Rajini refused to spoof Big B for Sivaji in Hindi

Sivaji PosterSouth India’s superstar Rajnikant’s latest flick Sivaji saw phenomenal success. Just after days of its release, its makers had announced the dubbing of the movie in various other languages to cater to the stars vast and diversified audience. However Rajini refused to spoof Big B for a song for the bollywood version.

The filmmakers have decided to re-shoot one important song in the film where Rajni has to spoof three Bollywood stars, Dev Anand, Amitabh Bachchan and Shah Rukh Khan, to woo his girlfriend Shreya Sharan. Sources close to the star say that, ” Rajini was really excited to redo the song for the hindi version since it would mean a lot to his fans back here in bollywood. He also loved the concept considering that the song in Tamil, where he imitated Kamal Hassan, MGR and Sivaji Ganeshan, was a huge hit. However, Rajni refused to spoof Bachchan, saying that he would not like to imitate someone as great as the superstar. It is a well-known fact that both Bachchan and Rajni run a mutual admiration society.”

Amitabh BachchanThe source further adds, “So, Shankar had no option but to replace Amitabh Bachchan with Shammi Kapoor. Now Rajni’s song will have him trying to woo Shreya by mimicking Dev saab, SRK and Shammi Kapoor.”

With music by A R Rahman, the film is scheduled for year end release.



  • Well…….he seems so modest……guess most of his hit films back in 80s were remake of Big B films. Big B became a superstar in north and rajini became a superstar in south.

  • “saying that he would not like to imitate someone as great as the superstar”

    He imitated MGR, NTR, Sivaji, ANR, Kamal and Chiranjeevi. OK, the last two, at least, are younger to him but what about the other 4, especially, Sivaji, who he talks very highly of. So, they aren’t as great as Amitabh and it is OK to imitate them, is it? Especially, MGR and NTR. Now, these are two thespians who not only are bigger stars than either Amitabh or Rajni. They were hugely successful in political life too. MGR is a Bharat Ratna, for God’s sake. Rajni may have some immature, juvenile fans but he will never ever reach the heights of MGR. That man stands tall among all these stars.

    Now, Rajni fans will go gaga about their “thalaivar’s” humility but this just shows the actor’s double standards. He doesn’t like MGR and with this wants to announce to the world that Amitabh is greater than MGR or Sivaji or NTR.

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