

  • @Syed : Why don’t you complain Indicine when they post same about Srk like Srk flying abroad, Srk returns to India, Srk celebrating 13th anniversary of his movie, Srk detained at US airports, Srk thanks xyz on tweeter ??? Now what you call this ?? Isn’t it hypocrisy ???

  • @ syed- where were you at the time of srk’s spot boy death article? peoples are intrested in personal life of persons related to cinema.

  • Only Director and Writer to give 4 cult masterpieces out of a total of 4 films he has made.
    Best Director in India!
    Get well soon, paaji!

  • Get well soon SIR.
    Waiting for your next movie.

    @rajesh kulkarnikulkarni OMG effect, curse the god and the earthquake happen.

  • Get well soon.feeling bad if anyone will comes across such indicidents.though he shouldn’t have mock HINDU GODS,looking at his caliber he could have done far better script than just a below average script like pk ,but he’ll realise why he have done films like pk because many one would have curse him which may have subjected him to this extent,though he should get recover and cure soon.

    @syed,no need to write this type of ashamed comments,as any film fraternity related person’s news should be published ireespective of big stars,that’s why @indicine differentiate from other sites.

    @hrithik,get well soon from KING SRKPHOBIA.@indicine knew very well peoples across GLOBE wants to know every fact about THE KING,so they are not fools like you to stick with desi ganwar stars by ignoring GLOBAL MEGASTAR.

    many salman fans too upset with hirani.they knew very well it’s not the part of their star’s ability to break the record set by Hirani.

    His film LRMB feel my heart with deep respect for him while the same he lost that respect from my heart after made a crap like pk.

  • @rajesh kulkarni…
    why dnt u thank hirani for speakimg on bad thimgs on.our religion… n try to make it bettr ..trying to create awareness… is it wrng to mke people think logically… n hit on godman who are corrupting hindutva.
    BUT FACT is ur a dumb moron who dnt even undrstand wat is hindutva…
    stupids lk u dnt evn undrstand diffrence between religion and its practices…for u babas… momey earning temples r religion n those eho speak against it is wrng…
    anothr thinkimg of u must be why pk target only hindus…n bla bla…
    well u must think it as great practice to restore faith in our own religion n only hindus hav tht ability to accept truth …accept criticism n get bettr..
    anothr thing about pathetics lk u.
    u mostly r communal…
    modtly bjp supporter…
    modu bhakts…
    u abuse gandhi nehru… n u have compleate own created histry of how they ruin india. .
    ur nathuram godse admirers….
    so…u n othr bhakts…plz grow up…
    n admire biggest grosser ever…

  • The one upcoming film I am eagerly waiting too see is Munnabhai’s next film. I love too much both Munnabhai films and 3 idiots but PK was dissapointing.

  • @sss PK is crap only for jerk classless movie watchers like you. Pk is one of the best movies ever made in Bollywood. And 3 idiots is the best and greatest movie ever made in Indian cinema. No other films can cone even an inch closer to them. So better get lost. And also DDLJ is the most rubbish crap movie ever made in Bollywood. Even RGV ki Aag was not as crap and torturous as DDLJ.

  • Get well soon Rajkumar Hirani a Talaash’s actor needs you badly who is even alive bec of you today, if something will happen to you Taalash’s actor will be died once again just like he was died before your 3 idiot.. btw to be honest your movie Munna Bhai will always remain mine one of most favorite films ever. was fan of you till you did a copy movie like PK which is your weakest work till now i feel. honestly saying still have faith on you hope you’ll keep making good movies like Munna Bhai unlike PK . hope your next project will be unique, logical, real not Copy from any other Bollywood or Hollywood Film like your last film..

  • @Iam Dhakkan:
    Come on Ratoon.one actor fan. Your Ra.oje actor is alive only because of rohit shetty. Before that he was not. Thanks to Rohit shetty for giving rebirth to YRF/Dharma made flop actor’s career. Again he will save him for the last time this year with illogical brainless Scorpio movie. Rohit shetty’s best film will remain singham and YRF’s best film will remain Kabhie Kabhie.

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