Rajinikanth’s Sivaji to be dubbed in Hindi

RajiniKanth is one of the most influential personality in South Asia. After the release of each of his films his fans strength increases massively. With the huge success of his newly released film Sivaji within weeks of its release, the filmmakers have planned to dub the film in Hindi, Malay, Chinese and Japanese to cater to his vast and diversified audience.

“Proposals have been pouring-in to dub the film in different languages, however we have just finalised only the hindi dubbing of the film for the time being.” confirms S. C Babu, CEO of AVM Films. Speaking about dubbing he said “ Anybody who has seen the film knows that the film is about Rajnikanth and what matters is that he will be dubbing the film. It hardly makes a difference if other actors dub or don’t dub for the new versions. It is too early to comment on other languages as the details are yet to be finalised.”

The movie, as per most industry estimates, is the most expensive Indian production to date with budget estimates ranging between Rs 70 – Rs 96 crore. The film has also opened to packed theatres across the globe.



  • Some north indian media’s in jealous about Rajnikant and writing bad ways, but this website is good.keep it up.

  • Superstar Rajnikant proves he is the only superstar of whole India, Sivaji crosses 100 days not only in south, in north also. esp in north – the movie speaking another language(in tamil).Only Superstar Rajnikant
    can make this record.

  • The media should stop saying he is southern superstar, Superstar is the one and only all Indian superstar,
    Everybody in north India talking about superstar’s Robot than any other actors.Now the youth’s word of entire India is Minnndddd it.North like Superstar, Dont cheat us. Dont divide us from Superstar.

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  • Sivaji in hindi please make it soon God
    i would be thankfull to Film industry if it happens
    Reason : In sivaji it is been shown clearly how Black money has corrupted our country
    People will come to Known Black money widely and clearly
    And it will make people the Importance of Tax paying for Bright Future country

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